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  1. The point is to derail it so it's closed, the devs have already profusely apologized for something out of their control, give it up already.
  2. Matters not, the sad thing is *this* thread has the most posts, goes to show you that the elitists who care about a virtual object - a skin - keep spreading sh*t on this over and over... I'd rather the developers focus on the game not your petty debate on who fscked up on releasing the skin. You should be happy the game even came out. I care more about the fact there's < 1300 players on Steam when there used to be well over 5000+ players.. that matters.
  3. This *ENTIRE* Thread is stupid, just drop it already. NOBODY ELSE CARES, I backed this game buying it for a friend, then got it for myself post-launch but didn't get in on the skin and I don't care. I just want the game fixed and content added to make the game better.
  4. I know, and I feel sorry for all Xbox players who bought into that platform, everyone else shouldn't have to wait because M$ can't get the sh*t together with their process. Don't support M$ and *DONT* buy XBoxes...
  5. @Gertz release on Steam so we can assist you testing the patch faster than waiting for consoles... sorry console players but yell at Sony and M$ for being slow.
  6. Sorry but that doesn't fly. No code is perfect and no testing can catch every bug. M$ and Sony contradict the purpose of continuous releases. They should first focus on PC fixes FIRST - assuming the game client code is segmented in a way that has platform specific code separate from the base, since this is UE4 engine it should be mostly segmented if the game console code uses UE4 also - then all the platforms get the same bug fixes.
  7. It's not their JOB to do any of that, they're only trying to protect their console from being hacked, this is what you get for using consoles that will stall any game to protect their security. Game companies can't do anything because if they want to play in M$'s sandbox they have no choice, you reap what you sow.
  8. That's just pathetic, and I wish game developers would call out Microsoft on this for *hurting* their game's reputation... just stupidity...
  9. Don't you enjoy that? Console makers taking their sweet time getting anything done, meanwhile they HURT the game company because they can't get their patches out in time? Remind me never to get a console, ever. No walled gardens, no curated, no precious DRM they try to protect (probably part of the reason they take so long to 'certify' patches in addition to what @Gertz said for GUI). It's why I wish the devs focused on PC/Steam first to iron out the game bugs before porting to Xbox/PS4 (given the XBox is a PC anyway....).
  10. Still don't like having to 'wait' for consoles to be certified considering M$ and Sony take forever for certifying your own code... very annoying...
  11. I don't care about the leak of the Jason savini skin, they have more important things to worry about than that, the fact people even care about this is getting pretty silly now.
  12. Thank you @Gertz I would hope Steam can assist and or reduce any overhead for you on their platform if the PTR/beta approach is decided on.
  13. Hello @Gertz Thanks for providing us an update on whats going on. I do have a question though, why not use Steam's beta channel to push out testing patches for people to try out in addition to your QA team working on things? So as long as any patch pushed to Steam doesn't require server backend changes. Wouldn't it be helpful to get additional feedback on patches? Some games I play do this where they can get some early feedback from players before releasing to catch bugs etc. Yes, as someone also mentioned, a PTR like Overwatch though if your frontend (game client) code doesn't require a separate backend server for changes then it would be just pushing out beta game clients. Also, maybe ask the Steam folks for some assistance if you do add such a beta channel? I'm sure they'd be glad to help you on that. Thanks, Shawn