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  1. Yeah you're probably right on both but one can hope since there was such a backlash on the Steam forums. Everyone is pissed that the modded lobbies are still around and it's nearly impossible to avoid them as I pointed out hosting is pretty much a waste of time.
  2. When is this forum shutting down just curious.The last fix which failed miserably on PC came weeks ago and I thought this forum was closing soon after it released. Does this mean another attempt to fix is in the works? FYI you still get put in hacked lobbies 99% of the time if you choose Join a public match and hosting a public match you can wait seemingly forever to even get 1 person to show up. Yeah that's REAL fun. NOTE: Sarcasm Changing download regions has seemingly no affect either. I shouldn't have to WORK at PLAYING a game.
  3. Update 2.0 well that was weird it seems ok today and I didn't have to uninstall and re-install just must have been a Steam glitch last night, I wasn't the only one having issues.
  4. UPDATE: The hack has apparently gotten worse. I can no longer host private NOR public matches it says Failed to create game session.Verify you have internet connection but I have NO problem joining guess what a modded lobby. If it was a internet issue Steam wouldn't connect and I should only be able to play offline mode. The game connects to Steam but I cannot host private or public matches. I even tried shutting down my computer and re-started. I can only join hacked lobbies.
  5. I don't care what Matt says,if there are all these public hosts awaiting players why am I NOT connecting to them and getting put into modded lobbies? Answer me that and I play during probably the peakest hours from 5pm to 9pm eastern time and changing download regions seems to make no difference and I'm not the only 1 experiencing this problem. HMM more evidence that my theory about the hack funneling all incoming player traffic into the modded lobbies is indeed fact.I'm not the only one that has this theory either.
  6. Then all PC customers should get a full refund since we can't play as intended online regardless of how long we've been playing. Just my opinion.
  7. My whole point is it shouldn't be hit or miss, you should be able to get in a normal match pretty much anytime during the day/early evening hours and not have to jump through a bunch of hoops to do so, I guess it's time to convert over to controller and buy the game AGAIN for PS4 as I can use my stepson's console.
  8. I'm not the only one frustrated just go read the Steam forums.Lots of people having the same issue it's pointless trying to host a public match and sit there and wait for who know how long just to get maybe a half a lobby. Their hack is funneling incoming traffic into these lobbies. If I hit join a public lobby and there are normal host waiting for players as you say then why am I getting in hacked lobbies everytime? Riddle me that Batman. Changing regions has ZERO effect I tried that.
  9. Broken record here but if it was a task that felt more "earned" or "worked for" then maybe a Jason player would/could accept defeat and this wouldn't be such a issue.Yes you are still going to have your lake shelter Jason's ,rage quitters,and distance away players no matter if was damn near impossible(which it should be close to that IMO).They took a lot of tools away from Jason with nerfs don't forget. If I could kill him by pure chance it's too easy. Problems never going away just accept and move on game is dead on PC really anyway.
  10. I didn't watch the video till you mentioned he still had his mask my bad,I was assuming a Jason unmasked experienced player would play it safe but you had 2 players with high stun and demasking potential axes 1 with a shotgun which takes a ton of mask health off against a part 2 Jason who's mask health is weak. I probably would have got the hell out of that scenario also.Your team also tanked 3 traps at the shack entrance meaning you were all probably running thick skin and medic. It all boils down to it shouldn't be that easy IMO.You cant meat shield,instant block or instant slash out of blocking anymore so I take that into consideration also. Odds were unless that was Guru that player was dead man walking as Jason if they stuck around much longer. They didn't even try to hold block at the shack entrance to keep you from entering the shack so they weren't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  11. I know I read that before,my point is their "FIX" would have had some affect IF all the incoming player traffic wasn't being directed into the modded server lobbies,They are bypassing all the people that actually want to host a public lobby except the "overflow" when those get completely full but that doesn't happen very often in my experience and I'm NOT the only one as you read Fatal Error is having the same experience as are many others. Everyone on PC should report this to the BBB.
  12. Why am I not surprised? My theory is being more accurate all the time.All incoming player traffic is being funneled into the fake modded lobby servers instead of connecting to the lobby you are trying to host.You may get the overflow if they get full but that seems few and far between. This patch was a total waste of time as I predicted it would be. Instead of actually fixing the problem they took a easy way to TRY and find a way around the problem which has failed miserably. I have the same issue I've waited on players to join my lobby and it could be a hour before I see 1 person. That is ridiculous. We are stuck now as they WON'T attempt anymore fixes so your only recourse is to find enough friends and play private matches which is what people were doing before the patch.
  13. Using "movie" Jason mentality,Yes he wouldn't give 2 craps and rush in full boar. Most experienced Jason players are going to be a bit smarter and keep their distance knowing that they are at a disadvantage. As I pointed out a opportunity for Jason to attack MAY never happen if the counselor players are smart. So yes it looks cowardly but I'm not going into a situation unless I know there is a very good chance of success. Again as Lam pointed out WHY do you have to kill him when a Jason player is probably going to allow you to escape knowing that one wrong move means death? Also once again IF it was actually difficult to kill him( which it's not) then I could see more of your side or if this was at game launch before a crap ton of nerfs to Jason happened.
  14. Sun set along time ago,they only "TRIED" to fix it because they had to do something before they closed the forums which I'm surprised it's still up. They couldn't leave PC players hanging with no recourse but to host private matches.Now you are basically "forced" to host in order to play normally because choosing join a public lobby will 95% put you into a modded lobby.Once the influx of noobs dies down in about a week or 2 good luck getting anyone to join your hosted lobby.Wait and see.
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