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  1. I joined this 'community' hoping that it would be a gathering of like minded people who enjoyed the game and franchise, and who wanted to share ideas and thoughts about it. How wrong was I? Every thread I read turns into a bitch fight and most peoples ideas are just met with hate and mockery. This place is crowded with arrogant sociopaths and loathesome and despicable trolls, who want nothing more than to ruin your day. Same goes for the game. I'll just stick to offline bots from now on I think. I don't want to be part of this anymore. This is my last post. Good riddance.
  2. I think these forums are to just as toxic as the game to be honest. About 90% of the people in these forums and on the game just want to ruin your day. Its a sad world. There will probably be replies or quotes of this next, stating that I am wrong or that my figures and percentages are wrong or that I'm weak and I should get good or grow up or grow some balls. This isn't a community, it's just a bunch of cults warring against each other.
  3. I'm not saying Jason morphs into different stuff, I'm saying it just puts the symbol of an item on the map where Jason is, to lure people towards him. If you're saying it didn't happen in the movies then I don't remember A point in the movies where the counselors had maps that showed them where items were that would help them escape either.
  4. Some cool ideas. I think it would be good to find snacks, or a drink in the drawers, and they were a one shot consumable item which refilled the stamina bar. If your interested there was a bit about it in one of my ideas threads. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17539-a-whole-bunch-of-ideas/
  5. If a counselor drops the fuse, everyone else can see it. If you stood nearby the phone box and someone sees the flashing red light and thinks, 'the fuse is right there on the map!' But its not the fuse, its you waiting in the cabin for them.
  6. Voted get to play as Jason, but also because I love each and every movie. Awesome franchise.
  7. I do like the idea of making adjustments to fear, but like others have said, I'm not sure the frozen thing would go down well. People would feel cheated.
  8. I found a mars bar in his pants. Wait! That's not a mars bar. Ewww.
  9. Cool off dude. There's no need to be so hostile.
  10. Statistical science in nonsense. Unless you ask 100% of the worlds population it isn't a fair representation, neither is asking 2% of the player base.
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