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  1. Well the Salt mines were in effect for a short period of time but failed miserably.They were easy to get out of.There are still to this day bugs that cause 'fatal errors" and crash the game. I get at least 1 a day so they could never enforce a policy like that anyway.
  2. While that maybe true if someone got temporary banned for leaving matches too often and they are a member here,they would have raised a stink about it on here.
  3. I agree and as I said I don't condone hacking in a online environment if it's giving the person a unfair advantage.I have NEVER seen a Jason X online in a match with the stats he is suppose to have.I've only ever seen a Part 8 with Jason X skin way back a long time ago. tyrant666 has a excellent point they'll have to ban Slash and Cast also who have won content creator awards on this site.They have recently shown all the unreleased content as far as kills and they have shown Jason X on the Grendel map. We are kind of splitting hairs here.Should these content creators get banned showing unauthorized content in a OFFLINE setting? I guess if you want to follow the letter of the law. They don't enforce the 13th point AT ALL or they would have pretty much nobody playing the game as it basically says if you purposely rage quit too many times you are suppose to receive a temporary ban .I've never heard anyone getting a temporary ban.. IMO until they use these mods online and it gives them a advantage, I don't think they should be banned. Let's leave that up to the powers that be.
  4. That's 100% wrong,They do ban people with video evidence.Before the modded lobby situation got worse my submitted videos got at least 4 people banned, one of them keeps harassing me on my 1 you tube video I had to disable the comments.
  5. Umm yes his name is on the video it doesn't matter if you provided his Steam URL or not it is still considered naming and shaming so YOU are guilty of breaking rules yourself so it's the pot calling the kettle black. He is causing NO harm to anyone, technically YES he is using a modded version of the game and IF he was using those mods to gain a unfair advantage in a actual ONLINE match then YES I agree he should get banned.He most likely will now that you raised a stink about it and sent a report to JKB. I myself don't think he should be for now.I have NEVER seen him use any type of actual cheating in any of his past videos in fact he gets upset if he comes across a hacker or someone using a map exploit and if someone rage quits so he doesn't approve of actual "cheating" himself. I suppose you are gonna comb You Tube now because there are content creators showing not only Jason X but the unfinished Grendel map too which you can't do unless you "modify" the game files.
  6. Yeah he announced that after he experienced a modded/hacked lobby or 2 he was ONLY going to post videos of him playing OFFLINE against the AI counselors.You are breaking forum rules by the way by attempting to name and shame him. I have Jason X too but ONLY offline in a modded version of the game. It won't let me play online at all. I'm a stickler for banning hackers too,like I've reported and have gotten unauthorized Savini players banned before only because he is a viable Jason online and he is only meant for backers of the game. It's unfair for others who don't have him even though a quick search on a certain video hosting site will instruct you how to get him easily. It's rather pointless to ban anyone at this point now until they fix the hacked/modded lobby issue which IMO they won't be able to fix unless they change their stance on diving into the code which they have expressed they aren't going to do. The PC version is officially screwed right now.
  7. It was pure luck.I've tried just about every region. I heard Turkey was a decent region and I did find a few normal matches but my ping is horrible and still I ended up in a modded lobby after a few normal matches.
  8. Someone needs reminded that this was a kick starter game at first.How many kick start games end up being a success to F13's magnitude? Not very many. Wasn't even initially called F13 until they were offered the license. It was loosely based on F13 before then. Someone's expectations are a bit too high, that is part of the problem and I'm guilty of that as well to an extent.The license could have just as easily gone to say CD Projekt Red, Ubisoft, Bethesda, you name it but it didn't.
  9. @mattshotcha I apologize for any kind of problem voicing what was being said over on Steam but that board to be honest seemingly gets ignored and lots of folks get the impression their complaints or concerns aren't being read. The PC community is also extremely toxic so take that into consideration. I am just as guilty of getting frustrated at the situation but I understand it takes time to fix issues others are not as patient. To initially issue a "blanket" statement that the game is too far into it's life cycle to delve into fixing a issue was maybe a bit too hasty as you can see the severity of the issue got a ton worse to the point where you can't play the game online as intended. I've done as much as I can to provide evidence and information regarding the alleged person who is claiming responsibility for these issues.
  10. @OCT 31 1978 well Zombiefest(Dev that announces stuff on Steam discussion board) has pretty much put out that guys fire over on that board .He was spewing all kinds of things and throwing Matt under the bus. He really doesn't understand how game development works or refuses to accept how it works.He claimed he couldn't join this discussion board for some reason to voice his concerns on here he could only read it.
  11. Devils advocate this was his response when this problem was first brought up here. So one COULD get the impression they are "unwilling" to fix the problem as that person has read this discussion. Now the problem has grown into a HUGE problem as the game is unplayable online unless you jump through a bunch of hoops to do a "work around" which is a pain in the butt really. So here we are. I think they have to address this problem now regardless if they weren't going to before. Don't think they have much of a choice . They can't be selling a defective product knowing there is a problem.
  12. Ok this is copied and pasted from the Steam discussion board and NO it's NOT me. I'm seeing a LOT of this being spewed on there. The natives are getting restless. Moderators can remove if need be. The lawsuit isn't stopping Gun Media from fixing their game's code.Only laziness and an unwillingness to do the work to FIX THEIR STUFF is.That is 100% on the developers, now. Don't apologize for Matt Shotcha being lazy.
  13. Just a matter of time before the hackers catch on to this and disrupt this method also seeing what they are capable of. They are going to see this video and figure out a way.
  14. Someone has tried most of the regions and China is about the only one that seems relatively free of modded lobbies but they also don't recommend using China region for some reason.
  15. I agree they almost have to do something now or lose all remaining credibility plus as you say it is still for sale on Steam.As you pointed out I believe there are guidelines they have to adhere to.Steam needs to remove it from their library IMO.
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