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  1. Well support did fix my Data login error on my accounts,we'll see how long it remains that way. However the modded lobbies are very still much a thing and darn near impossible to avoid unless you play with a bunch of friends in private matches. Hackers still abound and most have a way to redirect/spoof their actual profile so it is pointless recording evidence of them using their cheats as you can't report their actual Steam profile which support needs to ban them.
  2. Got a email from support saying it was fixed. Played for about a hour. Came back later after running some errands and guess what Database login error once again so I submitted another ticket. I think the hackers are faster than they realize as the "fix" didn't last long for me.
  3. Let's be honest the dance emotes were really only good for taunting the Jason player, IMO that time creating those emotes should have been better spent on fixing major or minor bugs. You aren't going to have much time to use those emotes the way TCM sounds like with 3 killers constantly breathing down your neck. You are going to be spending most of your time hiding and being as stealthy and quiet as possible for the most part. It's not going to be a picnic like F13 was.So yeah Sumo Nottingham go ahead and add them and if you are brain dead enough to try and use them it'll just make it easier for the people playing the killers. I don't have a problem with costume packs or seasonal maps. More maps the better the replay ability will be.
  4. I just emailed them recently, crickets so far as they got my JKB ticket and said they were looking into it but that was 3 weeks ago.
  5. We need an update to this problem as now it's affecting console players as well. I submitted a ticket as well.
  6. Oh God PLEASE NO!! No Dance emotes and the way it sounds there won't be ANY trolling of any of the killers in TCM. The game isn't going to be designed that way,there isn't a combat system. You won't be able to kill any of the killers THANK GOD.
  7. Assuming they stay true to their word and fighting back is basically a delay the inevitable scenario, then teaming will be a major issue especially now where I see the game is VERY dependent on the survivors being as stealthy as possible to hopefully survive. It's going to be very easy for one of the killers "buddies" to give your position away and will be very nearly impossible for you to prove it. Not liking that aspect at all.
  8. I really hope they learned their lesson from that and NOT be that stupid AGAIN. They will lose any and all remaining credibility at least from me which isn't much and will NEVER touch a game from Gun again. I'm waiting this one out till it's been released for a while before I even consider buying it. The 3 killer vs 4 survivors format not so sure I'll like that, There had better be some serious penalties for survivors teaming with the killers cause that would be the perfect formula. How are they gonna stop that cause you know it's gonna happen. They need to nip that in the bud immediately.
  9. Last I read there is NO combat system per say in TCM and Matt said the " family" cannot be killed in the game.At least at release. Hope they stay true on that. No Combat?! + New Teaser Image! | THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Video Game - YouTube
  10. Yep even with those 2 buffs that you mentioned it's arguably STILL the easiest "WIN" condition if you have a decent group of counselors. Really sad IMO.Devs listened to the crybaby counselor mains and made him a pinata and tried to put a Band-Aid on a injury requiring a tourniquet at the very end of the games existence. Glad this won't happen in TCM.
  11. Not in my experience and I have 4000 hrs on PC where a glitch like that is most likely to happen.
  12. Well the hackers are invading Dead by Daylight now if that is any consolation. I just watched a recent You Tube about ever since Epic Games got a hold of DBD and offered it for free for a week the hacking situation on that game is pretty rampant( been that way since it went cross play really) The PC hackers have just gotten worse since it was given out for free.. Behavior is seemingly doing nothing to stop it either.Sound familiar? They should have the money and resources to stop them too. EAC is a total joke.
  13. Yep Still broken,Their so called work around and being able to host your own public lobby is pretty much a waste of time.You only get the overflow from what the hacked lobbies can't handle due to the recent sale the player base went up to 1500 but that hasn't been lasting as I knew it wouldn't.New comers are quickly learning how sad a shape online has become and are either refunding or just shelving the game if they've gone past the 2 hr limit. It's already in the 900's now after only about a week. You choose Join a public lobby and 98% you are ending up in a hacked lobby.
  14. Lots of big differences.1.This is NOT a crowd funded game so no exclusive pay to win characters.2. No chance of a rights dispute on the IP. 3.Sumo Nottingham has a better reputation of making games,if you've played any of the Forza Horizon racing games you see the quality.Wouldn't say they're AAA but at least AA. As long as the devs don't listen to the survivor complaints like F13 and nerf the killers(Just not Leatherface his whole family are killers) at their every complaint then it could be a good game. I'm still going the wait and see approach and read reviews after release before I even THINK about buying it. Gun hasn't been very trust worthy in the past.
  15. Larry Zerner just tweeted that Sean Cunningham did NOT file a cert petition to the Supreme Court as he had until today to do so. Means the rights dispute is TOTALLY over he can no longer appeal. It could mean they may be willing to negotiate but then again Larry said NOT to hold your breath.
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