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  1. I found one, finally, I was level 90 (I'm 91 now) and found it in the lone cabin south of Packanack lodge on the map inside the drawer to the bathroom. It's tape #9. I about yelled in excitement when I saw it in the drawer, took my brain a second a process that this was a new item.
  2. They say at night, on Jason's birthday, a night like tonight... they say you can still hear the sounds of his machete swinging for your neck. To punish those who had murdered his beloved mother...
  3. Personally, I would be happy with destructable furniture so we can stop with the whole ring around the rosie thing in the cabins. But I would like to see a Jason that can run and has a bit of a speed boost, doesn't have to be a huge amount. Just enough to really scare a counselor that he's gonna catch them.
  4. 1. When my game crashes to the blue screen (PS4). It makes me sad, especially if I finally get to be Jason or almost have an escape set up. 2. When I take the time to fix the car all on my own, and find that someone starts it and leaves while I'm trying to run to catch up. They clearly can see me, and others, trying to get in but they won't stop even if Jason is far enough away to let people in. So a car with THREE other seats gets wasted because ONE person just speeds off into the night. 3. People leaving and taking the fuse, or car parts with them essentially stranding everyone else. I saw someone a few days ago they got the boat fixed, right? Awesome. I'm already dead at this point, so I don't care. But, when this Kenny gets murdered by Jason before he could escape on the motor boat, he dropped the car keys. Yeah, he was gonna strand everyone else by taking the only set of car keys with him. Karma got him in the end, honestly I'm surprised he didn't rage quit when Jason got him. 4. People who get chosen to be Tommy Jarvis, and all they do is hide, escape on their own, and/or refuse to help anyone. Tommy Jarvis is essentially the means to kill Jason when he arrives, and is supposed to encourage the surviving counselors to fight Jason, or at the very least help them get out to safety. Killing Jason is 500 XP plus another 500 XP for finishing the match, plus any other XP you got so it's a good way to level up if you can do it. 5. People who use glitches to win. 6. People who just stand there or hide the entire match, not even helping out. AFK is one thing, but I just don't get how people play like that? No wonder the game must be boring to them! I don't see much of #1 but the rest are, unsurprisingly, more common to stumble across.
  5. I'm definitely Eric LaChappa physically, and I have the smarts to go with it. Though I do love my mother very much, so I got a little of Chad in me, because I am close with at least one of my parents. Ironically, Eric is my ideal counselor to play so that works out just fine.
  6. Eh, I'm probably one of the most patient people on the planet when it comes to games that I'm a fan of and Friday the 13th is no exception. I'm feeling a delay coming, but if it that is the case then I can hope that the single player side of the game runs a little smoother since it shouldn't require an online connection to dull the experience. As for the new content in multiplayer, I'm excited and they'll have my money, and I'll get it when I get it. I play on PS4, and only have a minimal amount of issues in terms of the occasional blue crash, but really in my recent experience my issues have been the rage quitters when I finally get to be Jason Voorhees. Luckily, I've been getting put in lobbies enough alone and thankfully it fills up quickly so that when matches start I don't have to worry about the host leaving since I am the host most of the time. It's the people that rage quit because they get killed, denying me my XP and body count. But, likewise, they also get denied their XP when they quit so it's whatever. I just recently got the game on Steam too, courtesy of my girlfriend, so we'll both be playing on there, too.
  7. Personally, I've never done too bad with Part 7. Is he unbalanced though? I would say yes. He needs more mobility to make up for the lack of traps at his disposal, I would say at least make it so he can use Shift more often. While, on average, I kill maybe 5 or 6 out of 7 or 8 with him; I have managed to kill everyone several times when he is my random Jason pick. One could argue that maybe I had got lucky and dealt with inexperienced counselors, but whatever the case may be I do feel Part 7 Jason could use a bit of tweaking to bring him in line with other Jasons.
  8. For me, it's rare enough to be Jason even with that as my preferred spawn setting. So to finally get to be Jason and then be denied my kill XP because some crybaby can't handle dying for 3 seconds, is a bit frustrating. The other day I finally got a 8/8 with Part 6 Jason, and all my kills were different which was more fun. I even got to stop the blue car from escaping! After that match I got a pleasant PSN message from a very salty player saying, and I quote, "u suk as Jason. BIG TIME." But, I digress, I think just making a delay between the quit and the kill animation will allow for Jason to get his body count and XP. But, I also agree that rage quitters should be punished if they are habitually quitting: 15 minute time out, then 24 hours if they keep it up, then a week, etc.
  9. I would say a few times, I was the host in a hobby and had people who were friends with Jason. We fixed the car but one of them got inside it, and drove around stopping to let people in. But when they got in the car, the assholes stayed put and didn't drive, so they had Jason come and get them out of the part of the 4-seater and then kill them. This went on for about 5 minutes, I then decided enough was enough and killed the lobby and ended the match by leaving since I was hosting. Had a similar experience where a buddy of Jason's was farming XP, even got the car fixed, and when people got in he didn't drive. After everyone was dead except him, Jason and him just dicked around while farming XP. I sent them a message on PSN that if they didn't knock it off, then as the host, I would end the match and they wouldn't get their XP. They ignored me, so I closed the match, boy I got some nasty PSN messages after that. Aside from that, it's just your usual douchebag who can't keep his attitude in check when playing. It's all fun, there's no sense in getting upset over a game. But when people aren't playing it according to how it is meant to be played, then it can be frustrating. It's 7v1, not 4v3 or 2v5. One killer, 7 counselors trying to survive or defeat Jason. If you want to do those kinds of shenanigans then play Private Matches with a group of friends, I got no problems with doing things like that in Private Matches. But in Public? Nah.
  10. Resetting the PS4, and my router doesn't fix those issues, though it seems like after I do that I tend to find a somewhat full lobby 4-5/8 maybe. Then again that could be entirely coincidental. I'm in the same boat with the 10 to 15 second session searches only to have it drop me in my own lobby with no one else showing up after a half hour of waiting. Sounds like a fix in the works though, hopefully it'll go live soon.
  11. Personally, I like the removal of team killing. You're going to have trolls no matter what they do in the future about anything, because trolls are just that, trolls. I mean, the car can still be used as potential murder weapon, and bear traps can still be used by trolls to kill players (though I have not encountered the latter). However, the people who truthfully enjoy this game and play it how it was designed I don't see a problem with restricting team killings to Private Matches only. I like knowing that some jerk can't just gun me down while I'm searching for the stuff I need to escape, or to kill Jason with.
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