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  1. It's not the first time this has happened to me. I made another post kinda similar to this here, but with force-grab: link
  2. I guess I have to swallow my pride or just never take the car again until it's patched. On another note, Jason doesn't get glitch killed by counselors and these nerfs will be gone soon, so people can stop shitting in their diapers about it.
  3. I'm going to be honest, that game literally just happened and I am really triggered about it. So sorry if I come off hot-headed. I don't normally die and this pisses me off.
  4. The car stopped moving then glitched into the fence post upon off-roading. Then this happened. I'm sick and tired of this bullshit.
  5. ... I'm just in shock I guess. I'm a female so... idk. I like the costume packs, don't get me wrong (or I wouldn't have bought them), I just think it kills the horror vibe slightly.
  6. .... is really cringey to look at; is what I was hinting at. But thanks @Gummybish ... you're a man?
  7. If the emotes kill immersion for you, then so must both of the clothing pack DLCs. It kills immersion for me too, don't get me wrong. But I'm not going to bitch and gripe about it. The fact that Jason is currently a punching bag killed most of the immersion for me a while ago.
  8. Those are trolls... The emotes don't cause a player to do nothing, the player chooses to do nothing. Before emotes came along, people still did nothing. Now that emotes are here, they still do nothing, but just dance while doing so. And counselors have time to dance because of the awful state of the game atm I honestly never see this occur though is what's funny and I play all the time.
  9. How are emotes an issue? It doesn't directly effect game play at all but besides maybe triggering Jason. I'm sure emotes were meant to lighten the mood and taunt Jason anyways. All emotes do is kill what little immersion the game currently has to offer and not all people care too much about that at any rate.
  10. Lol you're still doing it. Just press "edit". But don't worry, I slip up sometimes too
  11. Wow. You really just changed my outlook on emotes... sure there could have been better ones implemented but... Don't blame the gun, blame the shooter.
  12. Dude you're triple posting... I'd be careful about doing that too much
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