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  1. So the last update as fun as it was new maps it was a bit lacklustre it was only smaller versions of the maps but this update could be everything gun media has announced a new Jason,hard copy,bloody Jason,new map,2 new counsellors new counsellors clothin options,emotes,new kills, new clothing pack I don't care if gun media delays the update to make it a huge one because it would be awesome and who knows maybe update after that we get single player please gun media amaze us with this update -lego
  2. The animations fine but they should speed It up it takes like 4 seconds after pressing kill button for Jason to pull the counsellor under
  3. I spoke about this before but no one saw post so here we gooooo in f13 the game people played since launch have made there ways to max level and for what a bunch of clothes yep that are dull and just boring i believe when players reach level 40 they should unlock ranked play a gamemode with shortened time to 10 minuets where the best of the best try to survive also these rounds give more credits per ranked game I hope you agree. another idea I had was if players talked in game they get bonus credits this will make the game more social and fun for everyone -lego
  4. Ok I want to start this saying don't set your hopes to high this probs won't happen pls read the whole thing so people playing since launch have made it to higher levels with little to no rewards like new clothes which is nice even though gun media gave away free clothes once cough cough anyway I'd like to see the higher levels more rewarded like ranked play f13 with a 10 min timer not 20 making fast paced Jason action this will be unlocked at lvl 40 this will provide more credits for counsellors and Jason as it's ranked now these are long shots very long shots first one is more credits for players talking in game this makes the player base more social and fun for everyone and at level 200 not out yet players really into the game but not aware of kickstarter can get saving Jason for a price as this is very unlikely fans love the game and gun media but didn't kickstarter for some reason so it's a second chance basically
  5. Played science launch but Xperia glitch on my account so I'm only level 20 but I've played sooooooo many games of f13
  6. Ok so in f13 the game I spoke to over 20 people about windows in the game as if you are a counsellor in a house and Jason finds you he can grasp you throw you out the window and your dead we talked about making it so if a window is broken or closed and you get thrown through it, it kills you however if the window is open and not broken Jason shouldn't be able to throw you through it this would make the playing field more fun for every player
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