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  1. I really like BlkHawk's suggestions especially the trap part of it. They definitely need to be either wider as he suggested or need to be made more sensitive since we can't trap stack anymore. I had 3 traps guarding the entrance to the shack and thought I had them spaced so no way they could get in without setting at least one off and they managed to get past all 3 to get the sweater. I was like NO WAY but I saw it happen.
  2. TimDuke 01

    The last death blow

    The patch is ok . I'd rather have had instant block fixed in combat stance and combat stance in general needed work and still does. I'd been happy with knowing where the Tommy radio house is as Jason . That alone would curb the kill squads to a degree even though they'd tank all the traps you'd set at the power box. I'd been happy with bringing back meat shielding also. I do like there are no more free stuns after raging through doors or walls that needs to stay if they decide to tame this buff down any. I do like that you can't come back as Tommy if you suicide also.
  3. Yes the window method is fixed but the trap method is not.No problem for me as I can get on there as Jason IF I have to.
  4. It is possible to kill Jason in rage now.The recent patch fixed it. I just watched a YouTube video of it being done. They did take the shotgun element out of the process though. It's the normal way to kill him.
  5. I also have noticed people getting objectives done instead of ganging up to beat up Jason.I never did participate in any of that.I had a match post patch that I knocked out the Tommy box first morph and trapped it.Trapped everything else.Sneaky bastards actually used their pocket knives on the traps at both cars and had both going while I was chasing and killing another player.I use a -shift Jason and they were good drivers and 3 people escaped. Pre patch you'd hardly see anyone use their pocket knives to disarm traps,they'd just tank them knowing they could just beat up Jason when he came to check.
  6. Really? I main Deborah.Post patch first match pocket knifed the trap on the phone,repaired it,call the police,escaped didn't hit Jason one time.
  7. TimDuke 01

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    So I've heard they took the shotgun completely out of the equation to kill Jason in rage with the new quick fix and it's back to the normal way is this true?
  8. TimDuke 01

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Not really what was intended when the game first came out.You were really only to fight if absolutely necessary.You were only to survive/escape at best 20% of the time if memory serves. I escaped via the police post patch didn't hit Jason once.
  9. Devs or Mods move this if needed but just letting you know people are still able to glitch behind the fence in the graveyard which I thought was patched. I have no screen shot or video evidence.
  10. But killing him isn't necessary to end the game so why attempt it? I just had a match and I was Jason. I knock out the Tommy box first off and trapped it. They played smart used their pocket knives on the traps at the car so I was unaware they had both ready and going while I was busy killing someone and I'm no slouch Jason. I was being a bit careless not checking my map often enough and I main Part 2 so stopping both cars didn't happen and they were top notch drivers too. I was no where near rage either.
  11. Is it that important to be able to kill Jason all of a sudden? There are 3 objectives that can be done before Jason even gets Shift let alone rage so there is no need to kill him if you have a good team. I'll agree that making him unstunnable except for certain things once he gets rage is maybe a bit OP. I think an overall stun resistance increase across the board and immunity after animations would have sufficed.I do like the fact that you can't get stunned raging through walls/doors, if anything that needs to stay if they revert this to any extent due to all the complaining so far. Something had to be done with piñata Jason. apparently this wasn't it judging by all the protesting.
  12. I think they quick patched the original patch because The first one was 2.9 gig and about 30-40 minutes later It started downloading another 4.7 gig one I haven't tested anything since the second one.
  13. It is for Steam. You need to shutdown your steam totally and restart it as least it worked that way for me.
  14. Somebody pointed out on Steam that this will work to a teamers advantage.They'll just hit their Jason buddy to get him in rage quicker and make it easier for said Jason. I personally don't encounter teamers very often but they do make a point here.
  15. TimDuke 01

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    I'm glad there'll be no more free stuns after raging through a wall or door. That never did make sense anyway.
  16. TimDuke 01

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    Nah that's too small to be a patch.I'm guessing more like 6 gig or more.
  17. TimDuke 01

    Patch Notes - 1.29.19

    I'm seeing reports on Steam that the patch didn't do anything.Person claims Jason getting stunned even in rage. I 've read the roof glitch is still there also. I haven't seen a download yet here
  18. TimDuke 01

    Spawn Preference trouble.

    The "ticket" system I don't think works too well. Surely you'd have enough tickets to be Jason more often than you say.
  19. You/We aren't getting ANYTHING NEW until Horror Inc. and Victor Miller finally get their differences worked out and that could take 2-3 more years with the appeal.We are only getting bug fixes and balance tweaks until that happens.
  20. Apologies Kodiak I was trying to remain civil. The way I look at it, if I can do a simple search on Google or YouTube and find stuff it is public knowledge.It is very naïve to think the devs don't do the same to try and fix certain problems with the game especially a problem that this one is. That is why most glitches exposed on YouTube are intended for the devs to examine and try and fix.
  21. Then who gets to decide who knows these "tricks of the trade" is there like a secret society like a Mafia boss or something?
  22. I will offer somewhat of a apology to TrumpWon. I get what your saying that you don't want or are afraid the devs will patch the only means of leveling the playing field to get glitchers off the roof. However all they need to do is patch the counselors way up there.Then there would be no need to get rid of Jason's way up there as he wouldn't have any reason to go up there. It just bugs me that the "WE" whomever "WE" are get to know these little tricks while the rest of us remain clueless and forced to stand there as Jason watching someone dance on the roof for 20 minutes or quit the match knowing that they are laughing at us . Doesn't as Mr.Spock says the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the "WE"?
  23. Yes you can spot the tower on Higgins large and sometimes small .One of the Packanack opening scenes I recall seeing it on occasion and as mentioned on Crystal small you know which car is spawned by the shore. It has been suggested that Jarvis's radio should be known to Jason from the start.That maybe would be too much of a buff as well.
  24. Well I didn't blow the whistle on the one method (button combination). The method I use I learned from someone on Steam.I will continue to share my method in private to anyone wanting to know.TrumpWon can call me a narc or stool pigeon or whatever. I've been called worse. I don't know why he thinks these "tricks" should only be known by a certain "group". I suspect it's because he is guilty of using said tricks to troll others and doesn't want the devs to try and fix said tricks. If I come across a match with some teamers who want to waste time dancing on the roof with Jason,I'll just leave. CP and XP mean nothing to me anymore.
  25. Please explain why these "trade secrets" can only be known by a select number of people. I discovered the one method on YouTube. so it can't be too secret..