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  1. No, I think you played just fine. There's nothing wrong with what you did. When I'm Jason and find myself in the same situation, of course I play a little more cautiously as well by using Stalk and Jason's other abilities, but with sudden bursts of hardcore aggression when an opening presents itself. And yeah, just hiding in the lake or running away non-stop is lame.
  2. I was just thinking about this today. Part 7 Jason really needs a buff in the worst way.
  3. Most anticipated change

    Hard choice between SP Challenges and the new engine (I'm on PC, I already have dedicated servers), but I went with SP Challenges. Really looking forward to 'em. According to the demo, the mode has tons of potential.
  4. No weapons?

    The game isn't about combat. It's about survival. There shouldn't be an arsenal in every single room to use against Jason.
  5. This thread is still a thing?
  6. Not an Xbox owner...what is dashboarding?
  7. lol @ that video, @J.J.. Nice one.
  8. Are you talking about the one that has large rock walls on either side that leads to the southern part of the map?
  9. The foot of the staircase outside Packanack tends to work well when it comes to catching counselors by surprise. The generator by the phone box works well, also. BTW, I think you should be able to pick up traps you dropped and re-use them as long as they haven't been tripped already. It's frustrating when you accidentally fuck up and put them off-center and have to compensate by laying a second trap next to it.
  10. Roy's Coveralls

    I believe the fact that I am reacting to the news in a manner that heavily suggests that I was unaware of said thread's existence would be enough, but if you require additional confirmation then I will provide it: YES, I OBVIOUSLY FUCKING MISSED IT. *EDIT* I found the thread. It was made while I was away on vacation, so that's why I missed it. Cool news.
  11. Roy's Coveralls

    I beg your pardon? What's this about, good sir?
  12. Escaping doesn't worth it

    I cannot argue with this post. Or your awesome screen name.