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  1. Battle Chads Unite!

    Roger .Thanks for the help!
  2. Battle Chads Unite!

    Good morning looking for some battle tested Chads to play with on PS4. I'm level 150 and have been playing this game since May. There is nothing better in this game then whacking Jason with a bat. Id love to get together with a group of Chads and pummel Jason into oblivion. PS4 username is RJB1733. I'll be on Friday sometime tonight.
  3. Servers Down PS4???

    Lol. The servers finally get back on but are now down again. This is ridiculous. I've put up with this nonsense so far because I love this game. Im tired of being frustrated because of this game.
  4. Whats up

    Hope everyone is having a great day. Im new to the forum but im Ps4 player looking for new people to play with. Especially my fellow battle chads.