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  1. Jason nerf

    No, that would be to hard for Jason, he would hardly ever get any kills.
  2. -Jason grab kills would be in third person for both of the victim, and assailant. Make that in first person also, or have an option.
  3. He can pick up knives, why not traps? For the Jason's that don't come with hardly any traps, this would help.
  4. Jason should be able put his mask back on when it's on the ground or he kills the person that had it.
  5. Roy's Coveralls

    Why is is coveralls blue, if they knew it was really green?
  6. Retro Jason

    I have been waiting on Retro Jason to be his own character for a long time, but they have said nothing about it.
  7. Keep politics out of this game.
  8. Let counselors show affection, like hugging, kissing, hand holding, handshake, a slap on the ass.
  9. How to DC when Jason grabs you?

    Leave game?
  10. Even in the cabins it's too dark, no other map is like this, and the flashlights are too bright, when someone shines one at you it's almost blinding.
  11. They must not like money.
  12. Thanks but I had to highlight the blue text to be able to read it, wonder if this will work?