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  1. I'm pretty sure the developers have nixed this idea due to the Jason AI being way too difficult to develop. Despite some of the buggy behavior I think the counselor bots work surprisingly okay overall, but a Jason bot functioning even semi-effectively in an open-world environment such as this would even give a AAA developer a major run for their money.
  2. John Carl Buechler, veteran make-up artist and director responsible for Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood, passed away Monday at 1am at the age of 66 after a long and expensive battle with prostate cancer. He left behind a wife, three kids, and thousands of dollars in medical bills. You can contribute to a memorial fund to help them out in their time of need, if you so wish: https://www.gofundme.com/help-john-buechler This is such a bummer. The man was a legend when it came to practical effects and Part 7 is easily one of the best films in the franchise. Plus, if it wasn't for John, we wouldn't have gotten Kane as Jason. No one deserves to go out the way he did.
  3. Pretty much sums up the history of the grab perfectly, as well as what should be done to fix it.
  4. I hate, hate, HATE the new grab. I'd pay to have it reverted back.
  5. Response in English: No Response in Spanish: No
  6. I was playing a few games today and I noticed that this issue isn't happening anymore. Not sure if it magically fixed itself or if there was a mysterious hotfix, but either way, we seem to be all good on Pamela's laugh now.
  7. By your definition they couldn't do bug fixes, as that's new code. So you're wrong. Seriously, if you draw a picture, then photocopy it, is it considered new content? Of course not. You people need to understand what "content" really amounts to in a legal sense.
  8. Actually, I goofed. I started watching their video above and realized that I mixed them up with someone else. I have falsely maligned them! They're honestly totally fine. However, their Jason rankings are fucking terrible. Sorry.
  9. Gee, wow, what a great and completely original idea. I'm glad no one else has done this 5,000 times already. Okay, I'm being a dick and I apologize for that, but...yeah, there's been a lot of threads already dedicated to this, dude.
  10. I agree 100%. You listed some excellent reasons why they should totally make the Double XP/CP/Tape Drops permanent going forward. No. They've already said there will be absolutely no more new content, even if the case is settled tomorrow. It sucks, but it's a fact.
  11. I just Googled this and there's ZERO news out there that could even be misconstrued as Miller and Horror Inc. settling the lawsuit. Stop getting people's hopes up with bullshit and nonsense.
  12. I'm on PC. I haven't run into Jason teamers in ages.
  13. Exactly. I'm not seeing anything different, except that the pinata parties have stopped. Buncha crybabies up in here. If it keeps up I'm gonna "loose" my shit.
  14. So sorry that not being able to troll Jason anymore has made you "loose" your love for the game. You really should just change your password on whatever online gaming service you use to random letters and numbers and sign out for good.
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