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  1. That would be a very risky venture even if what you said is true.It's all about the Benjamins and if they found out they'd surely want their cut and you would end up on the losing end I'm afraid. You may have took that risk but Gun wasn't going to.
  2. Yeah I has 2 roof glitchers the other day and they kept saying over their mic "Hey Jason look up here" Paid them no attention and just kept going after others just waiting for rage to kick in.Surprisingly enough they came down which was kinda weird but they ended up leaving the match.LOL
  3. I could never get it to work either,must be a sweet spot you have to hit.
  4. I'm leaning on HuDawg's side on this discussion. Original grab was much faster (recovery wise) it was just missing the current lunge animation as he explained and it is much too narrow now. Force field windows= counselor buff,the old original way windows worked was fine. Trap stacking taken away=counselor buff.Instant swing out of block taken away=counselor buff.Meat shielding removed =buff.Counselors can still free stun after almost every animation Jason gets locked into before rage. Counselors should have never been able to hit Jason through doors.Sweater girl doesn't need to be in plain sight of Jason for the sweater to work= Jason nerf. All I can think of but there are probably more that weren't mentioned in previous replies.
  5. Vanessa needs to be nerfed if anything like give her 1 repair, at 2 she can still fix stuff as long as Jason isn't around.And maybe reduce her stam to 8. IMO. With certain perks like legendary marathon and restful she can run seemingly forever.
  6. Did some detective work,People are using DLC unlockers to obtain him now. Steamcrack and Green Luma but the latter I've heard can be detected.
  7. I would be ok with only Tommy being able to stun post rage with a big IF. And that his he can no longer spawn with a pocket knife. Just my opinion.
  8. The winmm.dll file. If you put this in your game files to unlock Savini,it won't allow your game to run. It's been patched. I still see people having Savini though.I mean low level people.Apparently they found another way to get him.
  9. There is a "teleport" exploit involving counselor traps.It's kinda hard to explain it.But if you go to set a trap you get out of the prompt just before it completes and it takes pretty precise timing but the prompt remains on your screen all over the map and if you hit the prompt it will teleport you back towards the original prompt .
  10. I'm PC only usually can find lobbies fairly quick.Very Toxic player base in my opinion and the EU servers are full of exploiters and cheaters and there are some on NA servers as well.Just my experience of course. A Lot of players are blaming the new rage buff for the low player base and it will eventually kill it on Steam.I think they are just mad because you can't go and endlessly stun Jason for the entire 20 minutes and teabag/dance.
  11. According to Slash and Cast,the game is still selling very well on the Xbox.Enough to keep the servers going for a while. I don't know where people get this idea that Gun and Sean are somehow in cahoots just to keep us from getting new stuff in the game I see this "conspiracy" theory on every discussion board. Oh the devs are just lazy and they could add stuff if they really wanted to. God I get tired of reading that drivel.
  12. There are button mashing techniques as fast as turbo controllers so there is no way to prove that was the case.Go look on YouTube and search button mashing. I know how to do one of the methods and I get accused a lot of using either a macro or a turbo controller but I'm not.
  13. I have a question,if they can't add anything to the game,how could they have added new text about the rage and added a flashing Jason mask on the mini map when he gets rage. Doesn't that fall under "new" content?
  14. I already said if the police are on the way it's slash city unless the counselor is no where near the police and they are a slow character.
  15. You don't see him on PC/Steam because the devs patched the hack to get him in the game,Only legit backers have him on PC until the Russian hackers figure out a way to get him back,which probably won't be long.
  16. Would it make any difference if they made it so he can't be unmasked UNTIL he enters rage? Opinions? It's just a thought I had.
  17. Depends on the situation you are talking about. It's situational to me.If there is some one near enough to knock you free, groups which is pretty obvious,Tommy get's slashed regardless of situation since he spawns with a knife. Also if the police are on the way I usually slash everyone due to pocket knives allowing you to get stamina back and possibly get away. It's mostly due to they don't want a pocket knife to the neck if I'm guessing.If some one has trolled me and tea bagged me a few times you get slashed because you probably have a knife.
  18. Hmm didn't have any of that for months after first launch. but still played the game didn't you?.The player count was 300 or below on Steam before the rage patch.Only after they permanently lowered the price to 20$ did the numbers go up for a time but then back to around 500 just before the patch.
  19. Umm it kind of almost was that day 1.He wasn't completely unbeatable BUT it took the original devs 70+ tries to accomplish the feat and they knew the game better than anyone here period. Almost every patch since day 1 it seemed Jason got a little or big nerf.To messing with the windows,messing with the grab,messing with combat stance,the list goes on to the point it is now. My opinion of course. Now one very experienced Tommy and a total new player can pull off a kill.Slash and Cast have done it.
  20. We are NOT against killing Jason.We just want it to be very difficult to pull off.It took the original devs over 70 tries to do it and they knew the game better than anyone. With the right players it can happen EVERY match now.Even against the best Jason players.
  21. I think they found a way to get Savini back in the game too. I saw a level 2 the other day could have been family share but I kind of doubt it.
  22. A kill squad can still control who is Tommy regardless.One person sets up one trap the other steps in it. It goes as a murder not suicide.
  23. Wedge shift as mentioned does work quite well most of the time.It's not impossible to survive /escape post rage alone.I just did it last night with Deborah.Police were called I have a legendary heavy sleeper perk hid in a tent near the road to the exits.One Bugsy was left with me Jason killed him with like a minute left before the cops arrived.I also had a pocket knife. Waited till about 20 seconds left .Got out of the tent waited for the cop icon and got clean away.
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