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  1. Patch Notes - 9.21.2017

    You'd be surprised how many people depended on that almighty scoreboard. I get that it can be useful information, but once a match starts, I very rarely even think to look at it because I'm busy hunting or trying to stay hidden while looking for stuff.
  2. Finally got the PhD in Murder trophy on PS4! That's all, just wanted to share/brag I suppose. Carry on now!
  3. A really bad experience today.

    I am sorry this happened to you, there are truly some toxic gamers out there, not just in this game but games in general. My advice is just to find people that you get along with in matches, add them, and then try and play as often as you can together when you're all online. That will make life so much more fun for you in this game. I think most everyone on these forums have some story or another involving some toxic players trying to ruin people's experiences. If you play on PS4, my name is Knight11486 feel free to add me and Nickypoolicious on Steam. Just keep on keeping on, brother!
  4. Does anyone use this button?

    The R1 button (RB on XB1) is useful for when Jason is on you, and when you visually see him he will show up on the minimap as well. Holding down drops what you're carrying, and tap it drops one of the items from your inventory.
  5. I can't confirm on the bat breaking, so I'll look at it myself later on with Chad (in his speedo, of course). Jason's stuns seemed fine to me when I was playing as him, they didn't last a minute and a half to snap out of it like he used to. Once that knife is out of my neck, you had better be running the other way or hiding because I will kill you. I can confirm that Jason's traps do deal out more damage, which is good, they need to be a threat to the counselors and not just a "Jason alarm" for where they are if they trigger it. The textures for outfits are indeed blurry during character selection and outfit changes, making it hard to determine what you want to wear if the textures don't render correctly. Still crash fairly regularly on PS4 (blue screen error) so that can be annoying especially if I am hosting a match. Had a horrible FPS dip for some reason on Packanack, and when I fired the rifle at Jason it didn't even register that I had hit him even though he was in my sights. Not a whole lot of game breaking issues for me, it is nice to see that I can smash the windows again more efficiently. As for the scoreboard, I can take it or leave it, I mean I can check the options menu for it if I really want to see what is going on. As a counselor, I feel like the not knowing who is dead or alive really ramps up the tension and has made recent plays more terrifying simply because you don't know when you're all alone with Jason hunting for you. It can be pretty chilling to hear your friends die on mic, one by one. When I'm Jason, it's simple, I lay down my traps and then gun it to kill whomever is nearby when I'm done. I'm able to pay attention to anything, so I can count very easily in my head how many I've killed, and if I see one or two people leave the match then I'll make a quick check in the menu to see who is still around. The scoreboard isn't a necessity for me, and I'm really digging the new emotes.
  6. Pic of yourself.

    You can find images of me on my YouTube channel at youtube.com/nickypoolicious I'm not the most handsome man, ever. But I'm decent folk.
  7. I'm fancying Jenny Myers

    That amazing composure, and if you can get the rare level Tinkerer and Escape Artist perks she is force to be reckoned with. It truly makes her feel like the "final girl."
  8. Your Dumbest Move?

    Swam to the island with Tiffany, on Higgins Haven and got Pamela's sweater, Jason shows up quite displeased with me and I attempt to flee.... by swimming back to the mainland, with a Part 7 Jason on my tail... Not my brightest idea ever.
  9. What's your in game ritual??

    "I don't fight in tournaments because when I fight a man for real, I don't know want him to know what I can do." - Lord Eddard Stark That being said, as a counselor my mission is to find anything useful to defend myself right out the gate so a pocket knife, or some fire crackers. Hopefully car or boat part along the way, maybe a fuse? if I have the fuse, and no one is talking in the match, I'll wander the whole map till I find the fuse box or I die. As Jason, I trap the usual places before cutting the power here and there along the way. I then begin my hunt for the horny teenage miscreants that beheaded my mother, and kill them in various horrible ways.
  10. I've had someone get salty about a month ago because they were teamed up with Jason, farming XP, doing this and that together. Basically, everyone is dead, the car is fixed but the dude isn't escape he's just roaming around while his Jason pal dicks around with him. I happened to be the host, so I sent a private message on PSN that I would kill the lobby and, by extention, the XP they were farming, if they didn't knock it off. I didn't fee like waiting for 12 minutes while they fiddle farted around. Guy messages me back with, "n-word, I'll fry your wifi." So I could see he was a very charming, and well educated individual, a pleasant fellow by all accounts. Needless to say, I killed the lobby like I said I would, and get a message from his Jason pal saying they were going to "boot me offline." To this day I am still awaiting their vengeance. Don't know why people need to get so angry over a game, and if you wanna dick around with Jason as your pal then go in a Private Match? It's not that hard, especially with award winning personalities like those two.
  11. I play on PS4, as well, I'm actually in between mics since my old one.... let's just say it broke and not buried alive in cat diarrhea..... So anyway, I have a shitty one I use now but for some reason it does not mute. So I am constantly broadcasting even if I don't want to be, i.e. when Jason is around hunting for me haha! If the lobby is silent usually I will just stay quiet until someone talks, unless they're a-holes when they do talk. I have a studio mic and headphones for my Steam copy, but since that doesn't work for PS4, I have to make do with what I have. My PSN ID is Knight11486 if you want to play sometime, people have laughed hard when they hear my girly screams if Jason is right on me.
  12. Same Counsellor on random

    I prefer to play random Jasons, counselors I will just pick whomever is not already picked by someone else to avoid too many counselor "clones." Most of my counselors have either rare or epic perks to assist in their strengths. Far as random Jason goes, I usually get Part 8 Jason more than any other, with Part 7 being a close second place.
  13. That is too true. I have only 1 tape thus far, and I am at level 96 right now. No trick to finding it, just got lucky in some random drawer in Packanack. Did have a rude host on PS4, earlier yesterday. Because I got the two seater repaired, someone ran up and started it and let me in it. Because we escaped, he threw a fit over us not helping him and he closed the lobby effectively ending the match abruptly. Some people... Oh well, it is what it is.
  14. It's a good thing you did, or you would have been waiting considerably longer to scratch that itch to kill horny teens.
  15. Starting Sessions?

    I work midnights so when I get home around 8AM EST I'm usually on for an hour or two. And I notice I'm thrown into lobbies on my own, and usually my connection is just fine, but it does take a minute or two for the lobby to fill up and you can definitely see people trying to get in and then when they do they're either losing the connection, or they leave on their own. But since I play on PS4, it makes it nice since I'm the host then and don't have to worry about the host rage quitting due to an early death, or not being picked to be Jason. Really the only thing I worry about during those hours, as Jason, are people rage quitting during kill animations, or the occasional blue screen crash which happens very rarely nowadays for me. Other than that, I've been having a blast!