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  1. So in other words there is no way to tell unless I catch one using like unlimited shift or unreleased kills which did happen recently.
  2. Need a definitive answer is this a sign of a "FAKE" or illegally obtained Savini. I've heard conflicting answers. I caught one and don't want to make a false report to JKB.
  3. Nothing I'm aware of. Not that it makes any difference as far as this game goes.
  4. Which bed glitch? The one where they are standing beside it or the ones where they are glitched into a wall? If they are glitched into a wall just hit the prompt on the bed to kill them.The other one don't know of a counter to that.
  5. It happened to me as well on 2 accounts got compensated with CP but had to re roll all perks. Unfortunately the ones you had are gone for good. The problem is now,rolling perks is a pain in the butt due to it getting stuck in a saving data loop and you have to exit the game.They need to fix that also.
  6. Just depends how much backwards compatible PS5 is going to be.
  7. I know on Pack small if the power box is at the barn near the police exit at least 75% it's on one of the cabins near there. Or it seems that often.
  8. Part 4 is total garbage on just about any map except Pinehurst maybe Jarvis.Even if the boat gets going it's far enough away to the exits that unless you just used your morph you can see which exit they are heading to and morph near the exit and camp it. Just my personal opinion.I can do OK with 4 if I have to but he just kinda sucks. 3 traps poor, shift recharge on abilities seems longer.Against a good experienced team who pushes objectives it's not gonna be a fun match.
  9. Trap sensitivity is a issue as far as trapping the shack they need to be a tad more sensitive IMO but I do trap it best to the way Tommy 86 shows in his trapping video it only takes 2-3 seconds. Sometimes I'm a tad off and they squeak by. Trump is correct ,you are assuming you get the Tommy box 1st morph every time and that is impossible especially on Jarvis. If you can, you need to make a new tutorial video. Trapping the shack did make a difference in my case just recently so it's not useless.
  10. Isn't PS5 backwards compatible to PS4? Don't keep up on consoles too much.
  11. Yep the guy who was threatening me with removing my perks recently had zero worries about getting banned as he claimed he could get the game free and he'll just create another account and be back if he's not back already.There are 2 more hackers now who are basically crashing the the game as soon as a match gets started.Both police symbols appear at the exits and sirens are going off and my character was like all herky jerky and had to exit the match.It's pointless to record this because you can't tell who did it exactly, there were 2 hackers in the lobby one of which was friends of the one threatening me.
  12. Teaming is unfortunately hard to prove and it did use to be against the code of conduct originally but since got removed .There were/are probably as many false reports as genuine ones of this so what are the devs to do? They don't have time to view every single piece of evidence to determine if it's a legit claim that time is better spent on banning true hackers the real problem on PC right now.
  13. PK cloning is just going to cause Jason players to start slashing everyone to avoid it cause you don't know who may use it against you and you know how people get all bent if you only slash. It's a cause and effect type of thing. Once you get a reputation of being a slasher everyone leaves the lobby if you become Jason. A catch 22 scenario.
  14. What worries me is if this can be done by a actual live player but hasn't been discovered yet. That would be a nightmare if it could be possible to do this in a actual lobby match but I'm sure it would have been discovered by now I would think,everyone would be using it.
  15. The fact remains that these exploits/cheats/techs what ever you decide to call them are not going away but maybe 1 or 2 of them by the next patch. Hopefully sliding and the pocket knife are the 2 that do fingers crossed. The rest it'll be slow going if any at all get fixed. Too much recoding involved to do all at once and I don't see many more patches coming unfortunately. With no penalties for using them, they are going to get used like it or not. Debating whether it is "moral" to use them is kind of a mute point. Will it cause the casual player base who don't want to take time to learn the counters or learn to do them to quit playing? I'm sure to a degree it will.
  16. Well since the PK exploit has become more prevalent, if just 1 person uses it on me I will proceed to slash them and the rest of the lobby to death and I don't care how much flack I get from for slashing.
  17. Abduction does happen unintentionally at least on PC.I can attest to this.I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed a person and as soon as I hit one of the kill buttons it will rubber band me and the counselor usually to the area I was just at previously. I get called out every so often because of the frequency of it happening but I'm NOT trying to do it. They died regardless unless they had a PK.
  18. It works if you scratch and claw at them.I sent you my videos in a PM and still some of those are still playing the game.The last video in my PM was the one that was threatening me and his "friend" that was flying through the air as of yet hasn't been banned.Maybe I should re submit all the ones that haven't been banned yet even though they are older.I still maintain that some of my videos sat on my channel for weeks or months with zero views after submitting to JKB and yes I received email conformations after every single one that they got my report. ALL tickets as I said need to be looked at closely just as you can see according to Matt it got attached to another ticket.I can't explain that as I'm pretty careful when using JKB.
  19. I thought I created a new ticket when I submitted but maybe I didn't but all tickets should be looked at with a fine tooth comb. Where should I put their steam url's in the video description or in the provided box on the JKB website or both? Wanna make sure there is no confusion in further reports. Did the 2nd person in the video receive a ban as well? They were both hacking. Thanks for the help. If possible could JKB leave a short comment on the video so I know they viewed it?
  20. The average pub player shouldn't have to that is the point.I know how to counter most of them but I shouldn't have to know that. Part of the reason why this game is dying. It's pretty bad when I have to waste a trap on Higgins Haven Small where they get up on the rock behind main house.
  21. Update: Kudos to JKB. 1 of the 2 in my video received a ban and it was the one threatening me also. I just check their profile and he is now banned but he'll just be back as soon as he creates a new Steam account he claims he gets the game free he should be HWID banned.
  22. Should I resend my evidence? I only have 2 of the 4 on video will try and catch the other 2. So far I haven't lost any perks or CP.
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