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  1. The opinion of a child who posts things like "i think we can finally literally say that on steam, this game has died. lol" really don't carry much weight with me. I mean, why is that funny?
  2. Dolemite

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    Update. Most of the painting is done. Next step is to use a pin vise to drill small holes in the chest to add some spikey protrusions, then work on the shirt and pitchfork. Last thing will be the chains, and I have to figure out a good way to attach them to the figure solidly. Home stretch.
  3. Are you getting paid to shill here for that crap game?
  4. Aww, are widdle kiddies bullying you?
  5. Holy shit, no wonder I never post here anymore. Only the dregs of humanity are left. That said, the fact that there hasn't been a patch yet is pathetic.
  6. That a shame people are reacting like that. I personally loved seeing the art Wes posted, and would love to see more of the unreleased content in one form or another.
  7. That sentence right there tells me what an absolutely wonderful father you must be. Bully for you, sir.
  8. Same here! Director's Cut steelbook, baby! In all seriousness, Commando is the greatest film ever made. By far.
  9. The "community manager" hasn't posted anything in a week and a half, and the last time was just to shill for the F13 Ultimate Edition.
  10. It does revolve around PC gaming, child. Every console generation becomes more and more PC-like. You guys have hard drives and patches and DLC and game installations now, just like us. Within the next hardware generation or two consoles will likely become dead, irrelevant, or exactly like PCs in pretty much every respect. 10 percent?? LOL, you're making up obviously fake shit now. Link to stats from a legit source backing that up or stop typing. But you won't, so hell, let me do it for you. Granted, this article is two years old, but it's virtually impossible for things to change a great deal in such short span of time within a specific hardware generation, so it's likely that current stats are still quite similar: https://www.polygon.com/2016/4/29/11539102/gaming-stats-2016-esa-essential-facts "The most frequently played gaming device is the PC (56 percent of respondents), followed by dedicated consoles (53 percent) and smartphones (36)." And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't take the word of children on the internet for anything, because they'll just pull hilarious, made-up information out of their asses to justify their lol-worthy, heavily-skewed viewpoints.
  11. Dolemite

    To Developers

    No, no it's not. I played on PC last night. Plenty of people were on. Sorry. BTW, have fun when your thread is closed. And over and over and over and over? Yes. And I knew you'd be back, fucker.