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  1. Dolemite


    But that's WHAT IT IS. Wes said EXACTLY, PRECISELY that: “Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future?” The answer is no. I don't mean to be a bummer, but it's frustrating seeing you guys ramming your heads into a brick wall over and over and over. No, you're not getting Savini. No, there's no new content, ever. Please just accept it and move on, for your own mental well-being. Believe me, I'd LOVE to be proven wrong. I'd LOVE for Gun's "no statement at this time" statement to be taken as a sign of hope. But a definitive statement has previously been made.
  2. Dolemite

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    I'm retarded. I forgot about it. I'll check this week for sure. Thanks for the reminder. BTW, I started work on Savini #2...this one's going up for sale on ebay when it's done, although I'll give first dibs to the peeps here.
  3. I was Jason and two assholes were perched on top of the rocks behind the lodge on Higgins Haven. Apparently you can do this now (on PC). What annoying, childish bullshit.
  4. Dolemite

    Update on Content

    There's already a thread about this. *yawn*
  5. Dolemite


    That statement seems pretty fucking clear to me. No new content.
  6. Dolemite

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    Is bringing Pamela's laugh back on the to-do list?
  7. Took it like a man. I respect that.
  8. Good fucking riddance, Illfonic. It's about time they got the boot.
  9. Dolemite

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    Hmm. HMMM. Good idea! I'll swing by a pharmacy today and peruse their comb selection.
  10. Dolemite

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    Possibly, but I know next to nothing about sculpting. I'd be more open to something that's already the right shape that I can just paint, drilling a little hole, and glue onto the figure.
  11. Dolemite

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    Thanks! Hard to say how many hours it took...I worked on it on and off for a while. BTW, the toothpicks didn't work out. I have to think of something else for the spikes.
  12. Chose AJ, came in as Shelly. Seriously, Illfonic are completely incompetent.
  13. Dolemite

    Pamela's laugh....

    I hope so. The missing laugh is such a total bummer and needs to be fixed ASAP.