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  1. Cool, I won't have to worry about seeing you on PS4. And if I do, just leave me your name and I'll bail on the lobby every time I see it, don't need you on my team. K thanks.
  2. Well I usually have my Jason set to random anytime I queue up in quick play matches, sometimes I'll stick to Savini Jason for a few rounds. But, really, I think the challenge is making the Jason work out for you regardless of the map you're on. They're all fun to play, in my opinion.
  3. The prophecy, a misread could have been. Just kidding, I know they're coming, they obviously care about their game and they will continue to work their asses off for it.
  4. Well, on the bright side you definitely escaped and Jason helper #2 as Chad got run down by his own buddy. So while, yeah, you got held hostage to the timer by the Vanessa at the end, at least you managed to win. If I find the keys, they stay on me, which tends to work out real well if there is only one car on the map to escape in. Of course it helps if other players are assisting with playing the objectives and getting things done, if that doesn't happen and I don't manage to get said car working, I may as well just kiss my ass goodbye haha!
  5. I think they would gain salt, especially if they ragdoll rage quit on Jason if he manages to get them. But if you're chosen to be Tommy, and then just up and leave? I feel you should get some salt for that. The whole point of calling Tommy Jarvis for help is to have him HELP THE COUNSELORS by either finishing up any unfinished objectives, playing offensively to defend counselors who are repairing/getting the car started, or to ultimately kill Jason. I hate when someone spawns in as Tommy and the police show up, and all they do is leave with the police exit. Like, "thanks Tommy, you the real MVP...." SMH
  6. I had a guy in a lobby in Quick Play (naturally), and he was setting up bear traps right next the batteries and gasoline inside cabins, or if he found the fuse in the drawer, he'd leave it in the drawer and place a trap in front of it. He was doing this stupid little "heh heh heh heh" laugh over the walkie talkie. Anyway, I was Jenny and disarmed his stupid traps and got the battery and gas for the 2 seater. Climbed in, and he proceeded to berate me for not stopping for him calling me all sorts of lovely names and random things, demanding that Jason kill me for leaving him. Unfortunately, Jason did kill me, but it's okay he earned it. When Jason went after the troll, as soon as he grabbed the guy he ragdolled out in a rage quit. He could dish it out but not take it, I suppose.
  7. I stand corrected then, sure seems like they have better opportunities for skill checks sometimes and seems lucky but that doesn't mean it's the LUCK stat. Thanks though.
  8. The bots don't troll Jason or act like douchebags, the amount of knives don't bother me. They aren't so smart that it guarantees they will escape just because they have this and that. I have seen them fix the car, get inside, only to just sit there and basically wait for me to smash the hood and disable the vehicle. Usually, they use one knife and run back into you again just for you to grab them and finish them the second time. The best thing about offline bots is getting used to the new grab, which I still think looks and feels cool when you pull it off. They're more of a pain in the ass to kill, and maybe a little smarter, but not so smart that it isn't an easy 7/7 or 8/8 every single time you play.
  9. Her luck is what determines the repair wheel and how many times you need to press L or R, just like Chad. Though their repair speeds are still slow. That being said, I still prefer Jenny over Victoria, but Vicky is definitely great for quick getaways, Jenny is just the queen of keeping her shit together.
  10. I'm gonna say no to this one, the timer is fine as is. I feel 20 minutes is more than enough time to get things done. Not just in the game, am I right, fellas? Bazinga!
  11. I'd like this post, but I have reached my reaction quota for the day according to the forums haha!
  12. Man, the spear gets no love. I love slowly placing a foolish, horny, counselor's head on the spear I placed into the dirt like a human shish kebab. Personally, it's one of the more disturbing kill sequences in the game. Yeah, it's slow, and yeah it won't break down doors faster unless you swap it to a Jason with better weapon destruction, but it's a cool weapon. #spearneedslove
  13. @pApA^LeGBa I'm aware. But the salt for suicide is the topic of the thread, I was just throwing my two cents in, I was more referring to your "I am not Jason" leavers post. It's early in the morning, so I didn't bother to edit your quote since your opinion on the kill count was 4 words. As for that, sure, I'm fine with suicides counting towards the kill count but no XP since he didn't kill them himself. "Gave in to Fear" or something lol EDIT: I almost wish there was an option for counselors who foolishly build their fear up to the point where they just kill themselves with pocket knives (not the ones found in the map). Maybe this will deter trolls who stick around by Jason's side, while their counselors freak out and succumb to the fear and they die. Like if you have the rifle, and your fear is at maximum overdrive, and then your counselor goes into animation to aim the rifle under their chin and BLAM! WTF DID MY GUY JUST DO?!?! Those would give Jason his XP and kill counts. I can see how it would be abused which I why say I ALMOST wish it was a thing.
  14. Mmmm I don't think suicide should earn salt, I have not encountered that too much, it's mostly new players who don't realize that climbing in and out of broken windows away from Jason damage you each and every single time. As far as players leaving games early because they aren't Jason, or whatever reasons, they'll get salt and I think there should be a means to refill players who leave too early. Like say Johnny Salty left because he wasn't Jason, so now the the team is weakened because there is one less body, I think during the first minute or so players should still be able to queue into active matches that have the room. This may not be the best fix, but maybe it'll encourage players to stick around and play if they find themselves dropped into the first minute of a match. But what if Jason spawn kills said player before they even get in? Give them an immunity timer to account for lag. But Jason will just wait it out. Yeah, maybe, but he won't have sense yet so he shouldn't be able to see them unless he is physically near them. I'm just spitballing, I know it's not perfect lol
  15. I definitely prefer to go radio silent over the mic when I'm Jason Voorhees. The man's a mute, he doesn't talk, so why should I talk when the music cue announces me enough as it? Even if I play with my friends in Quick Play matches, I don't speak over the mic when I am Jason. If I'm a counselor, you bet I'll be talking, even if I'm the only one there. As someone who has done some YouTube vidoes and have absolutely no fame for it haha, I am no stranger to being alone in a room talking to myself or to a camera. When I put it that way I sound like a very lonely dude... ?
  16. I found 2 Jarvis tapes, and 4 Pamela tapes during this Memorial Day weekend event. One match was two tapes in a single match when I was giving Victoria a try! My jaw dropped to the floor and I prayed to all the gods in all the world that the host doesn't quit so I can save my tapes. It worked! I still have a ways to go in finishing them, but I am halfway done with the Pamela collection, and I need about 7 more for the Jarvis collection.
  17. Personally, squeakers or more commonly known as "children," do not bother me in the game unless they are being disrespectful to other gamers in the lobby with their own definition of trash talk which is just to drop the f-bomb on you as well some more vitriol comments. I have encountered several who act way more mature than most of the salty 20-30 year old gamers in the lobbies. Yes, it's fun to scare them when I'm Jason, but it's just as fun to be helpful to them as a counselor. They're playing along, too, and instead of curb stomping them like some people prefer to do on the forums, I will actually try to help them understand how things are done. I have a 10 year old niece, so teaching a young child how to play a game is nothing new to me, and I swear she's smarter than I am (most likely she is). I been watching horror movies since I was 7 years old, and the first one I watched was ALIEN, and let me tell you I had nightmares for at least a good year and a half afterwards. But I pressed on and faced my fears, and despite my mom's objections, my father always let me watch those types of movies and play violent games and I had fun with them. By the time I was 12, like some of these kids on here are, I knew the difference between right and wrong and the right way to talk to people. It all comes down to responsible parenting, I was raised to know better that's all there is to it. That all being said, if any one of those kids give me lip and tries to act cool by dropping f-bombs and disparaging comments then they will die horribly when I'm Jason or get left behind if I'm a counselor and lucky enough to get the car going and escape, I'll leave them to try their luck with Jason Voorhees. Man do they get salty when that happens. The moral of the story is, be respectful of your fellow gamers.
  18. I dunno, man. I've been playing since launch, and if a skilled Jason manages to stalk and shift grab me, I'm gonna jump out of my seat and scream like a girl haha! That happened a few times while either fixing the phone box or the cars. I stupidly swam to the island in Higgins Haven once, and Jason had stalk on and managed to ambush me in the water on the way back to the mainland after I stole the sweater. Scary shit. But, most of the time now, nah it's not too scary. It can be intense, sure, but not super scary. Like I said, only stalking Jason that lands a good shift grab can be really startling.
  19. ^ This. I do this. I will read my comics, and if I hear the music intro for the Tommy Jarvis arrival cinematic I'll go back to playing, if not I keep reading or go to the bathroom or even get some of that much needed cleaning done around the house. This is the kind of game meant for people that if you start a match, you're committed. You know how long a match is by now, this game has been out for over a year, so if you're going to play then stick it out to the end. If an emergency arrives, I believe leaving after a kill animation or escape won't net you any salt, but you'll just lose out on XP. If you crash, yes, you will get salt but it will not land you in the Salt Mines unless it's a more frequent occurrence. The bottom line is, don't start something if you don't think you will be able to stick around to see it through.
  20. Sometimes I'll just play whatever counselor is needed, like if everyone is rocking Vanessas or Brandons, I'll pick a repair/stealthy character like AJ. The flip side is if there are too many repair or stealth based counselors in the lobby, I'll go for one with high luck like Chad, high composure like Jenny who also has decent luck, or I'll play a more defensive counselor like Brandon or Adam. I usually go random for Jason, unless I want to play Savini Jason then I'll have him selected.
  21. I main Eric, Deborah, or Jenny most of the time. Still getting a feel for Veronica, and I haven't really played with Fox or Shelley much. Lately I've been getting into lobbies with about 4 Vanessas, and very little stealth and repair heavy counselors. I usually end up leaving those lobbies before it goes into the match because I just know that isn't going to go very well. Unless I ended up being Jason, in which case they'd all die most likely.
  22. You'd be surprised how many people depended on that almighty scoreboard. I get that it can be useful information, but once a match starts, I very rarely even think to look at it because I'm busy hunting or trying to stay hidden while looking for stuff.
  23. Finally got the PhD in Murder trophy on PS4! That's all, just wanted to share/brag I suppose. Carry on now!
  24. I am sorry this happened to you, there are truly some toxic gamers out there, not just in this game but games in general. My advice is just to find people that you get along with in matches, add them, and then try and play as often as you can together when you're all online. That will make life so much more fun for you in this game. I think most everyone on these forums have some story or another involving some toxic players trying to ruin people's experiences. If you play on PS4, my name is Knight11486 feel free to add me and Nickypoolicious on Steam. Just keep on keeping on, brother!
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