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  1. Last I heard it is in the appeal process and it could take 2-3 more years.Anyone else heard or read anything?
  2. I know for a fact that when the fuse spawned in the phone house( glad that is gone) I heard someone mess up putting in the fuse by the time I had grabbed the 2 throwing knives and pulled up the morph map. That's like what 15- 20 seconds at the most? If they had not messed up and had a My dad's a cop perk that match would have been essentially over in less than 5 minutes.
  3. At least double that it almost takes that long to get into block with how clunky combat stance is.LOL That video is 2 years old not that the rage buff would have made much difference.
  4. You can't do anything until the rights dispute is over and done with and that could be 2-3 more years.Then you'd have to contact whomever ends up owning the rights.
  5. Guilty as charged on one or 2 of the things, now ask me if I care.LOL I have one or 2 to add that I'm guilty of. 1 Spent/spends hours playing against the bots to figure out the Tommy radio house spawn patterns and trapping that power box. 2 Double trapping the entrance to the shack. I main 5 or 2 after weapon swap.LOL To be fair right now 95% or more of environmental kills glitch out so you can't use those and even some of the normal grab kills are glitching too.
  6. Already was decided over a year ago. You are only getting bug fix attempts, balance changes if needed, general maintenance. Why do people keep holding on to that little sliver of hope that when the dispute is finally over the flood gates are going to open and we will get all that content. I keep seeing people saying the dispute is nearly over,I'd like to see some kind of legit source.Last I knew it could be minimal 2-3 years.
  7. Just tried as counselor. I couldn't get up there must have been a old video recently uploaded.
  8. Just tried that method against the bots.I couldn't get it to work.
  9. Small Crystal, that rock was patched before but maybe it's not now which wouldn't surprise me.You use to be able to do a trick shift and get on that rock.
  10. Saw a video of possibly a new exploit just as bad as the roof .It was on one of the Packanacks of course.They got outside the normal play area in the 4 seater somewhere near the upper North east corner.I'll try and dig up the link to the video.
  11. It's not over,and there is not going to be new content even if it was.Just bug fixes and balance changes,general maintenance.
  12. I met him once before but he was sitting and I'm easily 6'4 and over 300lbs so I really couldn't tell if he was "cheating" on his height or not.
  13. Alien Isolation. If we could get that good of AI on the bots I wouldn't need to play online..LOL
  14. I'm assuming it will go peer to peer connections once the servers are gone.It's not great but better than no online at all.Just have to deal with host rage quits end the match unless they can get some kind of host migration.
  15. Don't think I can go short on funds and it's only a 2 hour drive.Just letting anyone close by know and they could go give Sean a earfull.LOL
  16. Sometimes tricky one is killing AJ after you fry Mitch in the generator shack, getting up the stairs and opening the door even in stalk she will sometimes turn and see you, I go up at an angle
  17. https://www.steelcitycon.com/ this weekend!
  18. Skip the knives in shack, go directly to entrance of the shack and trap dead center as soon as the trap icon appears. Teleport to my best estimate of Tommy power depending on configuration knock it out do a quick check to see if I estimated correct if so trap it.Phone next only usually use 1 trap but place it so if it gets tripped I can get a 2nd one down.Blue car,then Yellow.By then Shift is available and start hunting. Go back to shack if I need 2 knives later.,
  19. Old discussion, actually most don't agree it's like 50/50 for and against from what Matt has been saying. It's not getting removed but they may do what The Rain suggested.
  20. Not to burst your bubble but I highly doubt anything can be done about this, it's built into the game.
  21. Make sure your direct x and Visual c+ are up to date.Also certain Anti Virus programs are causing launch problems,Mcafee is known to be one of them.
  22. Yep that's exactly what I remember it was up and gone within hours
  23. I've been playing the game since Early June of 17. You are correct the only way to play as the real deal Uber is if you had the winmm.dll file. and it didn't last very long. I do recall though very briefly they did accidentally have a build that had LAN and Lazarus and sandbox and that went away very quickly.
  24. If you read the comments following the post the guy "claims" he was one of the visual artist so a disgruntled former employee spilling the beans ?
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