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  1. "Bryce" seems like an enormous douche, like all streamers. They don't even come close to having the charisma or creativity to sustain ten seconds, let alone a whole video, so they just adapt annoying and fake "over the top" personas and make complete dildos of themselves. What a retard.
  2. Oh, cool. I could definitely find a few uses for THIS font. Thanks for posting it.
  3. A bold post. It would be even bolder if you posted your Steam/PSN screen name, however...
  4. Maybe it's just that you're not quite as good as you think you are?
  5. You know you're probably spamming when you have to preface your thread with this comment.
  6. If you're a F13 fan than it's a must-buy. You can tell it was designed from the ground-up by people who have deep love for and great knowledge of the franchise. Sadly, it wasn't programmed by people with deep love and great knowledge of code, but it's still a lot of fun to play.
  7. I still say the biggest thing was Illfonic's gross incompetence when it came to patching the game, with each successive patch breaking it more and more. I'd kill to roll the changes back to the state the game was in before the stupid engine upgrade.
  8. They've already said that a Jason AI is never happening, and for obvious reasons. Counselor AI is much easier to program, and as surprisingly well-done they are (yes, they're buggy, but overall not horrible), they wouldn't have to do even a fraction of what a Jason AI would have to do. There's so many variables they would have to consider that a small dev could never get it working effectively in a million years. We'd end up finding Jason endlessly walking into a rock on the far side of the map every game. I can't even think of a big-budget, AAA game that has a single AI character search for and pursue you in a large and completely open-world setting. Anyone?
  9. I'm sure people will be discovering new and exciting glitches in this game for years to come. I really hope the devs open the game up to mods when it's all over and done with. I'd love to see the community come up with their own fixes, content, etc.
  10. You mean in the wild west with horses and six-shooters and dysentery and shit? Fucking AWESOME idea, as all your creative, interesting, and well thought-out ideas are. I demand this in the next update.
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