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  1. Keep the thread on track it's not about language barriers it's about the perks changes and the biggest thing no one's picked up on yet is the fact it says roll perks for 5CP so are they making it simpler in that terms aswell? So only 1% of points earned as cp instead of 10%?
  2. Stop slashing and grab then considering there's only 3 knives you really shouldn't be moaning anything anymore and spays were downed from 10 to 8 too, since people are dying easier it's easier to grab the sprays from their corpses so you'll see a lot more last survivors with more sprays unfortunately
  3. They're making the man at arms less to make killing Jason harder they reduced sharp weapons on the map already to make knocking his mask off harder so they don't want those weapons lasting longer to kill him easier
  4. So with the inclusion of a new unreal engine update and the team needing to test everything again from original content, to stuff in development. It seems that's pushing back any other new content (Jason X and Grendel more than likely) till atleast after April now the outlets are saying. Suppose on the plus side it's supposedly making dedicated servers for consoles a reality.
  5. No quite a few Hellraiser, critters, leprechaun, Dracula, zombies even Freddy was slated for a futuristic outing at one point I like Jason X just for clarification
  6. Nearly every horror movie franchise ends up in space at some point, it's where they go to die
  7. I thought we'd get the trailer park and the diner in Pinehurst but we didn't
  8. Ok after a few days there's 3 things that seem to be massively prevailent in the game at the moment Jason helping, Jason combat standing and people killing themselves a lotto come back
  9. Can we close this thread it's nothing to do with what it was anymore and just keeps popping up the top now
  10. A Chucky game where two of you are chosen to be Chucky and Tiffany and your the one that can hide in cupboards under beds etc and set up traps in warehouses, apartment buildings, police stations you can be killed pretty easy but it's more of a stealth game for the killers this time, instead of grab kills you get leap on their back kills
  11. I know just wanted to state a lot of Jason helping is happening again in ignorance of the original post lol
  12. No you probably had someone in the game helping Jason it's happening a lot again lately
  13. Doors not walls, last patch I could stand back from a door and hit him with a bat or axe now if you miss Jason or time it wrong to a Jason combat stance a door you get hit instead, that never happened to me before this patch
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