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  1. Of course I have been haha! Though I don't consider Tommy a "counselor."
  2. Well the beta build had flares as an inventory item, as opposed to the weapon that you can aim and fire like it is now. Honestly, the core mechanics are fine with what we have, we really just need the bugs and glitches to be patched up.
  3. I really hope that doesn't happen, we all love this game. I mean I don't think I have played a game that I've truly enjoyed multiplayer on since Goldeneye back on Nintendo 64, and this is up there for me in terms of enjoyability. If they spend the time wisely and get all the major bugs and glitches fixed during this period, then it could gain traction again through word of mouth that the game is fun. At this point, I don't even know if I want dedicated server as that could come with a whole mess of problems if those go live, but at least just get the major bugs and glitches patched up and I'll be a happy camper (pun intended).
  4. I don't think the game is going to die as soon as people thing it will. As for a Jason bot to play in offline mode as a counselor, that will take some time for them to craft up, and even then they may not be able to because it'd be new content technically.
  5. I would think someone like this would happen on the off chance the game's servers go offline. Least I hope so.
  6. Yeah, I mean it must be a parental thing, but if I had kids with grades like those I'd be like, "well, clearly you got a good head on your shoulders and not up your ass so feel free to play whatever you want as long as it doesn't interfere with the studies." I get the whole "online, stranger danger" thing though, and I never played online since back in the day it was all local multiplayer only, split screens, good times. But I mean, half naked chicks in bikinis running from a masked murderer is like the bread 'n' butter of Friday the 13th. If they let you play it before, I don't understand why it suddenly became an issue now. If I was a betting man, I'd say you overplayed your hand with the Samantha being murdered video, haha!
  7. That sucks, the game is fun, sorry that your parents just don't get it. But hey my mother hated me playing Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64 and Perfect Dark, but my father was the enabler and let me play those games. I turned out to be a serial killer so I can't really complain about my life. Hope you can get back into the game soon!
  8. I don't see why not, but I'm more interested in the bugs/glitches being patched first.
  9. Looks fine to me, now the ban though, I have questions like how did your parents get you banned? Are we talking you can't play the game because your parents keep it under lock and key because you're too young, or because your account is banned?
  10. Honestly I've been trolled by just about every counselor. So it comes down to who that troll feels like running in a match as really.
  11. I think they're just gonna err on the side of caution and focus entirely on bug fixes and dedicated servers. Though they did mention they could do balancing tweaks, so maybe they could work on him a little? Guess we'll see.
  12. Mob mentality is a thing, unfortunately. There are people on Facebook crucifying the devs because they think the lawsuit is aimed at them specifically. The fact that people don't educate themselves before grabbing their torches and pitchforks, tars and feathers, is just insane. I wonder how many people in that mob crowd of virtriol filth and hatred even have the slightest clue what is actually happening in regards to the game, the lawsuit, the franchise in general. I also wonder how many of those people second guess themselves and are like, "wait, why am I angry again? Oh whatever, ROAR! REFUND GAME SUCKS! RABBLE RABBLE!"
  13. It's not an indefinite thing, their official post to the media states that until the legal issues surrounding the franchise is resolved, they won't be able to release future content. The bold part being the key segment here. Have faith, friend.
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