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  1. Jason totally needs his stun cooldown back. Also, since the new engine update/new grab animation, you can no longer use counselors as a human shield when you're holding them, which is total and complete BS. It makes Jason even more helpless against groups now.
  2. Most annoying thing on Earth is what I sneak over to the exit I hope the cops will appear at while I'm using a low stamina character like AJ and then the cops appear on the other side of the map. Like, fuck, man.
  3. Knee-jerk reactions? Here, of all places? Surely you jest, sir!
  4. Holy shit, the guy talking during that video is the most annoyingly unfunny asshole on Earth. I had to stop watching he was so bad. The game looks like shit, too. Sorry.
  5. That's a shitty fan-made game, not a legit one. Of course, you could have just posted that as a joke. Hard to tell here lately.
  6. Yeah, the game is clearly a project solely motivated by money. No passion or love of the source material went into the making of this game. Uh-huh.
  7. Yeah, I was about to pop in here and say the same thing. Reading shit like that is really going to make them want to stick around for the long haul. Personally - other than the bugs - I think the game is great.
  8. @Truth Yeah, like you said, a quick and simple "thanks" would be nice, and maybe some assurances that they are still with us...you know, just something to remind us that we're all in the same boat together. And I already made a long, gushing post in your "We're Still Here" thread...that was a good idea on your part to make that. I do see this as a good thing to get Gun/Illfonic to concentrate on bug fixes, and I'll just hope for the best as far as future content goes. I think I may be the most bummed about the lack of future kill packs and additional Single Player Challenges than anything else, as I'm not the biggest fan of Jason X (not that I don't want Uber/Grendel, but if something HAD to get cut...). Most of the stuff I'd want in the game is already here in terms of Jason and counselor selection, maps, etc. Refinement, balancing and bug fixing is most needed now. Besides, as video game history has taught us, unreleased content has a way of being "accidentally leaked" after the fact, so...who knows? And saw the Double XP post in the other thread, but thanks for the info anyway.
  9. Dolemite

    Bonus EXP?

    More XP is good XP.
  10. Um...yeah. Saw that days ago. Then Wes made the statement at the beginning of this thread - one that Shifty said we deserved more than a cut and paste, but ultimately ended up being underwhelming (you said as much yourself) - and just wanted some clarification as to the degree of Gun/Illfonic's commitment to the game, and how long we can expect that commitment to last. They've been rather quiet since the initial press release (which wasn't even posted here...we had to find out about it from another forum member), and I was hoping for more details. I'd really like to think they will stand by their product until it's at least in a completely stable and relatively bug-free state, but all the "OMG THE GAME IS DEAD DEAD DEEEAAAD" posters on the forum as of late are getting me paranoid. I'd really like to tune them out and remain positive, but it's hard. A few more details - if available - would be nice.