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  1. This idea (very similar to Dead by Daylight) is pretty epic ! It will require teamwork to heal the wounded counselor while another stuns Jason.
  2. As a Jenny player (old Chad player tough), I can assure you that stealth has a bit of benefit. Lemme explain what benefits I saw so far : * As Jason, I lost track of many Tiffany's a LOT of time, and also some AJ's ; * As Jenny (stealth : 6), when the game begins (2-3 first minutes), it happens often that Jason doesn't notice my presence in the house next to him and goes chase someone else ; * I'm pretty sure that with a high stealth, you can be harder to sense in hiding spots (you musn't be scared tough !). But I agree that it isn't always uselful and is definitely not always working (he can often sense you even in hiding spots, it happens that he senses you even at the beginning of the game).
  3. Hello ! I'm always happy to meet new players. Could you please tell "us" on which platform do you play so we can add each other ? I only play on PS4 PSN ID : Erkanlepro
  4. As a counselor player, I can't agree with this game advice. It happens to me to play as Jason and I have NEVER had a problem with counselors sticking together. You (as Jason) have knifes, traps, abilities, so many things to attack and kill counselors. Moreover, once they die, it's over (except for Tommy Jarvis) but for you, once stunned, you are good to go after 5 seconds (even less). In other words, if counselors gang up, just hit them, it will take long but will end after a moment. The rest is a question of playing skill. Don't forget to trap the phone box, to pay attention to cars and boat and to trap your shack's entrance. Jason is way stronger than counselors. He must only pay attention to many things sometimes.
  5. You're right. There is definitely a difference. I wonder why they changed their poses and faces though.
  6. I was just about to open a topic just to ask this same question concerning these same perks. I really wonder if we can get them.
  7. I don't even know why you guys are thinking about this. Counselors have as much chance as Jason. As you all said, spawn kills as Jason also exists as spawn repairing or spawn "I got a knife". With my experience, I can tell that it is ALWAYS possible to survive against try-hard Jasons. It's just a matter of skills (but hit problems and Jason's "ultimate powered with the last update" grab might make it very difficult).
  8. Rage quits should definitely punished. A ban for 15 minutes for example. But I think that when we will have dedicated servers, even if hosts leave we might still get our xp. Not sure though.
  9. I agree. Maybe a mode without perk would be way more challenging.
  10. The best perks ever : Medic (use a med spray twice = in case you find another spray, this perk allows you to pick another item because it is already as you have 2 med sprays) Restful (if you play as a character with low stamina #Jenny, stamina reloading increased - useful if you jog a lot with your character, every second you rest will give you more stamina than what it would without the perk) Thick Skinned (allows you to receive more damage) and Marathon (useful on all characters, run longer, more chance to survive if you can avoid Jason's shifts)
  11. How do you guys know all of these ? Where is it announced ? I would like to add that in Crystal Lake, in one of the cabins, there is a calendar with "October 13" marked on. It definitly is an important date.
  12. When I watch videos of Friday 13th the game on PC, the fps is generally at 60 fps, but on PS4, it is no more than 30 fps. I wonder if it is possible to play with higher fps on PS4...
  13. I would also pay for outfit ! These interest me way more than anything else
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