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  1. We're done with the game

    Honestly there was no point to nerf Jason at all. He's SUPPOSED to be op that's the whole point
  2. Singleplayer Breakdown

    If anything there would just be boobies. I doubt a sex scene
  3. Hey everyone, Chad here. My buddy Tommy asked me to do this for him. Tommy should when he spawns in he starts with a random item (med spray, firecrackers, or even a pocket knife) the reason for this is when Tommy actually spawns in usually most items in the houses are gone or just have maps or radios (which he already spawns with) so having one of those items when he comes in can help with his survivability and be more helpful with the counselors. Let Chad know what you guys think.
  4. Singleplayer Breakdown

    What's a Friday the 13th film without some tits amirite?
  5. Booty

    Sorry girls i think we know who has the best ass here.
  6. Singleplayer when?

    Chad is sorry Im glad you understand my money had to be safe.
  7. I hope you guys enjoyed my speedo

    Chad likes the sound of that
  8. Singleplayer when?

    Am i doing something wrong? Chad doesn't mean to do wrong
  9. Singleplayer when?

    Double posting? Am i doing something wrong? Chad only wants to help
  10. Hey everybody, Chad here. Chad wants to know, when is that singleplayer coming? I know pretty much all of us are excited for it. If you know any info about it let Chad know. Till then, Chad will go back to waiting patiently
  11. I hope you guys enjoyed my speedo

    You know Chad has big amounts of money
  12. No thanks Tiff. Chad belongs in the Chad group
  13. I hope you guys enjoyed my speedo

    Wanna bang and get killed by Jason while doing it ?