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  1. Even Game Playing Guru has been killed and he is one of the best Jason players out there.
  2. I'm 6'4" and 310 lbs and a guy who use to work with me called me Jason all the time.LOL
  3. You can't suicide to become Tommy anymore. A kill squad can still control who is though by setting up counselor traps for each other it counts as murder not suicide if you step in another persons trap.
  4. It is very similar but as I said if you had the fence pole or Savini's weapon I think you could jab them in combat stance. Perhaps another weapon would work but not the pig splitter.
  5. I was wondering why in the heck would someone go there so apparently they have used this spot before and knew it would cause a Jason player a headache.
  6. I was Jason on Higgins large and my shack didn't spawn on the island this particular match so on the island it puts a real small shack barely enough room for Jason and a counselor to be inside hence the exploit. I saw a Tiffany swim to the island and go into that small shack.I figured no problem easy kill.Boy was I wrong.Maybe if I had a different weapon like Part 6 pole but I had the pig splitter.They can crouch in the corner and you cant hit them in regular or combat stance.I even tried going out side and make my weapon glitch through the wall to get her cause you can do that in other places. NOPE. You can grab in there BUT you can't get them out of that shack and even choke won't light up so grabbing is pointless. So I had to go collect a ton of knives as that was the only way I could manage to kill her. The devs need to fix this spot. So beware everyone of that exploit.
  7. For very little or no budget and all practical effects it really wasn't too bad.
  8. My method yes it appears cowardly and to most it is but psychology is part of the game in my opinion. If I can force them into making a fatal mistake while saving my own butt then who ends up being the cowards? I like playing mind games but it is just me.I do your method sometimes as well. I personally don't care if someone "thinks" I'm being a coward. Most "kill squads" don't have a plan B a lot of the time.
  9. If your mask is off and they have the sweater and Tommy don't ever engage in open areas. Make them come to you in confined small rooms (bathrooms) where Tommy would have trouble getting in front of you and try and make them waste the sweater. It sounds cowardly but this is strategy. I have had success using this method.They will call you all kind of names but they will get so upset they will usually mess up and then they run like scared rabbits.
  10. Bethesda Devs are worse.Try playing Fallout 76.If you think F13 has bugs that game has tons and now they want you to pay 100$ a year to play on exclusive servers.
  11. I have rarely come across teaming on Steam.I did have a person offer me help once but I killed him first.LOL Party chat kill squads I agree are more an issue at least on PC/Steam in my experience. One in particular is very condescending over their mics, call you all kind of names and if you get the upper hand on them they start claiming you are cheating or hacking some how like they said I was morphing too fast with part 5 once. Like they are sitting there with a stop watch timing you between ability uses. They take the game WAYYYYY too serious.
  12. More than likely it will be peer to peer once servers go away.Not the best but better than nothing unless they can get some kind of host migration.
  13. Yes probably the case. I've had this debate with other people. The argument is it hurts the other counselors due to being down one person but if you force someone to play counselor when they don't want to be they most likely aren't going to try or just turn into trolls and do worse things so there would be no point of having them there anyway.
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