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  1. TimDuke 01

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Spectator glitch never went away it just doesn't happen near as often it's very few and far between now but it happens.
  2. TimDuke 01

    Jason and counsalors

    Ahab has pointed out that according to the current code of conduct teaming with Jason is not a offence anymore. Until Shifty or somebody with authority addresses this issue,you just have to deal with it for now unfortunately.
  3. The code of conduct I believe use to say something about teaming with Jason was not allowed. However it no longer says anything about it. So one can assume there is no punishment now. Perhaps one of the moderators can clear this up because it has been brought up on other message boards as well.
  4. TimDuke 01

    Is Jason too easy to kill?

    100% agree it's way too easy and on PC it's becoming the "IN" thing to do. Highly recommend playing the bots against 1 counselor and try and memorize the Tommy Radio spawns and which generator powers it. Do this for all the main maps big and small. Jarvis and Pinehurst don't get played too often so just do the best you can at memorizing those.
  5. On a side note if you really pay attention to the opening cinematics on certain maps it will give you clues to where the Tommy radio is.Higgins Large is a good example, you can see the tower in the cinematic sometimes so you know it's near the campsite on the eastern side.
  6. I've actually have memorized the Tommy house box locations for the most part.Pinehurst and Jarvis I still haven't quite got the patterns down but they don't get played that often. It comes as a big help since killing Jason at least on PC has sort of become the thing to do now. I've even had kill squads waste pocket knives on the traps guarding the power box to get Tommy in the game. It does need to be harder to kill Jason.
  7. I agree that after raging through a door/wall Jason should not be "free" stunned by an awaiting counselor on the other side.He should have a few seconds of immunity. The same applies to the pocket knife stun,firecracker stun,and bear trap stun.They all have free stun chances after the animation and it shouldn't happen in my opinion. I also agree he gets stunned too frequently.How to balance that is the tricky question. The grab just needs to be a tad wider and the recovery animation could be faster when you miss,other than that I like the way it looks. Bring back using counselors as shields when grabbed.
  8. Well I spoke to Tom Savini at a local horror convention recently and he seems to think Sean/Horror inc. are going to appeal the decision and not settle. I hope he is wrong but that is his gut feeling. He thinks Sean should work something out as well and not drag this out any longer. We shall have to wait and see. I wouldn't get any false hopes up . I'd like to know how much of an effort is really being made by Horror Inc. to reach out to Victor.
  9. Vanessa and Chad. I had a player using legendary Marathon and Restful on Vanessa. They could sprint almost the entire circumference of Pinehurst without stopping. almost was thinking they were cheating.I also was using a minus shift Jason.
  10. TimDuke 01

    Buff Jason.

    The double tap stun is a issue also.You just get the pocket knife out of your neck and the counselor can stun you almost immediately after.I know it takes a bit more timing to do but I feel it shouldn't happen period.Experienced players have this down to a science.Combat stancing doors isn't what it use to be either it only really works well with part 6's spear.
  11. I agree with most of what HuDawg is saying.Jason needs longer stun immunity time it's only 3 seconds not nearly enough.A Debbie with a tree branch or a pot shouldn't be stunning seemingly 100% of the time either. CS is pretty much useless. Take away objective items showing up on the map once they are found.That was a big nerf to Jason in my opinion.
  12. I don't think you get Salt if it happens.
  13. I actually had a bot find a exploit spot on Pinehurst map.It's on one of the docks in one of the corners.I'm not going to give too much more info or else everyone will start using that spot but I could neither drown them or hit them with a knife.
  14. TimDuke 01

    Do we have any Jason cosplayers here?

    I'm not but my friend does.
  15. Not reading through 10 pages any refunds being offered?