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  1. Within the last hour or so.I had 3 full bot matches no crashes and 2 full match online. No crash YET.
  2. Pretty harsh considering we don't know how extensive the damage is and they maybe still attacking the servers and it did work on the 4th for around 12 hours or so. So they are working on the problem. I usually agree on most everything you post but not in this case, Do what you want you still can re download it once they get it fixed if it's hogging up needed space.
  3. NO, and I wouldn't mention it again.This thread will get shut down or removed. Kodiak has little tolerance on that subject due to past topics relating to that.
  4. Start Steam in offline mode and launch the game.Play the bots in offline mode.You can only play Roy or part 3 unfortunately and only 2 grab kills are available.
  5. Multiple claims of it being PO'd hacker or hackers be they Russian or otherwise. 1st post I've read about Gun intentionally doing this just to get out of supporting the game anymore.I tend not to believe that. It would help their cause though if they would just tell us something whether the hacker story is true or not. I mean anyone can be hacked.
  6. Does NOBODY have any patience anymore? All you armchair Game coders/developers who think it's so easy go apply at Gun media and help them out instead of complaining.
  7. Unfortunately true just tried 2 matches VS the bots crashed both times.Hackers must be back already.
  8. Seems ok On PC.Played last night and this morning only one fatal error but I think it was due to Steam no connection.
  9. The problem is many of the "cheats" are glitch spots due to flaws in the game i.e. Rock formation behind main house Higgins small.Counselors can still get up there and Jason can't but the devs made it clear that exploits due to game flaws are not considered a "bannable" offense so until the devs change their stance on that there is nothing you can do. As far as the Jason "tech" exploits whatever you choose to call it are probably not going away either, that I assume would take massive recoding of the game and that is not likely going to happen.
  10. I just hope they got hardware ID banned which means they'll have to spend some serious cash on new components in order to play again plus having to buy the game again. They probably won't learn their lesson though. they'll probably be back with a vengeance.
  11. Every one I've reported I've had 100% video evidence of them so there is no doubt. I found a fix by the way on PC!! You have to totally uninstall everything including Easy Anti cheat and re install and I've made it through 2 matches no crashes so far one offline and one online.
  12. Well I found a possible work around on PC. Someone said they totally uninstalled and re installed the game and so far no issues.If the hackers in question got hardware ID banned( which I hope they did) they won't be back soon unless they got the cash to replace every component in their tower case.
  13. Well I just tested again few minutes ago on PC after I had to reset everything a 2nd time.I made it through an entire match against the bots BUT it crashed again shortly after in the main menu.It's better than last night but not 100% fixed yet. Is the one hacker using Matts name as one of his aliases? I think he's the one who removed my CP and perks(which I still haven't got back).I recorded and reported him also so he hacked me.
  14. Nope still getting fatal crashes on PC just tested. I thought maybe since I had to reset everything video settings and all the grab kills it was fixed but crashed as soon as I killed a bot and tried 2 times on bots both crashed.
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