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  1. Right, but trolls will absolutely smash the car over and over until it's undriveable just because they can. It will happen if something like this is implemented, I promise that. I mean, I agree that flipping over should not be the only way a car is "destroyed." Jason smashing that engine over and over can't be good for it, or his hands, so a health meter or something for the car would be interesting. I can just see it being abused by trolls, so only time will tell.
  2. I had guy trolling me through the whole match as Vanessa, when I was Part 3 Jason. Kept window hopping, and getting his flares to nail me. Then going on mic bragging at how much he's outsmarting me and laughing, life is great for him. It's down to just me and him, and he's at the garage shed near the police escape on Crystal Lake. I chase him with Shift and he's back through a window, still taunting me. I turn on Stalk and Morph literally just about where I was and move out of the sight of the windows. So he thinks I'm gone now, and my Shift is recharged, and he decides to make a run for the police, to safety, and I shift over to him and grab him and perform the Stomp kill, he says "FUCK THIS!" and rage quits before the animation finishes so the match ends while you still hear the sound of the animation playing lol. Even though I didn't get the XP or kill count, I still felt great finally knocking this guy off the cloud he was flying on HAHA!
  3. I hope I can get my Twitch channel to take off, then it'd be 6-8 hours a day. As it is, it's maybe an hour or two every day or every other day since I work midnights and sleep during the day. Still made it to 91 though.
  4. I can see this being an issue where trolls are concerned, so instead of being able to team kill they'd just fix the car and then drive it into a fence too many times or deliberately run into Jason to make it no longer viable for escaping in.
  5. I agree, he should start with something. Maybe not a knife, because a well placed shot with the rifle will buy him time to run away and make it harder for Jason to find him again However, maybe some firecrackers, or maybe they can bring in new items that only Tommy can start with? I don't know what those would be, exactly. Cause he already jumps right in with a rifle and radio, so just some items in his inventory like a first aid spray and some other things would be nice. If everyone knows he has a knife at the start, a seasoned Jason isn't going to grab him, he'll just slash him to death.
  6. I agree that the window smashing needs some sort of fix. The ONLY benefit to smashing the windows now is that broken windows do injure the counselors if they climb, or jump, through them. I hope they can maybe bring it back to what it was, or somehow make it better with the current mechanic in place. Maybe up the damage received by broken windows? This may discourage players to constantly go through them even with med sprays on hand. Then again, we could just see an influx of suicidal counselors that kill themselves on windows rather than dying by Jason's hands.
  7. Oh right, because the other paramedic made a joke about how the dead kid looked or a bad joke about the body in general. Don't know how I forgot that.
  8. The very mention of you citing Emil from RoboCop makes you my new friend, not many people would get that reference lol. I also agree with you as well, and I feel that the Part 9 Jason was kind of treated unfaily. He was cool in his own right from the movie, they didn't need the whole "possession" gimmick, they should have sticked to what has worked before. Heck, Jason even "talks" in that movie and it's just so.....off-putting.
  9. I will concede to that, yes, she was the classic Team Killer lol in that situation. But Roy isn't on anyone's team except the paramedics, until he loses his shit because his son was killed so he decides to make the Jason Voorhees legend come back to life. Vinny, the guy who killer Roy's kid, was a team killer as well because they were all patients at this medical "camp."
  10. This argument hinges on whether or not they were being hunted by Jason to begin, which they weren't, as Pamela was the killer in Part 1. Roy Burns was a victim of circumstance, and was a copy cat (not a Team Killer). Vinny was probably the only real Team Killer in the sense that he killed someone simply because he found them annoying and wanted to.
  11. To be fair, in Jason Takes Manhattan he was defeated by smoldering hot toxic waste, I believe? So the melted mask to his face for Part 9 (Jason Goes to Hell) fits, and it's cool to see him all partially melted. Just shows what the guy has been through, and still keeps on coming. I mean all he wants to do is kill some horny teenagers, is that too much to ask?
  12. Yeah my bad on the double post lol, I'm a security guard all alone in a big warehouse on midnights so I tend to type more quickly and more often that I forget to watch stuff like that. I suppose worst things have happened lol. I agree with you though. I like to lay my traps and cut the power, before closing in on my prey.
  13. I've done it three times so far. I've killed him twice as Tommy Jarvis, and the other was when I had the sweater on to hypnotize Jason, I was Tiffany at the time. All three times were legit instances where that Jason wanted us very dead. I have been defeated as Jason as well, which blew my mind, but I nonetheless applauded them because I was Savini Jason and it was pretty cool to see him finally get put down after killing so many counselors.
  14. That does take some planning, but if she had all that stuff, it makes me wonder just how much her other counselors were actually doing in terms of searching for anything. Unless she was pawning them off their dead corpses too, haha! I was Savini Jason a few days ago, and someone was waiting for me by the police. I knew they were gonna hit me with a knife because they had nothing else in their hands, so I just stabbed them over and over with the trident. Sure enough, when they died, 3 pocket knives fell to the pavement.
  15. So many variables can go into why a counselor is escaping very often in matches. Jason is not very skilled, or is AFK, or counselors are just that good getting stuff together and out of there, glitch exploiting, et cetera, et cetera you know those so I won't bore you with those details. But, lately I've been getting pretty good as Eric LaChappa or Jenny Myers, so I've managed to escape Jason and get to the police or car pretty often now. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I still die quite often too. I'm sure the devs are tracking that data the same way they are tracking the volume of people quitting too early in matches because they're rage quitting to troll Jason out of his XP.
  16. I agree. People are going to play how they want to, and they will either help or they won't. Personally, I feel the best results for Tommy Jarvis are with a group of people that you enjoy playing with and that you know will help if they are chosen to play as Jarvis. I will always try to help though if I am him, for better or for worse.
  17. I've had half a match rage quit, on PS4, during the middle of the kill animation when I played as Jason. I don't think they liked that Part 7 Jason was actually killing them. In the films though, Jason doesn't kill everyone. So if a female counselor is the sole survivor and manages to outsmart me and escape, then I mark them down in my little black book.... I mean, I count that as a good match. I don't have a black book, SHUT UP!
  18. For me it'd be: 1. Savini Jason - Let's be honest, that animated skin and trident is just awesome now. 2. Part 2 Jason - This is classic Jason before he donned his iconic hockey mask, and he looks a lot meaner than his movie counterpart probably because he's modeled after Kane Hodder's physique. 3. Part 6 Jason - This one is like the "Batman" of Jasons, with his hunting gear on and utlitiy belt. 4. Part 7 Jason - This guy is just a beast to look at. It's like he should be falling apart but he just will not do that, and seeing that spine move as he walks is an added nice touch. 5. Part 3 Jason - The first Jason to wear the iconic hockey mask, and a lot more physically imposing than his film counterpart. He is the "Bane" of the Jasons in my opinion, just as strong and menacing. 6. Part 8 Jason - Love the wet outfit, but I dunno, to me he doesn't look as menacing as the others. 7. Part 9 Jason - While I love his look physically, there is just something about him that doesn't make him look as threatening as the others.
  19. I definitely play Tommy Jarvis as the hero, and more often than not I am trying to rally the surviving counselors to try and help me kill Jason, but failing that I help defend them while putting the cars together, or help do it myself, same for the phone and boat. But I definitely try to make the most of Tommy coming in. He's there for a reason, and I intend to make it worth while that he is when I get chosen to play him.
  20. For me, I am a fairly decent Jason so if counselors are able to get away then good on them. I average about 6 or 7 every time I'm Jason, the only thing that irks me is the people that don't have the balls to die so they rage quit like little crybabies and quit the match before I get my XP/body count.
  21. I just got 500 matches as a counselor the other day, I doubt I am even half that for Jason, I'll get it when I get it so I'm not worried about it. I play every single day.
  22. It's not impossible I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.
  23. Hello guys, my name is Nickypoolicious and I play Friday the 13th The Game on Twitch! I'm not a huge streamer, so I mostly just stream whenever, but maybe I'll be able to dedicate more time for it. Anyways, I play Friday the 13th in my streams on both PS4 and I recently also got the game, along with my girlfriend, on Steam so look forward to seeing me there as well. Hope to see you soon, campers, and stay safe out in those woods! If you run into Knight11486 on PS4, that's me, so don't be afraid to say hi! Steam name is Nickypoolicious. twitch,tv/nickypoolicious youtube.com/nickypoolicious twitter.com/nickypoolicious
  24. This looks very intense and exciting, I feel it will really ramp up the fear factor when storms become a thing in maps. It'd be cool if they were random occurences much like they are in real life. Also with rain coming, it'd be cool to see things like more intense fog down the road as well. Keep it up, guys!
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