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  1. Well I didn't blow the whistle on the one method (button combination). The method I use I learned from someone on Steam.I will continue to share my method in private to anyone wanting to know.TrumpWon can call me a narc or stool pigeon or whatever. I've been called worse. I don't know why he thinks these "tricks" should only be known by a certain "group". I suspect it's because he is guilty of using said tricks to troll others and doesn't want the devs to try and fix said tricks. If I come across a match with some teamers who want to waste time dancing on the roof with Jason,I'll just leave. CP and XP mean nothing to me anymore.
  2. Please explain why these "trade secrets" can only be known by a select number of people. I discovered the one method on YouTube. so it can't be too secret..
  3. Since it has been revealed that Jason can get up there I haven't seen one roof glitcher in the past few days.
  4. I believe they can still use the glitch despite the window being broken.They just get some damage from it being broken and most who do it are probably running thick skin and medic or hypochondriac and have a spray. Setting traps is useless they can just disarm them.
  5. At 20$ now that is really not much of a loss to trolls. They'll just keep creating new accounts every time they have a extra 20$ to spend and be right back at it again.
  6. TimDuke 01

    New Friday the 13th by Blumhouse?

    Until the Sean and Victor dispute is finally over,nothing is going to happen.
  7. I don't understand. Nobody would use it other than to get someone off the roof. It really serves no other purpose and is of really no advantage to Jason. The devs are probably aware of it by now regardless.If they patch it,I would assume they would patch the counselors way up there at the same time. I realize this is use at your own risk type of thing. And who are"WE"?
  8. The method I know is NOT a button combination like the one on PS4. It would require the devs to actually see it to go about fixing it. it's a sort of unintended game mechanic like the"sliding" exploit. It is a glitch of sorts that's all I'll say.
  9. If anyone wants to know how to get on the roof as Jason,I know how and as mentioned it is to no real advantage to Jason other than to avoid a kill squad but you can just as easily hide in the water. If you want me to teach you send me a private message as I don't think they want it published on here. There are 2 ways to do it on PS 4. I'm on PC /Steam but the method I know should work on Consoles as well. It's kind of complicated but once you learn it's easy.
  10. Upgrading my old GTX 770 want opinions on which is better. I know they are fairly equal cards as far as performance.
  11. TimDuke 01

    Jason is weak

    As mentioned this parody isn't too far from being the truth.
  12. Yes word to the wise if you find someone hiding in the main house of Higgins upstairs in the closet,DON'T GRAB!! Slash them to death. They are baiting you to use their pocket knife so the animation glitches them through the wall outside on the roof.I think there is a similar spot like this on Jarvis also, possibly other maps.
  13. It's situational.Tommy obviously gets slashed no matter what and I've had people whine by just slashing him. Groups=slash, Fight over objective like car or phone=slash. If police are called I usually slash too. Oh and if you trolled me and dance/teabagged over my stunned body =slash.
  14. This times 100.My recent submitted video of cheating has yet to be viewed on my YouTube channel in fact I don't think any of the ones I've submitted to JasonKillsBugs has been viewed either. I'm not buying the excuse on the recent one that it was 10 days before Xmas and they need time with their families,blah,blah. I only get Xmas eve and Xmas off work that's it .I work the other days before and after. I think I was the one that discovered JasonKillsBugs wasn't even working correctly, it was missing the submit icon to send it on its way. I even gave the YouTube link to 2 different moderators in private messages while the site was down. NOTHING was done and I explained the person did the exploit ON PURPOSE not by accident. The person as pApA described bragged in the lobby on their mic how they did it and that they have been reported numerous times but still are playing the game. Sorry for the Rant but from my experience so far, JasonKillsBugs is a total waste of time and very few people after the Dingus incident have been banned. I think even the guy who first hacked Uber is still playing the game.
  15. Ahh preventing escapes but you specifically said that they couldn't even get one objective completed that is totally different and I can't believe you can stop a good team from getting at least one objective done if escaping is their goal. The only time that could happen if they were strictly out to kill you and had no intentions of a plan b. That doesn't happen very often. Good kill squads usually have a plan b. I know people who main Chad's and Vanessa's and can get stuff repaired no problem.