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  1. I happened to run into someone as jason who Alt-F4 to spite me so i wouldn't get a perfect. Currently level 17. Also, some people who "leave" may not actually be doing so of their own volition. Perhaps a middle ground is best where the player is given some time to reconnect and if that time expires, then they are removed and someone can backfill (...especially Jason. I play on the PC and I'm unsure why if a Jason leaves, the game ends.) This would be fair to those whose game crashes or have a legit disconnect and would allow Jason players to dispose of the people trying to prevent them from securing a kill. I'm not sure on how technically difficult this would be to implement or if i'm missing potential downside. As for people committing suicide to spite Jason, i just ran into that yesterday. Some kid wanted me to join him constantly jumping through a window to kill ourselves to spite a savini jason player. Not sure why it being savini mattered. Also not sure there is an easy solution to solving this one as both sides have some good points. = /
  2. As long as someone can get smacked with the guitar, I'm game.
  3. Yeah, this would be a nice feature. I think something like this was in TF2, where you could check boxes on achievements to track them in game. They would be transparent in the top left corner of the screen so it isn't obtrusive. Otherwise you have no idea what you've played. That means if you want to be an achievement hunter, you would (at some point) have to systematically do it all and likely keep track of what you've done outside of the game in a spreadsheet or on paper, which you should never have to do. For those who don't want that, as shown above, just don't select any of them and they won't show up on your screen.
  4. Hello!

    Backer finally getting around to playing the game. Hoping to utilize the forums to figure the game out more quickly as the game doesn't seem to supply contextual information when playing.