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  1. @GunMedia_Ben Jason isn't getting versitile/environmental XP. Counselors getting stuck in the boat at the dock, then the boat couldn't be flipped in the water. Pocket knife not registering, when hit with firecrackers with counselor in a grab, Jason doesn't drop them and can kill them right after the stun animation.
  2. We have a group of friends that does this every Friday night. I can't wait for this one! Steam name: Ash
  3. I found my 7th one last night. 6/7 of my tapes have been found on Higgins map. either at the lodge, or the NE and NW top houses. All 7 I have found in the last 4 weeks, zero before that.
  4. One handed choke is ( from the beginning of the game) one of my favorite kills, it truly shows Jasons strength but it has turned into a quick spam kill, I use it sometimes, but I don't spam it I use it more for areas where there isn't any room to do anything else. I use eye gouge for my quick kill when they gang-bang the car. people are starting to hate eye gouge now also.
  5. I don't see how people are limping after one trap? I tank traps all the time, on jenny, vanessa and chad without any thick skin on and never get critically injured, yes I take damage but never critically injured after one trap.
  6. I just played as part 3 and it still took 6 hits to break down a fortified door.
  7. If they don't leave the house by the time I'm done trapping and breaking doors, They die, otherwise I don't chase them.
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