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  1. Hello, I am voodoo. I'm French. I would like to offer you free help for the French translation of F13. Thoses presently in the game are partly incorrect or completely false. (Missing words or phrases do not mean anything) I'm already translating another game via a Google Sheet form. I don't know if you use the same operation ?!? So voilà. If you want, I have free time.
  2. Hello, Would it be possible for you in the upcoming updates to set up support for AZERTY keyboards? It's actually rather disturbing to have to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY.... I dont know if the question has already been asked. I have not found any topic on the forum...
  3. FR: Je serais ravi de vous aider à la traduction du jeu en français. qui pour le moment est plutôt incorrecte malheureusement. :/ EN: I'd be happy to help you with the translation of the game in French. Now is globally a wrong translation. :/
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