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  1. Anonymous

    game is reset to 0

    Lots of people chipped in and bought you the game?
  2. Anonymous

    Morphing to moving car

    You can't hear when the boat starts.
  3. There are too many people that use turbo controllers or marco keys to cheat getting out of grabs or rising/shaking off as Jason.
  4. Yeah the game is set in the 80's but the Jason X map won't.
  5. Jason X is not set in the 80's, it's the year 2455.
  6. I don't care if Jason spams grab. Why you call me PewDiePie? But thanks for the compliment.
  7. You must be a counselor main.
  8. That's an invasion of privacy.
  9. That is terrible, Jason will be open to a free hit and they will just beat the shit out of you, change it back.
  10. I am getting tired of useless Tommy's escaping and not staying to help the team.
  11. You can still kill them by tossing them through an open window in first floor.
  12. Also has better graphics.
  13. That's a horrible idea and would just piss everyone off.