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  1. More than likely yes and what were they doing that you considered a "hack"? As I pointed out what 1 persons hack is another persons "exploit"
  2. It's up to Steam to contact Gun or any developer to ban anyone from a game the way I understand it. Game bans are issued by the developer of the game NOT Steam themselves. VAC bans are a bit different, I think those are caught by the games anti cheat protection and Easy Anti Cheat is not very good and easy to get around that is why you see so many hackers on F13 or DBD as they both use EAC. Anyone I've reported using Steams report system has never gotten banned to my knowledge at least on F13 maybe different on other Steam games. It also depends on what you call "hacking" you didn't describe what they were doing .If it was a "exploit" those aren't bannable.
  3. Reporting on Steam itself is a waste of time unless it pertains to the discussion boards. Jasonkillsbugs is nearly as bad although they have banned a few players that I submitted with video evidence.You have to give every detail and time stamp and provide their Steam URL and even then some do not get banned it's a very inconsistent and flawed reporting system at best. I have proven this many times.Some videos on my YT channel sat for weeks or months with zero views after submitting to JKB and YES I received a email confirmation after every report and still no views.I wish they would put JKB as a short comment on submitted videos so you know they viewed it.
  4. 1000% slashed to death, I'm not even wasting a grab on you because 99.9% you have a pocket knife anyway or you are going to rage quit as soon as I grab. Did this to a Mitch player last night 3 throwing knives and 2 slashes dead( had thick skin obviously).
  5. So there is a settlement coming soon between Victor and Sean?
  6. There are 3 pocket knives not including Tommy BUT there is currently a exploit that counselors can take advantage of that gives then multiple uses out of 1 knife that is why people think there are more and I also believe but cannot prove it does glitch every so often and gives them more than 1 use out of a knife.
  7. So in other words there is no way to tell unless I catch one using like unlimited shift or unreleased kills which did happen recently.
  8. Need a definitive answer is this a sign of a "FAKE" or illegally obtained Savini. I've heard conflicting answers. I caught one and don't want to make a false report to JKB.
  9. Nothing I'm aware of. Not that it makes any difference as far as this game goes.
  10. Which bed glitch? The one where they are standing beside it or the ones where they are glitched into a wall? If they are glitched into a wall just hit the prompt on the bed to kill them.The other one don't know of a counter to that.
  11. It happened to me as well on 2 accounts got compensated with CP but had to re roll all perks. Unfortunately the ones you had are gone for good. The problem is now,rolling perks is a pain in the butt due to it getting stuck in a saving data loop and you have to exit the game.They need to fix that also.
  12. Just depends how much backwards compatible PS5 is going to be.
  13. I know on Pack small if the power box is at the barn near the police exit at least 75% it's on one of the cabins near there. Or it seems that often.
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