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  1. I mean, I think Eric LaChappa looks fine holding a flare gun if that's on topic? Any of the girls using a bat, or frying pan seems fitting, I dunno. Am I being punk'd? Feels like I'm being punk'd?
  2. That hashtag looks like it's a reference to Part 5, which we have in the game now. But if it means something else, which I'm sure it does, I am clueless.
  3. Yes it does, but Rome wasn't built in a day or even 365 days. In fact, so far it's taken Rome 1,010,338 days to build Rome. This is, of course, based on the traditional founding of the city which was back in 752 BCE, but the city also was sacked and even rebuilt several times. After doing the math, that is about 278 years, and obviously Rome is till technically being built. Was that information helpful? No? I thought it fit right in with how silly you expected the dedicated servers to be out immediately after the engine update, when the rest of us knew that wouldn't be the case and it was August that we were told about the plans for dedicated servers on consoles, not October. Hope you learned something today, and they will come when they come.
  4. If I don't get all of the counselors, that's generally considered a loss. But, I suppose against a decent group, and by decent I don't mean trolling and bullying (that shit gets you killed), I think at least 6 at best feels good to me. Even the movies had survivors, one time Tommy Jarvis and Jenny Myers escaped in the two seater successfully after being the only left and botching the kill against me. Once the match was over I put on the game's credit sequence as I felt that matched deserved the outro. Obviously Jason dying, and that only happened a few times to me, and getting 0/7 or worse 0/8 is a failure and you may want to rethink how you play the franchise's mascot killer.
  5. I was Eric LaChappa, and after a few matches getting successful escape after escape with him, I met my match where we reached the 13 minute mark and nothing was done and 3 people were dead with one more about to die as I found the fuse. Tanked the trap, healed, repaired the phone, climbed into the cabin to make the call, got about an inch of successfully calling when Jason showed up and smashed the box (I expected that to happen, but damn did I try). Hid in a closet, and he came straight for me and stabbed me with his machete. No one survived, and I was hosting that match and all the ones prior to it. Ya win some, ya lose some.
  6. That'd be nice to see, as for Paranoia I have the oddest feeling it will play out like the Jason Goes to Hell film where the Jason-worm-parasite thingy posseses a counselor and then that counselor becomes the "Jason" of the game but you wouldn't know until they tried to kill you. Will also be cool to see how the objectives play out on the Grendel map as well.
  7. Yeah, part 3 holds the machete in combat stance with two hands like he's still used to the axe being there. Same for other Jasons who used to rock two handed combat stance weapons.
  8. Only time I've blue screened on PS4 is when I'm the host when some people show up the game crashes, but that's in the lobby not mid match. Other times I'll be in the middle of a kill on Jason in offline bots and it'll blue screen crash. These are rare occurrences for me, so I don't feel threatened by the Salt Mines because I know it's not bad enough that I'll ever end up there. More recently though, when I'm hosting the matches run smoothly and I've been able to get 5-6 or maybe more matches with full lobbies of players who stick around to the end the majority of the time. Still run into he occassional troll, or clueless new players (whom I try to help if I can, but difficult to if they don't have mics), but nothing extremely disruptive. Of course now that I've said that, I'll have jinxed myself and get nothing but bad seeds from here on out haha! *knocks on wood*
  9. I don't even have the words, I mean I'm so sorry for your situation, man. I backed the game all on my own, and hell my girlfriend even got it for me on Steam last summer along with a copy for herself to play with me. Honestly, your ex is being a bit of a female dog and frankly spiteful. Now, I don't know the whole story of what happened between you two, so either she's as crazy as she sounds or you done fucked up royally with a capital "F." But that's neither here nor there, bottom line is you guys weren't married, so she can't just take shit that isn't hers. So if you actually paid for the Savini Jason part of the preorder for the game then she owes you it. Same thing goes for the dog. Now, get the police involved and tell them to have a talk with her about giving you your stuff back if you're the one who paid for it. Should be easy to prove if you still have the confirmation emails of the game's preorder. If she doesn't even want the dog she is just holding on to it in order to piss you off and make you feel horrible, so it sounds like you're better off without her anyway. Now go get your stuff and may the Force be with you.
  10. Well I got 5 hours to go at my job, and it's sinfully boring right now. I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but a man needs to keep himself occupied with something haha!
  11. Unfortunately Jason teaming is not a bannable offense, as it is a bit of a grey area to look into. On the surface, it can seem like Jason has teamed up with a counselor, but sometimes that's not the case at all. To look into each and every individual case of "Jason teaming" requires way more manpower than anyone at Gun Media or Illfonic so it's no longer against the code of conduct. It is still frowned upon by players who prefer to play the game the way it's intended to be played. If you record some foolproof videos of Jason teaming then maybe they will do something if it's an extremely disruptive case you use the report feature, but I honestly doubt they will even look into it. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  12. So pretty much exactly what I said, thanks for clarifying. You literally JUST said you run people down with the car for shits and giggles. Sure you may fix things up, but if you're behind the wheel it doesn't make a lick of a difference because now we need to avoid a Jason who wants to kill people and your dumbass. Which is nice, because when you run people over you're also trolling the Jason player who is trying to get XP by killing people so it's a two-fer. If you have to ruin other people's fun just because they are trying to play the game the way it's meant to be played, then your life must be truly sad indeed if that is where your gaming enjoyment comes from. Back to the board game analogy, it's like having that jackass you're playing with flip the board and all the pieces off it just because they can, meanwhile now everyone else has to reset everything and try again for the next game. Oh you called in Tommy? Well that didn't work out because you're just trolling everyone, so that objective was pointless to get done. Oh the car is fixed? I have the keys but I'm gonna drive around and kill everyone before I escape, so that backfired on all their progress. Oh I have the fuse so I'll just hoard it so the police can't be called, so there goes that objective. So basically with you in the lobby, if you had your way, no one would be allowed to get anything done and/or live because you need to act like you're being funny when you're just being an asshole. But, hey, at least you freely admit it, and they say that's the first step with any problem. So go back under your bridge and play in private matches with you and your like minded dumbass friends and leave quick play alone.
  13. Please let Chad have like a bathrobe that's opened and he's wearing a banana hammock. Tiffany's default outfit is almost already bedtime attire haha! Just remove the short shorts and bam, she's ready for bed. I feel like Eric LaChappa should have like some sort of comic book superhero themed set of pajamas, or something nerdy like that. That being said, I'm down for more pickaxe kills.
  14. You mean it's more fun to play the exact opposite of how you're supposed to? That's like playing a board game like Monopoly, and saying, "you know what? I don't feel like going to jail, and I'll also just go ahead help myself to that $200 because I don't give a flying fig about the rules." You are a true anarchist. SMH
  15. Typical story, I'm hosting a game like 6 months ago, and these asshat trolls are buddied up with Jason super tight. My friends and I get the car going, Tommy (Jason Helper and scumbag troll), proceeds to drive us around to Jason so he can drag us out of the car one by one. I sent them a message to knock it off, or I'd kill the lobby. With me and my friends vs them, we were 3 vs 4 Jason helpers, 5 if you count the respawned Tommy Jarvis. They ignored me, so they decided to hold the rest of the lobby (us) hostage by running the clock down. I killed the lobby by host quitting about 3 seconds before the match was supposed to be over. During that time they were with Jason to farm whatever XP was left to farm, so when I closed the game right in those last few seconds THEN came the hate mail in the form of private messages telling me all sorts of lovely things and name calling. My friends and I didn't mind losing the XP, but those guys sure did. I think one time I truly got pissed off over was just an accumulation of horrible HORRIBLE matches in the form of the most toxic and obnoxious assholes on the planet, that when I finally did get into a lobby with some decent players, the Jason player spawned at the phone cabin where I was looting and I went into hiding under the bed, he came in (I hadn't even locked the door, because I didn't want him knowing I was there). His first guess was to impaled me with his spear as Part 6 Jason at the bed. I left once the kill played out feeling very angry. Not at him, specifically, just in a bad mood from the past matches. I'm not proud of it, and I make it a point to not let things get to me again.
  16. Nah, I don't mind duplicates but if I see the entire lobby is filled with Vanessas and Tiffanys, or Brandons "Bugsies," then I will bail to find a new lobby. No way will my Eric LaChappa be working with those clowns.
  17. I've only participated in 7 legit kills for Jason, having been Tommy for most of them, there are a few times where some friends and I tested it out in the earlier days. None of the Jasons quit in those matches. I don't even quit if they manage to kill me as Jason, it doesn't happen often to me so it breaks up the routine match with seeing the occasional Jason death. Nowadays even though it's common knowledge it is still funny (when I'm Jason) how many players who respawn as Tommy Jarvis can't seem to get that all you need to do when Jason is on his knees, is to press X, E, or A. You DO NOT swing the machete like you normally would, that completely screws them over and makes me smile when I'm Jason, then they all die one by one.
  18. Even more intriguing that the offline bots can team kill, in a manner of speaking.
  19. So if I am reading this right, the 4 seater car (blue) killed you DURING the kill animation that Jason was in the middle of? I didn't think anything interrupted that.
  20. I've seen some hosts quitting, some Jasons leaving when a car gets away or the cops are called, and even some leaving during the intro cinematic because they aren't Jason. Nowhere near to the degree it used to be, but I still them every few matches or so. Though when I host, I tend to stay for at least 4 maybe 5 matches before I take a break. If I'm doing a livestream of the game, I'll host for as long as I can during the stream. But, I mean, the Salt Mines seem to be a thing.
  21. Sorry, no. I mean, he was a $6 preorder in support of the game before its launch, along with the counselor clothing pack. My best friend loves seeing me rock my Savini Jason in matches when we queue into Quick Plays together, he regrets not getting it but he also does not want it available again. Minus those who took advantage of getting Savini Jason off the stores when it mistakenly went available for a short time, that particular Jason says, "I supported this game and I'm glad I did." It's just life, man, you missed out. Time to move on. Now, if they said, "one day we'll make him available for like $10." I wouldn't be opposed to it, but it's not going to happen because they said it isn't something they will ever do. Bottom line is, they aren't going to do it unless for some reason it ends up back into the store for the 4th time accidentally haha!
  22. I mean, I like to think of the game's multiplayer matches as reimaginings of the events in the films with Kane Hodder portraying Jason Voorhees across the entire franchise. To this end, they modeled Jason after the very beefy Kane Hodder and Roy Burns was modeled after his appearance in Part 5, we know he isn't as fit as Hodder so it works. It is what it is.
  23. Unfortunately yes, but if it's a one off occurrence then I wouldn't worry about it. Your salt will go away over time. Just that one instance will not send you to the mines, hope that helps.
  24. Personally, I like the new grab, feels more smooth than before. Sure it has drawbacks like not being to pivot out of a shift while doing it, but after getting plenty of practice with the offline bots, I got a good idea on how to execute it in quick play matches when I can. I don't always land it, but when I do people die (or I get stabbed in the f***ing neck).
  25. You don't have to, you just won't get XP or CP for it if you do play offline. If you're online, you can get XP and CP I believe even while in offline bots mode.
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