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  1. Try removing your gamer tag from the Xbox then turn it off then once you've turned it back on add your gamer tag back. That should work.
  2. I had the same problem. There are several fixes I heard about. 1. Hard reset Xbox by pushing the power button for several seconds 2. Remove any USB cords connected to xbox 3. Remove xbox live account from xbox and sign into another xbox then sign back into original console. It worked for me.
  3. I tried it and it didn't work so I removed my gamer tag profile from the Xbox one and logged back in on another Xbox one then i logged back into my original Xbox one. It worked for me. Hopefully this helps someone else. I also reported this problem with the developers.
  4. Someone please tell me how to fix this I'm having the same issue! I can hear people in game chat but I can't be heard. I have no issues in a party though. It's not a hardware issue it's definitely the game. Please someone help! ?
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