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  1. Well u set up a private match and 7 of us will go against the other team Jason and there Jason will go against us whoever has to most points wins u get points for repair shit escape and killing Jason
  2. Jason blocking is really slow when you ant hosting can u fix that please
  3. Who in here still play this game and is interested in trying out for a tournament team PS4 only
  4. I come to realize its way easy to kill Jason then to escape him it what movie do u see people run up on jason. I never did there all trying to get out. So why is everytime I play as Jason are people trying to kill instead of going for escape. I think u should make it harder to kill him cause he is a hunter he shouldn't be getting hunted that why u are losing alot of people cuz they don't want to be always running as Jason
  5. I rather you guys fix the lobby bugs before adding single player and other shit cuz I spent 40 dollers on this game and cant even get into a match
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