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  1. Why did they ever mess with combat stance in the first place? It worked fairly decent at launch.I never did like the auto targeting part of it. You had instant block despite ping and zero delay swinging out of block or maybe my memory isn't that good.LOL Regardless it needs fixed along with a lot of the other suggestions BEFORE they start thinking about nerfing or removing the rage buff. I don't want to see a return to piñata Jason as most don't. It would probably require messing with the coding quite a bit to rectify and bring back and add those suggestions.We all know what happens when they start messing with the code too much now don't we?🦟🦗🐞
  2. I'm sure 21st Century Fox were pretty picky as far as letting their license to Alien go to just any gaming company too. Disney owns that franchise now though. The attention to detail in that game is uncanny and the artificial intelligence? I wish F13 bots were that smart, I wouldn't even bother playing online with all the toxic atmosphere.
  3. Gun is pretty tight with the Slash and Cast guys and just by watching them kill Jason 80- 90% of every match they play should be evidence enough and even they say it's way too easy to do. I purposely avoid killing him and still a kill opportunity literally fell in my lap by just going toward the police exit with the sweater on and wasn't even that aware Tommy was in the game.Stuff like that just shouldn't happen at all.
  4. Agree to disagree the current length is MAYBE the same as it was originally( I think it's less than the "Jedi" grab use to be) again just my opinion. The width is about the same as it was when they nerfed the original grab when we had T Rex armed Jason who couldn't grab worth crap.Remember that? I notice missing grabs if I'm just slightly off left or right when I know it should have grabbed and the recovery time when you miss is horrible. I'd be ok with a tad less length and more width IF the recovery was faster, a fair compromise.
  5. May have been a poor assumption on my part but the way I understood it was they were actually trying all 75 times. Guess we'll never know for sure. Yes blocking was WAY more responsive regardless of latency and you could slash instantly out of blocking which is a huge difference. The grab length is ok it is the width of it that needs to be a bit wider, if you are slightly off left or right especially shift grabbing yeah you miss when you probably shouldn't have a lot of the times. It took me quite some time to adapt to the newer lunge grab while doing shift grabs.
  6. True but take into consideration that was by the actual programmers of the game who knew the game better than anyone else would and they were trying to kill him all 75 times. In my opinion even the most elite kill squad you could put together should do no better than that ratio. 1 in 15-20 as suggested is still too often. Just my personal opinion. Also combat stance worked correctly back then and there was meat shielding and other things Jason doesn't have anymore.
  7. To me it's gotten to the point where I'm on the brink of not caring anymore. There is a group of 4-5 party chat people who go from lobby to lobby on Steam and if you don't know them and you're Jason, you better be prepared cause you are not going to have much fun.They are relentless even if you get the Tommy power on first morph.They are very good all 150's. If you do start to get the better of them they start claiming you are cheating somehow. Like they thought I was morphing too often the other day saying I hacked the dll files.I don't have a clue how to modify the game files.If I did I sure as heck would do more than give me faster morph recharge. I just won't let the kill happen anymore.I'll continually morph or shift my way around the map collecting all the throwing knives and try and get a quick hit from a fairly safe distance. Once I run out of knives I'll go face into a bathroom or upstairs to a outer wall in a corner and never turn around so Tommy can't get in front of me.Call me a coward or any kind of name you want. As I said I really don't care much anymore until they make it much,much harder to kill Jason. I can usually get them so mad they use the sweater wrong then they rage quit. I could just go in the water but my strategy seems to work.
  8. Yeah Matt said that maybe possible on the last Beyond video as someone did ask about that. It would not encourage me to start playing again if I had quit due to the level cap. If there is no reward for leveling up really no point in doing it in my opinion. You'd be right back in the same position you are now with nothing to show for it other than to say I got to level 250 or what ever they would raise it to.
  9. I was on Higgins did everything possible to keep Tommy out of the match. They got my mask off.They used a PK on the trap on the power box got him called.Tanked the trap on the shack so I morphed to the main house,went upstairs faced into the little closet body blocking the door way. They were calling me all kinds of names.Tried shot gunning me but Tommy couldn't get by my body. It was just him and a AJ. Wasn't about to turn around.They activated the sweater but again Tommy couldn't get in the death blow as there isn't enough room in that tiny closet.My strategy worked, made them get so upset they messed up using the sweater then they were in panic mode.I chased the Tommy down and slashed him to death and the AJ rage quit before I could get to her. Maybe people say I was being a coward but my strategy is to try and make them mess up using the sweater. I'm not just going to LET them kill me.
  10. Go up to the top of the page, I explained why this wouldn't work at least on PC. I don't own any consoles so I'm clueless if there is family sharing on consoles. High levels can go create alternate accounts and start from level 1 just so they could mess with noobs. I know people that do this.I had to do it because a relative screwed up my account. It is kind of ironic though starting over and going against high levels and they rage quit because a level 2 Jason with 150 experience was able to kill them.
  11. Level matching(if even possible) wouldn't work either, high level people on Steam could go and create a new account using family share start at level 1 just to mess around with low level people.LOL I know I think evil.
  12. It started happening immediately after the engine upgrade that and the spectator glitch. Random characters and Jason's are becoming more and more frequent at least on PC it is and the spectator glitch is creeping back with more frequency also, it happened 3-4 times just yesterday where it would only happen maybe once a week if that often. It's really annoying. I'm not putting perks on all the characters just for that glitch. Jason is another matter. I'll play as any Jason even though I don't care for certain ones like 4,7,or 9.I just do the best I can and still kill most everyone. It's easier for me to adapt to a different Jason than a different counselor but that's just me. I just leave if I get stuck with another counselor.
  13. Go read my scenario/experience on the Jason mask thread. A kill opportunity literally fell in my lap.I don't ever participate in hunting Jason on purpose in fact if I know a group is planning it ,I'll go get the sweater and purposely not use it or use it wrong just to mess with the kill squad because I think it's way too easy. I only grabbed the sweater in my scenario as a stun device as I had no pocket knife or shotgun and I was near the police exit and expected Jason to try and cut me off. Granted that experience was maybe one in a thousand chance of happening again but I don't think it should have been that easy either.
  14. Strigoi,What is your seemingly obsession for being able to kill Jason? Am I the only one noticing this? You're the only one raising a big stink about a change the obvious majority thinks needs to happen. You do realize there are 4 other ways to "win" as a counselor. Fix both cars or car/boat, fix the phone, or survive by hiding/juking Jason till the timer runs out. It's not even happened and it doesn't look like it will. Whether it be more mask durability or fixing combat stance or something else you are dead set against it. If I helped kill Jason just by pure coincidence with no forethought and I'm apparently not the only one then something needs to be changed.
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