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  1. Create-A-Counselor mode. Create-A-Jason mode. Nude mode.
  2. Really? The cutscenes are used to mask additional loading?
  3. I'm pretty sure a re-install won't change your stats/progress. That's saved online. Um...right, guys?
  4. Yeah, I would love it if they did that. Can't stand having to watch the same cut scenes over and over when I screw up a single player challenge.
  5. Bullshit. You're basing this on absolutely nothing. You really are the worst poster here. All you do is spread falsehood, conjecture, and baseless theories presented as facts.
  6. Maybe Black Tower is just a bargain basement dev and really doesn't know how to do much of anything. Gun probably went with the lowest bid to replace Illfonic, who obviously weren't that great to begin with.
  7. Not hyperbole by any stretch of the imagination. Since the engine switch the game crashes on me probably 7 or 8 times out of 10 whenever I try to play it. It didn't do that before. I'd call that "unplayable." And yes, I more than meet specs.
  8. Oh, you mean they finally learned that you should test patches before making them live? Golly gee willikers!
  9. Yikes @ that glitch! This thread truly delivers.
  10. Those are links to articles that are over a year old each. The same thing with that YouTube video you linked to. Stop being useless.
  11. Unless I'm mistaking him for someone else, he's had a hard-on for spreading nonsense "conspiracy theories" about the game like they were humanity-altering events, like when he insisted that Illfonic used a third-party AI program for the counselor bots instead of building the AI from scratch. Dumb, pointless shit like that.
  12. Hopefully someone deleted it, along with all of all of Paul Phoenix's other crappy vids. I mean seriously, the guy is super-annoying and has no life.
  13. Um, it's a VIDEO GAME. Plus, Jason is SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. He's been played by actors of varying height throughout the years so of course there's discrepancies, but the one factor that's been a constant is that he's SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. And he's GOTTEN BIGGER over the years. The average male height is 5'9". Kane Hodder was 6'3". Both Ken Kirzinger and Derek Mears are 6'5". And the in-game Jason model is clearly based on Kane's body, and Kane is a big, burly weightlifting motherfucker. I'm more than fine with that. I swear, of all this things to complain about in this game, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Whining about an inch or two is insane. In closing, Jason is SUPPOSED TO BE BIG. Thank you. Good night. *EDIT* I didn't realize that this thread was from 2016, lol.
  14. Hmm...yeah, sorry, I got confused there. For some reason I was thinking you were talking about melee, even though the title of the thread is clearly "flare guns." DURRRR.
  15. Jason isn't supposed to get stunned EVERY time you hit him 'cause combat is supposed to be a last resort.
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