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  1. Maybe his mother could say it at the beginning of the match..."Jason remember to use the toilet and the bird bath!" (jk) M.
  2. Ok. Is the current version of Tommy much of a hero? Half the time he shows up whining about escaping or panics the moment he sees a dead body. Add to this the fact that players often don't use Tommy as much of a hero but immediately look for a means to escape and save their own life. I love watching Tommy spawn, hide in a cabin, and then run the minute the police arrive. HERO. M.
  3. If Tommy is going to have a stronger weapon and more ability then hold his respawn until later in the game. This allows Jason to kill most counselors before Tommy shows up. Some people want Rob Dier in the game...spawn him sooner. Let him be killed and then Tommy comes in at the end. M.
  4. There are zero options for the host in this game beyond choosing a map. Let the host choose if TK is active or not. People who don't like this can find a new match. Personally I hate it, but I tend to host more often anyways. M.
  5. Good point. So Tommy only joins the game when there are 1 or 2 survivors left. M.
  6. Do you consider the movies a balanced battle between Jason and victims? It shouldn't be balanced when he's chasing someone 1-1. The balance comes that Jason has more targets to keep track of and more options that they might use for escape. Chasing a counselor as Jason when the counselor solely uses a window-escape-return or ring-around-the-couch strategy gets really old really fast. M.
  7. Agreed. See my post on Tommy Jarvis...Hero? for my thoughts and ideas. M.
  8. Then again, Rob didn't really put up much of a fight in the movie. Some shaking and shouting...but the Vegas Judges would score that round 10-0 for Jason easy. M.
  9. As Jason it seems like it takes even longer to recover when stunned, so between this and the horrible door/window situation I'm not thinking the update improved Jason in any way. M.
  10. Hmmm...wasn't aware he was big into partying with the counselors. But sure, then Rob can say, "He's killing me!" Seriously on the new intro Jason is holding the guy's face in the fire and not so much as a yelp...give me a Wilhelm or something. M.
  11. Ever been in a game where a new player is Jason against 8 trained counselors...? It's embarrassing for Jason. That is a perfect example that the game isn't truly evened out at all because the counselors have improved in the game (and with skill from playing) and Jason is exactly the same. Counselors unlock abilities to get stronger. Jason unlocks kills...and is the same. At this rate in a year most Jasons will be lucky to get 25% kills in a game...or people will move on out of frustration. Heck, I'm not even that great of a player but in the past two weeks I die maybe 25%-35% of the time...usually from being cocky and trying to fix the car or phone at a bad time. If I don't do that I will survive. Period. And I see people play as counselors who are far better than me...assemble a car in under two minutes, drive through the woods, run circles around Jason, etc... M.
  12. I like it. Makes sense because we have seen Jason do this in the movies (IV and VI come instantly to mind). Games get repetitive when a few counselors just want to find a window and jump back-and-forth...back-and-forth. If Jason can't grab people through a window at least increase the amount of damage a counselor takes when climbing through a shattered window so it weakens them (which apparently it doesn't do in the game at all). Personally I think Jason should have a variety of abilities available and you can customize him to the FOUR powers you want. The current set up gets routine because everyone knows the four powers and when each is activated. Time to shake things up a little bit but not making Jason all powerful...just giving him more options. M.
  13. I have been playing this game on Xbox since the first week (well once it started to work) and in that time I have seen the average kills of most Jason go from the 100-75% range to 50% and lower. The skill of counselors has improved: people know the maps, they know how to drive the car (off road for God's sake), and in large well-armed groups they can keep Jason busy while a majority escape. Jason isn't the be all end all that he truly should be because there haven't been improvements for Jason...heck...he has gone backwards it takes about 9 chops to get through a barricaded door now. M.
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