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  1. You don't see him on PC/Steam because the devs patched the hack to get him in the game,Only legit backers have him on PC until the Russian hackers figure out a way to get him back,which probably won't be long.
  2. Would it make any difference if they made it so he can't be unmasked UNTIL he enters rage? Opinions? It's just a thought I had.
  3. Depends on the situation you are talking about. It's situational to me.If there is some one near enough to knock you free, groups which is pretty obvious,Tommy get's slashed regardless of situation since he spawns with a knife. Also if the police are on the way I usually slash everyone due to pocket knives allowing you to get stamina back and possibly get away. It's mostly due to they don't want a pocket knife to the neck if I'm guessing.If some one has trolled me and tea bagged me a few times you get slashed because you probably have a knife.
  4. Hmm didn't have any of that for months after first launch. but still played the game didn't you?.The player count was 300 or below on Steam before the rage patch.Only after they permanently lowered the price to 20$ did the numbers go up for a time but then back to around 500 just before the patch.
  5. Umm it kind of almost was that day 1.He wasn't completely unbeatable BUT it took the original devs 70+ tries to accomplish the feat and they knew the game better than anyone here period. Almost every patch since day 1 it seemed Jason got a little or big nerf.To messing with the windows,messing with the grab,messing with combat stance,the list goes on to the point it is now. My opinion of course. Now one very experienced Tommy and a total new player can pull off a kill.Slash and Cast have done it.
  6. We are NOT against killing Jason.We just want it to be very difficult to pull off.It took the original devs over 70 tries to do it and they knew the game better than anyone. With the right players it can happen EVERY match now.Even against the best Jason players.
  7. I think they found a way to get Savini back in the game too. I saw a level 2 the other day could have been family share but I kind of doubt it.
  8. A kill squad can still control who is Tommy regardless.One person sets up one trap the other steps in it. It goes as a murder not suicide.
  9. Wedge shift as mentioned does work quite well most of the time.It's not impossible to survive /escape post rage alone.I just did it last night with Deborah.Police were called I have a legendary heavy sleeper perk hid in a tent near the road to the exits.One Bugsy was left with me Jason killed him with like a minute left before the cops arrived.I also had a pocket knife. Waited till about 20 seconds left .Got out of the tent waited for the cop icon and got clean away.
  10. I still think Jason should know where the radio house is on his map.He knows where everything else is but not that which really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.That would have been as much of a buff as the rage buff almost.It wouldn't make him OP either he only has X amount of traps and a kill squad could still just tank all traps that he would set at the power box just like counselors tank traps at anything else. Yeah he could camp the power box but that leaves all the other objectives wide open. I have most of the radio spawns down except Pinehurst and Jarvis but it would have saved me the time trying to memorize the spawning patterns and watching the intro videos closely. I think giving him the ability to know where the radio house is would at least give him the opportunity to thin the heard. Would this be considered new content as they would have to add an icon on the map?
  11. I didn't think it was possible to shift or morph out of the sweater stun.I thought that was patched.Apparently not which is in my opinion a good thing.Or does it ake perfect timing to pull of?
  12. That speed increase he got to me(maybe just me lol) seems to have gone away. Even a AJ can out jog a running Jason for a while.I agree the recovery animation needs to be faster on a missed grab,and a faster cooldown on throwing knives and picking up throwing knives.
  13. I about fell out of my computer chair when I read this.You've got to be kidding right? I've seen a experienced Tommy and a level 2 player kill Jason before and the Tommy player was explaining how to do it through chat.
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