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  1. As far as roof glitchers there are many tutorials on YouTube how to get Jason on the roof and the method works on all the maps.Unless you are one of those people who absolutely refuse to do a glitch to counter a glitch. Jason can get on just about any roof they can with 1or 2 exceptions.
  2. Yeah somebody on Steam forums said hit retry it worked for me,for how long who knows.
  3. Whatever you want to believe and it's YouTube dude if it violated anything YouTube would have removed it a long time ago it's not my video either. You explain how he gets from one spot to another that fast when you see him do nothing but walk the entire movie.
  4. I already came up with a good compromise. Not shown on main map,shown on mini map
  5. There is evidence of teleporting or shifting especially in part 8.
  6. Why is this a problem? Needs to stay just in case they don't get the counselors stopped from getting on roofs. If they stop that then there is no reason for Jason to go on roofs. He can't kill from up there unless he's got a ton of throwing knives.He can go hide in the water a lot easier to avoid a kill squad so you can't used that as an excuse.
  7. On the fence on this one it was one of the biggest indirect nerfs to Jason. How about a compromise? The items only show on your mini map not your main map.That way if you are in proximity you can still find it.
  8. They were modifying the PAK file to get unlimited shift,instant out of grab,instant repair.I haven't seen any of those in a while since they did patch the PAK method unless it has very recently returned.The wall hack program may still exist that video is 2 years old. I think wall hacks still are a thing though as I was playing was in stalk mode and the person called out to me from inside a cabin saying he knew I was outside and I had been in stalk way before I was near that cabin. I believe my relative used either Steam crack or a version of Green Luma to unlock DLC Savini and it got detected. They won't admit to it though.
  9. They do ban.I know from very recent experience from allowing family sharing. I got banned from allowing a relative access to my Steam.They apparently used something without my knowledge and Both our accounts were banned. I had to create a new Steam account and buy the game again and start from scratch and I was 150.
  10. It's my bad for not monitoring more closely what my stepson may have been using. I did send Matt a PM but no response yet. I just think it's strange the reason says due to family sharing not due to a cheating program.Just a bummer to have to grind all the way back up to 150 again.
  11. My stepson and I just received a permanent ban from the game on Steam. The reason it says due to family sharing.I didn't realize you weren't allowed to family share.Or was it because my stepson may have been using a cheat program that he's not telling me because I know I didn't do anything wrong.He did admit to me he was using a macro program to use the E prompt more quickly to recover from stuns and try and get out of Jason's grab.I had always read macros aren't detectable by EAC but maybe that has changed.Regardless I had to create a new account buy the game again and start over from scratch and told him if he wants to play to work for his own 20$ to buy it for himself as he is not family sharing my games anymore.
  12. They troll with parts by taking them on rooftops and dropping them also.
  13. I'll have to send it to you in a private message.Be warned he's totally off the wall toxic uses foul language and stuff but I just get a kick out of listening to him rant and rave for some reason.I'll have to go through his videos to find the best examples of it happening.
  14. No it's not that at all I mean they are just plain not working at point blank range, video doesn't lie. Hollow Hunter is the guys YouTube name. At least I'm pretty sure he's playing on PS4. I watched as he threw one at someone as they got up from jumping through a window just didn't register and I knew it should have hit.It happened more than once.
  15. Did I miss a thread on this?Did anyone hear any results?If there is a current thread please put a link.That way I can delete this, not wanting to double post
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