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  1. I play on PC. With a controller. It's easy unless you have some sort of disability.
  2. Honestly, with all the bugs and glitches that this game is still riddled with, the last thing I was worried about is some people using a dll file so they could use the Savini skin. I couldn't care less if everyone had Savini when the game crashes on me roughly 50% of the time. It's still absolutely shocking to me how poorly optimized this game is so long after launch.
  3. You don't know if you've played a match with me or not. I may be YOUR BESTEST BUDDY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and you'd never know. Blurp.
  4. Yes, they supplied absolutely nothing for your money and are off sleeping on piles of money on a beach somewhere. You got no game to play whatsoever, nothing. What scammers.
  5. You guys are acting like videogame trophies get you mad pussy (or dick, if that's your thing). Why do you care? Just play the game and have fun.
  6. Hopefully their programming skills have improved or we're going to get another game with an awesome concept, design, and assets but riddled with bugs...
  7. Damn, Jessica Biel was so hot in that movie. I never wanted to be a tank-top so bad in my life.
  8. Me too. That and the whole goth thing is why I main as her.
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