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  1. It's happened to me. I prefer to call it "Jason Doom."
  2. Yeah, never had issues with finding lobbies!
  3. Who's furious? Not I, nor Cokeyskunk by the sound of it. Seriously, spell counselor any way you like. We're all joined by our love of Jason here, and Jason probably can't spell at all.
  4. Just curious...can you describe your exact issues? My main problem (long-winded explanation coming in 3...2...1...) has been the level intro (when Jason strolls up and kills the counselor, Chad screams, etc) sometimes freezing up and glitching while the audio starts playing, stopping, and playing once again. Once I FINALLY get through the intro in those instances (it can take a while), I bizarrely find myself stuck in first-person staring at a random part of the map, totally unable to move. I'll notice on the mini-map that my yellow triangle will move and turn when I push the stick, but my viewpoint will remain stuck, as if the camera has decided to materialize at some place other than where my character model is (so I assume my character is moving blindly when I push the stick). The only way to undo this issue is to either quit or (as happened last night) have a sympathetic Jason (after I heard his music and told him to kill me since I was stuck) wack you with his weapon, which unfroze me and snapped the camera back behind my character. Jason then gave me a head-start, which I thought was very nice of him. Anyway, this was happening a lot lately (I'd say at least 50 percent of the time, if not more), but within the last two days or so it stopped happening. Just wondering if the hotfix had anything to do with it or not.
  5. Did any aspect of the hotfix involve improving performance? I'd been having problems with levels loading recently (glitching, crashing, losing connection, etc) that have suddenly improved greatly within the past couple of days.
  6. Just played a game where both Part 9 Jason's ax and hand kept going through counselors without ever touching, grabbing, or hurting them. I actually apologized to the Jason player as other counselors danced around him. Seriously, anyone who says Jason is fine now is retarded.
  7. I'd help if I was Jason. Maybe.
  8. Jason Goes To Hell is sometimes referred to by people as Part 9.
  9. It sure as fuck was. Holy shit, did that movie suck ass. For the hearing-impaired, here is a transcript of Mr. Voorhees' dialogue in that scene: "Aaahhhhooohhhhaaaaa! Huh! Ahhh! Oooaaahhh! Hooh! Uuugghh! Hooouuugghghhh! Uwwaah! Oh! Ah! Oooouuuugggaaaahahahahahaa! Ohhhaaaauuuuuuhahahahahaagggghhhh! UUUUAAAAGGGGGGAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Seriously, I like to pretend this movie was never made.
  10. All three have happened to me. I feel your pain.
  11. Yeah, I'm over 150 hours and while I play the game a lot, I haven't played it THAT much. There's certainly an element of waiting involved, either spectating after you escape/die or sitting mindlessly while the game spazzes up while loading a level, crashes, and slowly makes it way back to the main menu (or desktop if EVERYTHING goes kablooey).
  12. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK And you're right...Savini Jason isn't the ALL-POWERFUL MONSTER that everyone is making him out to be. He's got good and bad attributes just like any other Jason, but for some reason people think he's death incarnate or something. Hell, I was in a lobby the other day and some squeaker was bitching that everyone should leave because one player had Savini selected. "But he's OP!!" he whined. Shut up, asshole. Yeah, I actually rarely see Savini on PC. Hell, I was playing earlier and someone actually popped up in the lobby for a sec who had him, and I was psyched and hoping he'd end up being the Jason player...but then he left.
  13. I think this is very fair. I'd totally be down with a de-powered Savini Jason. I just love how he looks, it doesn't matter if he's in line with the rest of the Jason roster ability-wise. Let the backers have the full-powered version. Seriously, I'm such an asshole for not grabbing him during the KS campaign. How much was he, again? Like, $10 or something? Fuck.