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  1. Nah... This is my feedback and this is the feedback section.
  2. Just read about this feature and on the surface it seems like a fine idea however it's going to wind up punishing the wrong people, often you come up against a Jason who is teaming, my way of dealing with it is just flat out quitting and finding another game. I hate people quitting during kills when I'm jason but I'd much rather just be awarded the kill from someone who quits similar to DBD because the way this "Salt Mines" system is set up is to encourage cheating and the people who decide to leave these situations will be punished. This could tarnish this game for me as I don't want to be forced to see out matches with cheats and then end up playing with people that disconnect all the time.
  3. In what film does Tommy come back only to escape in a car, when do all the councilors manage to escape or when has it been revealed Jason has the ability to "teleport" or "Shift" as well as his one weakness being pocket knives? It's a bit of fun besides it's not one of the films, it's a game and the more variation the fresher the game will be but I will say Shelly liked to wear masks in Part 3, Tommy Jarvis had a thing for making masks and Ted wears a halloween outfit to scare the Councillors in Part 2 . I feel like every thread on this forum descends into discussions about it being "broken" or people explaining why they no longer play. Runs relatively smoothly for me with the odd glitch here and there.
  4. Yes but there Yes but the Clothing pack is released just before, logical sense would make it Halloween themed.
  5. I see there's a new clothing pack released before Halloween, I'm hoping it's halloween outfits if not, they should be!
  6. Wouldn't be shocked seeing as EU users aren't going to have the available textures or emotes on their system.
  7. I live in Europe, I don't remember being delay for the last few patches though.
  8. Jason is supposed to be unstoppable, the fact you seem to think every hit should stun him is laughable however chances of stunning him also come down to the character you're using. Perhaps come up with a better strategy to surviving because trying to go toe to toe is rarely a good idea.
  9. A couple of dollars for a luxury item isn't asking for much. Swimsuits aren't an integral part of the game.
  10. Does anyone know if they will continue to support this game with DLC once everything from the road map has been released?
  11. Yes but that is extremely rare, there is no doubt smaller maps are an advantage to the Councillors. The devs made it out like they would be more challenging to survive but that is simply not the case.
  12. I completely agree, there's been times where people have a car started by the time I have all of my abilities available.
  13. Yeah seems a little ridiculous, at this point you could probably find them all on YouTube anyway. I was convinced they were a myth until yesterday haha.
  14. I'm not sure if this would be considered a glitch but it was pretty unusual, forgive the goofy laugh but this tickled me somewhat.
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