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  1. Multiple killers? a DBD clone? No thanks. I don't believe anything till Gun makes an official statement.
  2. Yeah fortunately that wasn't a "REAL" Dodge Charger, it's a early 2000's Crown Victoria with reproduction sheet metal,it cab be fixed.
  3. To me the MOST indirect NERF Jason has suffered WAS that addition of the objective items being shown on the map after they have been touched by a counselor. I think that was as bad as any DIRECT nerf they did to Jason possibly worse. There is NO excuse for not completing any objective after that was introduced really. That gave counselors TOO much of an advantage IMO. Before if someone had the keys or fuse in the middle of the woods and didn't call out to others over the walkie when they were about to die, it was difficult to find them. You don't even need a walkie now even if you don't use Discord. Most players know where the possible phone box spawns are on every map by now.Just Like I know where the Tommy tower is 85% of the time.
  4. He can only hear a person on a walkie IF he is within a certain radius not all the time. Counselors can see those items on the map once they are found so why shouldn't Jason? Jason never seemed to get "tired" in any movie especially after part 5. Riddle me this Jason can see everything on his map including a small fuse box BUT cannot see a tall red and white tower? The whole game isn't built on logic and neither were the movies.
  5. Well as you all are probably aware by my profile pic that I have a replica my father and I restored and that is a friend who has a part 7 costume. I agree the 2005 and 2007 "reboots" or sequels what ever they were, were horrible. I have met all the living cast and some who have since passed and all have signed my car.
  6. I really don't see the point of closing this forum when a new one will open for the new game as soon as their new game releases and you know darn well there will still be topics about this game on that one in a off topic section .Sort of silly really. Maybe my logic is flawed. LOL
  7. Too little too late and I really never mentioned ANYTHING about bugs or hackers directly, I simply said the forums would stay open until there is news about the current PC lobby situation and other problems had some sort of solution which was absolutely correct. You are the one who read too much into it. That is one of your biggest problems and now it got you in trouble.
  8. Well you just did in your previous post you insulted me,and I DON"T accept you apology. Insulting another member of the forums should be a instant ban. I was 100% spot on about when the forums would end.
  9. Do you play on PC? If not, you don't have a clue.Any PC player can attest to the fact that the lobbies are littered with hackers.The lobbies themselves are hacked.🙄 They are on PC just go to You tube and see how many videos there are. I've got plenty on my channel alone. Ok gloves are off now. I will not tolerate being called names. You deserve to be banned for insulting me. From the person who comes up with all these conspiracy theories and other wild things you post on here? Really??? DING,DING,DING!!! Did I call that or didn't I? Not so delusional. Pot calling the kettle black.
  10. I speculate it won't close until the lobby situation on PC is either resolved or if they can't resolve it to let us know one way or another.That is a HUGE issue just to leave us PC players hanging.
  11. Update has been confirmed a person supplied video evidence on Facebook,due to forum rules I can't post the video here.
  12. Reports coming in on Facebook that hackers have cracked PS4 if they are host they have speed hacks, instant out of grabs with no PK, flying. I had a feeling it was only a matter of time.If I find confirmation, I will update or if someone on PS4 can confirm. Xbox will be next. I don't feel so bad being a PC player now. Modded lobbies on console will be next.
  13. There are no "servers" per say it's suppose to be peer to peer connections. The hackers are channeling all the incoming player traffic into a "server" instead of being connected to one another. At least that is how I understand it. My question is if the hackers a supplying these "servers",they must be paying for them and I understand servers aren't cheap or is it a "server" in name only? I'm not sure how it works exactly,maybe someone can explain it better.
  14. This maybe old news but I found a counter measure for those counselors who get up on the big rock formation by the graveyard Higgins Small when the graveyard is on the barn side. If you keep spamming swing at the same spot the counselors get up there it'll pop you up there so you can get those bastards. I kept trying everything against the bots in offline mode to find a way up there as Jason. UPDATE: found that it only works with certain weapons fire axe preferably, doesn't work with shears
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