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  1. The easiest tweak in my opinion which the devs seem pretty adamant about NOT doing is allow Jason to see the Tommy tower on his map and make the mask harder to remove. Maybe adding a generic tower icon is technically "new content"? It never did make any sense to me that Jason can see everything BUT a big ole tower with a light on top of it to boot but he can see a fuse box. Maybe give all Jason's 1 more trap including part 2 to help the trap tanking at the Tommy box. Just those tweaks alone would slow down kill squads without messing with the mechanics and the coding too much.We all know what seems to happen when they go messing with the code. I'm just trying to suggest very simplistic things that shouldn't mess with the code to any extent.
  2. The only thing about polls like this is the numbers could get skewed by people going to enough lengths to create a bunch of new accounts on here and shifting the tide one way or the other. I hope that is taken into account.
  3. I don't think anyone will argue that point at all but if they can tweak the kill mechanics while they are doing that is just icing on the cake.
  4. Pure speculation, I'll believe it when I see official patch notes. I agree it needs to be MUCH harder for the kill not removed entirely.
  5. Obviously never watched Slash and Cast videos, they were and maybe still are killing Jason's almost every match
  6. Agree if you are having difficulty killing Jason I don't know what to tell you. I'm not that good at counselor because frankly I don't like playing counselor but I've killed him strictly by coincidence one time not even trying to. If I can do it like that it is far too easy. It's not even the main objective of the game just OPTIONAL. I don't think they ever intended this game to be Safari Hunt Jason but unfortunately it is pretty much that now.
  7. Hate to be a stick in the mud for forum rules but a ton of naming and shaming going on.
  8. Unfortunately they didn't. Now they are in a conundrum without making themselves look worse than they already have.
  9. You see my point though. You had to take steps to do the roof exploit same as this. They punish one person for doing the stairs and that person is going to whine and complain saying "You didn't punish roof exploiters and this is basically a similar exploit. That's not fair." You see where I'm coming from? It's up to the devs but I wouldn't want that headache which they created.
  10. Well I played the tutorial for Predator. I couldn't see any glaring bugs. Being predator is not random like Jason ,you can specifically be the predator from what I can tell. I tried a quick play but never got in a lobby or what ever it is called in this game.I chalk that up to it's just a trial and just came out. I wasn't going to wait that long to see.I sat waiting over 2 minutes and nothing but as I say it just released for download last night at 8 p.m eastern time. Graphics are pretty good about the same as F13 maybe a bit better.
  11. Stair exploiters unless they get too cocky and get too close to the wall where they entered you are SOL.To my knowledge that is the only spot where they are vulnerable to grabs through the wall or slashes, I could be wrong but all the videos I've seen of Jason actually killing someone in there has been in that spot or near it. The only counter to sliders is throwing knives and you sorta have to be good at quick toss to be affective. Toss as they are about to swing or just as the reappear to get them in limping state.They can still do the exploit while limping but not nearly as fast so you have a better chance at a slash or grab or just keep pelting them with knives. I always save sliders for last and stock up on throwing knives.
  12. Anyone played the free trial yet and any opinions or any bugs. I just downloaded it .
  13. The problem now is their hands are tied, they almost can't punish people for doing this because they weren't punishing roof exploiters due to a flaw in the trap interaction. Well this is basically the same thing you need a trap interaction to make it work and it's a flaw in the map design. If they would punish someone it would make them out to be total hypocrites. They have to remain consistent unfortunately. This is a coding issue same as the roof exploit was. I'm not aware of anyone getting punished for purposely destroying the car with a knife either or else I'd see someone say something on the many message boards I read on this game. That's a coding issue also the one they are currently trying to fix.
  14. That is the current meta now anyway. Out of all the matches I've played recently as Jason,there has been little to no attempt by the counselor players to do any objectives. Just trying to kill Jason about 85% of the time because of the ease in doing it. Learning the Tommy power spawns is pretty vital now and at least 2 traps on the shack entrance. Tommy 86's tower guide has been a great help. My first morph I'm about 90% accurate now. Jarvis map is pot luck all the percentages of where it could be are relatively equal and there are no clues in the opening video.
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