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  1. As long as no links to videos or explanations on exactly how to perform these "tricks" are posted, I'm not sure how the moderators feel on these type of topics. Remember the old debate over whether using combat stance to break down doors just a tad faster was a exploit or not? It still exist in the game and most all Jason players still use it and nobody complains about it but it is basically the same principle, using a built in game mechanic to get a slight advantage. It would probably require an entire re-haul of the game to eliminate all these mechanics and that is NOT going to happen.
  2. Private message me on how. I asked Guru to make a guide for Keyboard and mouse he said most of the tech can't be done with keyboard and mouse. I know how to ghost with K/M.
  3. Update!The bulldozer on Pinehurst exploit was fixed in the patch.You can no longer get up on the bucket of the bulldozer. I just tested it. I couldn't get the known method to work so more good news from this patch.
  4. On PC you need a controller, I'm not sure it can be done with Keyboard and mouse. Game Playing Guru on You Tube has an ultimate Jason guide teaching you how to do all the "Jason tech" that you can do with a game controller. I won't post the link to it because it maybe against forum rules. Do a search on You Tube. As far as it being a exploit, that is in the eye of the beholder. It is taking advantage of the built in game mechanics. Cheating? not sure on that Grey area.The "sliding"/teleport thing that counselors do is done by a similar method and most everyone agrees that is cheating.
  5. The "Sliding" exploit has been around forever it seems. There is even a YouTube video that teaches you how to do it. All the devs have to do to see it is do a search on YouTube. I won't post the video but it is easily found. The counter to someone doing this is a bit tedious as you need as many throwing knives as possible. It's better if you are good at quick tossing them. You throw just as they are about to swing or just as they re-appear until you get them limping then they can't do the glitch.
  6. Someone on Facebook says they were just in a public match and Jason had rage at the start of the match or he is not stunnable at the start. I'll try and get more info.Has anyone else experienced this since the patch?
  7. A backer with a bit of common sense in my opinion. I totally agree with Eye66, at this stage in the games life span. After that slip up that happened where he was available to everyone made him non exclusive anyway in my opinion. I know it's never going to happen but.....
  8. They haven't harassed me on here but they have named and shamed me on here along with a couple others and were warned about it by Kodiak.
  9. It's just strange that they know I've changed my screen name even though I've cleared previous screen names and my avatar picture when I happen to enter a lobby they are in. I don't know how they are knowing that when my profile is private.
  10. You slightly are misunderstanding it' is not to the point they are joining my lobbies on purpose( at least I don't think so) It's just with the player base decreasing again on Steam I encounter this person in lobbies more often.
  11. If I get to be Jason they leave the match at the start, that's not a big deal but if we are both counselors they will go out of their way to either hoard parts( they kept hold of a gas can so I couldn't fix the boat) or I highly suspect they have told Jason where I am at. They aren't here in the United States either but they do show up in US servers. It's just annoying.The problem is I have younger relatives that use the same account when they are in town visiting and this person just assumes it is me playing and is ruining their gaming experience. I don't have a lot of faith in Jason kills bugs either. I don't think anyone I have ever reported with evidence has ever gotten banned so in my opinion it is a waste of time.
  12. I need some suggestions on dealing with someone who somehow knows when I enter a Friday the 13th lobby despite me constantly changing my avatar picture and screen name and clearing all previous aliases and all my account settings are on private.They even can tell it's me if I create a totally new Steam account with a totally different email and use family share. I don't know how they are doing this but it is very creepy that someone can track you so easily. I've already reported this issue to Steam but should I report to Jasonkillsbugs also?. This person has a personal grudge against me simply because they don't like the way I play the game.This person is also a poster on this discussion board.
  13. Tommy would basically be of no use other than to get the killing blow if you had a unlockable character that has the same stats from the beginning of the match. Everyone who is 150 would obviously select this character.7 Vanessa's are bad enough, I couldn't imagine an entire lobby full of 10/10 stat characters with legendary perks and make that character a female would be worse due to wearing the sweater.
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