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  1. I actually heard "The person in question" talking in a lobby the other day.Caught the tale end of a convo.Something about he is one of 4 people who have Uber in the game.I think it's a total cracked version of the game. Was he pure speed hacking or lag switching?.
  2. Tommy gets slashed regardless you got to agree on that.If someone tea bagged me or dances in front of me,I'll make it a point to slash that player to death because more than likely they have a PK and are being cocky.
  3. Nope and as DontZzz34 pointed out you don't EVER grab in groups,Slashing is the only way to fight a group. Unless they ever revert the combat stance mechanics back to original and bring back meat shielding. I don't see that happening unfortunately.
  4. Never gonna happen especially now with all the environmental kills bugged and now even some of the normal grab kills are bugging out as well.The game is leaving Jason with no choice but to slash presently. Mostly all the new players that just came into the game due to the sale are probably slashing till they learn the game better.
  5. All that stuff was gone up until that match I had.Knew it wouldn't last.
  6. Oh but that would upset the masses.LOL You go on the Steam forum for this game and Sogreth (he posts here as well) would have a conniption fit if they buffed Jason that much along with a few people on this board as well. Some people already think he's too OP now and want the rage buff removed..
  7. Combat Stance use to be effective, instant block no delay and no delay swinging out of block.I always read the reason they messed with the combat stance mechanics was to try and "cure" the "Sliding teleport" exploit which it didn't. I don't know how true that is. I don't know why they just can't revert it back to the old mechanics.
  8. So far knock on wood I've never had an enviro kill glitch or not give me the prompt or not want to activate on the bots.I play bots a ton too to keep up on the Tommy radio patterns.
  9. I thought this wasn't possible anymore?You are not suppose to be able to commit suicide and come back as Tommy.
  10. I apologize for flying off the handle a bit and I probably lost a lot of peoples respect by admitting that yes I tend to be a Jason "main". I'm not the only person who does it I'm sure. Do I care?No comment. I try and follow the rules on here and if I break a rule it's not intentional. That person intentionally broke a forum rule by dragging my name through the mud and went through a lot of trouble to find out my new Steam name which I'd like to know how they did that since I keep my profile on private .I could have played dumb on that. If you go through all that trouble to embarrass someone on a forum and break a rule doing so, you take playing this game WAY too serious. I hope the moderator/s at least slap that person on the wrist for naming and shaming. My explanation of my ban is true whether you believe it or not.
  11. Yes my original account was banned BUT I have explained that I family shared and they used something I was unaware of and as a result my account got banned too and have no idea what SC means.My ban clearly says due to family sharing. So what if I leave if I'm not Jason? How is it "ruining" the game? I'll admit I hate playing counselor. SUE ME. OK I could stay in a match and do absolutely nothing or hide the entire match.Would that make you happy? Or do far worse things like do exploits, run people over with the car like NytmereZ does. take the fuse ,keys or other objects up on the roof or in Jason's shack.I could probably think of other things.You really want a player like that in your match? That would be more ruining the game would it not? Be careful of what you wish for you just MAY get it. On top of that you just named and shamed me which is a violation of forums rules so you like to ignore rules.
  12. Well I just happened to get in a EU server lobby and also got stuck with a Jason I don't normally use Part 9 it did the random switch glitch plus my ping wasn't great but said what the hell I'll try my best and cleared the lobby but him. Just making everyone especially the devs aware that this stuff has returned.
  13. Just had a match player was using Chad. Had instant out of grabs with no pocket knife,invulnerable to knives.used a macro to keep using the Sliding exploit over and over.Ran the clock out on me doing this crap. Unfortunately did not record it but have his Steam profile so at least I can submit that to Jasonkillsbugs not that it will do any good.Oh and guess what he has VAC ban on his profile go figure.
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