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  1. Reported it as issues with people in party being able to join lobby is still in effect.
  2. issue is still happening to me and the people I play with we have to try multiple times and restart game multiple times before it lets us in. Also having issues where people in party get kicked after joining match and have to continually be reinvited.
  3. Look if you want to restore balance. Stop these little changes that wont matter as the trolling Jason killers are still going to be trolling Jason killers. To stop the teaming up everyone is complaining about turn team killing back on. When machetes and axes kill the person Jason is carrying people get very hesitant to attack giving Jason the time he needs to kill with the grabs kills. Also if you look back at the time table of complaints no one complained about people teaming up on Jason when team killing happened because getting in a group and attacking was just as likely to get you attacked by another player accidentally. Though it took a couple months from the change before players realized how it had effected gameplay that is the root of everyones problems.
  4. The worst is the stun reduction. It is damn near impossible to escape by car now because jason gets up so damn fast. Even as bugsy with the stun increasing time perk he is still up before anyone can start the car and people get in. It is insaine. It makes it almost pointless to play bugsy as that was his whole function was stunning so others can acomplish goal. My question is who is the shitty jason who bitched enough to get them to change it to such a short stun time.
  5. I created an account to specifically discuss issues with the new update/ new maps. 1. New maps phone placements need to be reexamined and reconsidered. It is now possible from someone to troll the phone in the new packinack map. You can lock the kitchen door go out the window and no one can ever call the police. 2. The hit boxes on the phone fuzes on the new maps do not work correctly nor do the power boxes. The animation glitches and will fail to hit sometimes. it has cost two people playing jason the police. 3. PLEASE BRING BACK FREE SWINGING TO DESTROY WINDOWS. Keep the press e if you want but bring back being able to free swing them. 4. Need to examine the water on at least small Higgins haven. Had someone go swimming and I could not grab them or kill them until they got deep into the water. For some reason the shallows in south Higgins does not display the e to drown prompt. 5. Seriously please bring back free swinging to destroy windows.
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