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  1. Yeah I wish they would add Christmas clothing.
  2. You're wasting your time, every one leaves all the time.
  3. What about the new Jason's?
  4. Day Maps

    Jason killed during the day, so we should have day maps.
  5. That person is not a dev, sorry but this is clickbait.
  6. I don't understand you can't play the game? You can't join a lobby? The game wont launch?
  7. I was in a match with the most abusive counselors ever. I knew they were going to be a problem by the way they talked in the lobby, they were a bunch of assholes. The match started I killed this one guy, and then I noticed the rest of them all in a group, and they all had weapons. They decide to be cunts and gang up on me and stun me over and over. I was so upset that my heart started racing. I can't remember the last time a online game has done this to me. I tried hacking them but could hardly ever land a hit without getting stunned. Yeah I know I can go into combat stance but that sucks because after I block I can't strike back until after 1.5 seconds, and when I try to grab them, one of them would just come to their rescue. Jason should be able to backhand these bitches or something when this shit happens. Jason just feels so fucking weak. I eventually killed all of them except for one but damn, give Jason some kind of special move with they gang up like that.
  8. No, fuck that bitch, she always gives me problems.
  9. Christmas Jason

    Yes would very much like Christmas DLC.
  10. If they bring Christmas clothing pack, I want it to be permanent not temporary.
  11. The text and icons on the map are tiny and hard too see, please make them bigger.
  12. Why didn't they keep his mask looking the same the way it did from the first two movies? I mean it will work nice for a game to give it some variety, just l like Jason's masks always changing in every movie.