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  1. Funny..I could always break open windows by just looking up while standing off to the side of a window. I never did a combat stance. I could always break windows open or closed.
  2. Sorry.... I am wrong. I had no ideas. Everything I say is wrong. The internet is right. Clearly I need to move back home and eat pizza rolls like the rest of ya.
  3. Yup...you are right. I will get back to picking for ya sir. Sorry I had a thought in my head that wasn't approved.
  4. No one said you had to play it...geez...everyone is like got that stick far up there tonight.
  5. If you read what they are working on (hot fix) they know about the server problems. If I recall the big problems are that the game is giving up looking for servers quickly and just starting new games - after 10 seconds (Thus you being all alone)...also they set the ping threshold lower which is skipping over possible players. I believe they said they will restore it back to what it used to be (300ms) I would imagine this fix will be quick to pop out as this kinda problem can completely kill a game off.
  6. You've chosen to ignore content by Alien_Number_Six and Emperiex . This is awesome. I suggest everyone ignore them. Life is so much better now that I'm free of pizza roll eating trolls! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Perhaps the dev's can enable a hot fix to allow team killing of ONLY Alien_Number_Six and Emperiex? Yeah, my bad. I should have put Emperiex and Alien on Ignore from their 2nd post. Everything is good now. BTW I respect your view on hating TK'ing
  7. Thankfully this forum has an "IGNORE" so I just added all you trolls to ignore so I could talk with the sane people here. Again, I started a poll to see what people thought about team killing. Not to fight with trolls eating pizza rolls. It's sad that in today's world we can't just talk back and forth about things. If someone disagrees with you in here they just immediately jump on you and call you names. Now I remember why I avoid joining forums for games. I just wanted to try and make this game fun as it can be. If you are offended by views other than your own, please start your own topic. You are not needed in here. Just going to IGNORE the trolls via the forum options so I won't see your bs anymore. I got no time for you man babies...so go upstairs and tell your mom someone was mean to you on the internet.
  8. If you thought the world was flat. I'd say you missed something. Being unfamiliar with info is the same as being uneducated. Thus the saying, those who don't know their own history are doomed to repeat it. If you don't know the mistakes of the past, you are doomed to make the same mistakes.
  9. If enough people agree with me..Team killing isn't gone. Perhaps Im wrong. You however see fit to just shit all over me because I dare to disagree with the high and mighty you.
  10. Again, take off that brown shirt buddy. You don't like it. Fine..move along. Clearly I am not the only one who wants it back. I don't understand you college hippies wearing your black hoods trying to spray pepper spray on people just talking about Friday the 13th. Clearly I don't care what you think about it.
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