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  1. I remember that game. Haha, fun times. Oh how it made my blood boil over and out my ears.
  2. Ah those were the days. Glitchy NES games, Superman 64, anyone?
  3. If you can't understand the legality behind the why they won't do this during this time when the franchise is basically at a standstill over the rights to the Jason character, then I don't know how I can explain it again and make it any plainer than I already have. They legally cannot release Uber Jason. That is just the long and the short of it. It doesn't matter that this Jason is in the game's data right now along with his buggy kills. It doesn't matter if they have anything in the works close to being done and also in the pipeline for release. They just can't. It's legal red tape, it has nothing to do with the backers and how much support they have. Some assholes decided to hack the game on PC for Uber Jason and that's Illfonic's fault? If someone steals your wallet, is that the victim's fault that it got stolen? It's not a question of "making it right by just releasing Uber Jason." They can't do it. Say it with me now, "they can't do it." I mean, not unless you WANT Gun/Illfonic to be sued over violating an injunction in the filed lawsuit of Moron vs Horror Inc.
  4. They are. I've only see the match ending early bug a few times, never saw the suicide bug after escaping yet or maybe I just wasn't paying attention, but it said I survived.
  5. The doomsayers are definitely not helping anything. Funnily enough, they seem to be mostly assholes who feel like the game should just go ahead and keel over and die. Which, if that's how they genuinely feel, then why are they still commenting on the forums for said game? That's the million dollar question.
  6. Unfortunately it won't happen. Even Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle won't be putting out new content during this legal debacle, basically the franchise has been brought to an abrupt halt over this whole thing. "But Uber Jason is in the game, they just need to unlock him for the general public to play." Well, you're not wrong, but you're not right, either. Yes, technically he is in the game, he has his kills, we know this because of the hackers and completing the Virtual Cabin. But with the Friday the 13th franchise in limbo over the rights to the Jason Voorhees character, anything UNDER that franchise banner is prevented from being released until this whole thing is done with. And since this whole game is centered under Friday the 13th, that means no Uber Jason, no Grendel map, no new counselors (even if they have no similarities or connections to the films), no new clothing packs for counselors, no new game modes, no nothing. All they can do LEGALLY is bug fixes and glitch patches. They can't do anything NEW with the game because it's being disputed in courts of the legal rights of the Jason Voorhees character, which INCLUDES but is NOT limited to Uber Jason from Jason X, and even any "original" Jasons they may have had in mind to make down the road.
  7. The lawsuit may be a year old but the fact that it is now affecting the game's development, as well as content for Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzles, is new.
  8. That post only states the end of content for now. When the lawsuit is settled content will almost assuredly be made regularly again. I have a feeling, and I hope I'm not wrong, but I have a feeling that Victor Miller's suit will end be in favor of Cunningham in short order. I hope, at least.
  9. And I, for one, would know if I had been garden path fucked. I don't feel it.
  10. Why not purchase early access games? I purchased Raft the other day, and I really enjoy it. Great survival/crafting game. As for "I'm done with Illfonic/Gun, muahahaha!" Then may I ask you why you are still here? I mean, if you hate the game the way things are now and truly feel duped and let down, then why waste time on said game's forums? I'm legitimately curious, not trying to be a dick.
  11. I'm with you, man. Right there with you. I have faith, and a lot of patience, something a lot of these so-called "veterans" don't have. If the game goes down, yeah, that's a real shame. But you better bet your bottom dollar I'll be going to each person on here who said dedicated servers would never happen, and when they do go live I'll be like, "you may now eat your words."
  12. Well shit, I saw the tweet on their feed as well from the game's Twitter page, that does truly suck. So it's not just Friday the 13th The Game being affected. I'm sure manufacturing products like Funko Pop vinyl figurines are also on hold, and the NECA figures, etc. Hindsight, maybe just MAYBE Illfonic will use this time wisely to get those bugs and glitches all patched up, get the game back to working to near perfection and if this thing goes away soon they can celebrate by releasing Jason X content or something. But, we'll cross that bridge if it gets there.
  13. They do need to communicate more, now would be the time more than ever. As far as the lies go, I never felt lied to, so I don't know what you mean with that.
  14. I'm aware of that statement, just like I'm also aware they even said on Bloody Disgusting that they are holding off on new content and DLCs until the lawsuit is settled.
  15. You've talked to people who play that game? What's your source? Just curious, not trying to sound like an interrogative asshole.
  16. My assumption would be that maybe Miller caught wind of the game's financial success from last year and wants in on some of that hot action? So while it may not have been included before, he might have filed and injunction to include it now. From what I understand he basically just wants CREDIT for the character of Jason Voorhees and/or monetary compensations he feels owed to him. I don't think he'll win the lawsuit in any case, from what I've seen of the actual motions that have been filed that's available for public access, I think it'll end up being settled outside the courts.
  17. Off topic: To answer your question, Alien Isolation is a first-person survival horror game set 15 years after the events of the film, ALIEN. It's the story about Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda (Amy), seeking to find out what happened to her mother and her ship, the Nostromo all those years ago. It's considered to be one of the best Alien games out there in existence now, and yes it is a shame it isn't getting a sequel or even a new story in the same vain as it. Is it scary? Well, that's subjective, but from my own experiences I would say yes. It is, and still is to me at least. If you can find it in a sale on Steam or console stores then grab it, I highly recommend it. Back on topic: In the unlikely event that Victor Miller wins the lawsuit, basically he'll just get compensated a shit ton of money and have his name in the credits in anything associated with Friday the 13th. The whole thing comes down to money, and Miller wants more of it. He's just gumming up the works with the franchise because he feels he is entitled to his contributions, which is not much to say the least.
  18. I'll go down with the ship. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, then that'll be awesome. The asymetrical multiplayer experience of 1 vs X number of players is still a trending genre and, if anything, the game may still find success because of people's interest in that genre alone. I'm hoping for the best, but if the ship sinks well.... Shit happens.
  19. When the franchise is under a legal dispute, that means any and all intellectual properties related to it. Yeah Uber Jason is in the game files, yes he is in there, but he is not publicly released. They cannot PUBLICLY release him or the Grendel map because everything in the game falls under the Friday the 13th banner, which is what is being gummed up by Miller in his stupid lawsuit and wanting some monetary compensation for his very minor contributions to the overall franchise. Clothing is the same way, it's new content within the Friday the 13th title which, like I said, is everything included in this game. It sucks, but it is what it is, and I'm sure we'll know something by the end of June but I doubt Miller will win if this goes to court. They will likely settle outside the courts.
  20. Right now it's better to be safe than sorry. Anything under the banner of Friday the 13th, which is everything found in this game, is subject to legal issues until a ruling is made in the courts. So they're going to err on the side of caution and focusing exclusively on the bugs/glitches to fix and dedicated servers, which I'm 100% down for.
  21. Then leave. Spouting off doomsday like Crazy Ralph is not helping, especially since you, nor anyone who shares your opinion, are in full possession of the facts. All we have is speculation to go off of. They can and will continue to release bug fixes, dedicated servers for consoles, etc. They have even said as much, in fact I take this as an excellent time for them to do so since that's all they can legally do, so if they can make the game play and feel more responsive and smooth I am all for it in the mean time. They're doing it, frankly, because they probably don't want to get sued as well. I mean I would't want to be sued, would you?
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