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  1. Man, I was playing QP last night at like 3 am here. (Just couldn't sleep, so was in a killing mood. Lol) Got J3 in a lobby of 4 Vanessas, 2 Buggzys and a Jenny (♡) So, I knew what they were thinking. Got on em Quick, before they could gather and killed both Buggz and a Vanessa pretty early. The other three scattered, and I caught a Vanessa solo. Quick toggle, then block. "Wait... Wtf was that?" He says. "You cheating bro?" Luckily I unplug my mic when I'm Jason, couldn't help but laugh at that! His moves were so telegraphed I felt a slight tinge of sympathy momentarily, so I plugged in my mic as I let him hit me. Then I proceeded to block his next two hits, he was not happy! "Why you gotta cheat bro?" Lmao, so I said. "Are you referring to the game mechanism called blocking? Oh, it's quite legal. Wait, check this out." I block again, then knife, then slash/block before his next sloppy attack. He is now limping "WTF was that?" He screamed! I'm in a much better mood by now, can't stop laughing. "Man, if you don't know how to block I really don't want to try to explain that to you." So, I told him how to block as a counselor. Then explained spacing and the difference in hitting with a bat as opposed to a wrench. Then told him blocking works the same as Jason, and if he wants to live past the five minute mark he needs to learn these things for solo combat. "You can be sloppy and telegraph your moves in a mob and get away with it, but one on one..." He died shortly thereafter. It's amazing that simple game mechanics like BLOCKING can go unknown by players who are 150.
  2. Man, Vader and I played one on one tonight to work on his Jenny skills. I was using Roy, he hit me with the bat 3 times with Jenny before it stunned me on the fourth hit. And I let him hit me, I didn't block! And he hit Roy with Jenny! Crazy, right? So yeah, I can say Roy is acting weird. At least in that match he was.
  3. Blocking is the one thing that stops the stun, and wears out the counselors weapon as an added bonus. I don't know why more people don't do it as Jason, they get caught up in the twirling dance and forget all about it I guess. I block pretty often, but I do go with the twirl and short sprint in my first encounter to judge if the counselor is aggressive or more methodical. I still say they should shorten stuns to a maximum of one second for Jason and if he hits a counselor it should make them stumble at least. Then when Jason hits rage he should have a 50% stun resist, and should be immune to stun when smashing in doors in rage. Just my opinion, right now we have block and a myriad of moves afterwards to combat the stun.
  4. Stun should be one second for Jason, and should effect counselors too. But, if a counselor takes a hit it should take a chunk of stamina as well. Depending on thick skin, maybe a 15% loss? And this is coming from a guy who loves combat. These long stuns on Jason should go.
  5. Hopefully the new team can tweak some gameplay mechanics after eliminating bugs, make combat more responsive and improve hit detection. Then amplify Jason's fear effect on counselors, within a '15 radius. Making a "No fear" build the new meta with thick skin or medic. That would improve Jason play, and make fighting Jason more reliant upon hitting to lessen fear and boost stamina. And please, for the love of whatever an individual identifies as God. Re-work the abysmal perk system, and open more options for customization in matches.
  6. Welcome to the club Six, Malloy and Jufred got me twice! "Good game guys, c ya next time!" Lol, can't kill Jason! Just knocked out for a minute. A year and a half against the guys we've played against says alot! They got me back in February, good job man!
  7. Huh? Trish knocked off the mask, then dropped the machete as she panicked when she saw his face. Jason was focused on her as Tommy hopped off the steps, grabbed the weapon and hit when Jason turned to face him. That's the way it went down. I outta know, I've seen that movie over a hundred times now. Even made a music video featuring that scene.
  8. Man, when I had friends over to play the game for the 1st time and they heard that laughter. They cringed, I laughed. They'll patch it back in, it has to be an oversight. That laugh is chilling, I love it!
  9. This! They put alot of work into Uber Jason, I'm sure they wanted to release him. At this point reworking game mechanics, and patches are all we get. Maybe they can address the horrid perk roll system? Probably the only chance of new content will be if the lawsuit ends, and they come out with F13 part 2?
  10. They need to do something more with fear. Granted, using Jenny with a no fear build is like it should be. But, using Chad with that same no fear build you can go toe to toe with no damage taken and keep a bright screen with good stam regeneration. That should not happen, his fear should continue to build if he stays close. Unless he constantly hits Jason to diminish his fear, thus gaining stamina and conquering his fear. Even Jenny with a no fear build should have to land hits to keep from getting terrified if she stays too close, use the fear mechanics more. And give Jason a wider range on one of his attacks, personal preference would be the heavy attack. Maybe make the overhead attack, or the underhanded lunge with the spear the quicker light attack. And the sidearm would be a heavy attack that can hit in a 180 degree arc in front of Jason? And lastly, please assign a block function to a regular button. And Jason would be monstrous again, groups would have to be on constant attack. Where he can block quickly, or use his sweeping power attack to hurt them. Chad would have to be on constant attack to keep his mini map and see his stamina. I think that could help without too much work, the hardest part would be assigning block and changing the attack range and damage. Just amplify the fear mechanics while in a 15' radius of Jason. You have to score hits to increase stamina regeneration to normal levels, and gain 20% back to stamina and fear.
  11. Huh, well it's not too bad I suppose. Everytime it happened, it took about 30 seconds to get in another lobby. And about half of those times I got back into nearly the same lobby, minus maybe one or two players. Played more yesterday and I'm happy with the performance, especially in the rain. I can use CS again without being action locked, which is HUGE for me! Made the game fun for me again. Perks rolls still suck though, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I have great epics to run with, just no luck for legendaries. (Not that they are that great anyway)
  12. I sure hope so, I love hearing mommy's deranged laughter at the end. I figured it's a mistake, hopefully next patch will bring it back. The game is running great otherwise, I haven't had any problems with game play. The servers do dump you back to main menu on occasion, but that will be fixed soon as well I imagine. Overall, very happy with the new servers.
  13. Played last night and yeah, the load screens and sounds you mentioned are gone. But that laugh, Pamela's laugh at the end of the round. WTF? Why would they take that out? I LOVED THAT LAUGH! hopefully it's just an oversight by the devs, and not something that will remain omitted.
  14. To blow the horn I believe it's L1 on ps4, either that or R1 I think. Damn, it's been a while since I played! Gotta get back on soon.
  15. I main 4, but also run 2 and 3 depending on the group. Mostly with a machete, but I also use the spear if the group has a combat/kill Jason build. I hardly ever run big J anymore, but those are my choices when I do. I know part 4 J sucks statistically, but I just love that movie damnit!
  16. Oh please do that compilation video, that will be cool! I look forward to your next projects, you have a good cinematic feel for your videos. I truly enjoyed the trapping video, and I think your future videos will progressively improve with each offering. Good luck with your next endeavor! Oh, I guarantee we would! I'm on ps4, same name as here. If you ever get on there, hit me up.
  17. Yeah, first come first serve. But, to be honest it never really worked against a great Jason player. Lesser Jason's hate it, but probably because it's new to them. The great ones laugh it off, and when you inevitably come back and are dumb enough to not look where you're walking... Snap! All it takes is look at the terrain and judge the paths to the objective. I know everytime I tried it against Rustinpeace or Malloy they would make me pay! Lol, best I got was an mildly annoyed "Damnit Red!" outta Rust once about five minutes before he pitchforked me as I was furiously pounding the escape button after getting stuck in a clever trap placed under a tree coming back with the fuse. 1000 posts, that's alot of good stuff! Congrats!
  18. Are you still going to keep up on your YouTube? You make great videos man! Sorry to hear you're leaving... You and Geneijin are my top two for information on here, whatever happens take care of yourself and I'll hopefully see more of your videos as you release them.
  19. Man! I bet I know who that Chad was. Thetommy is probably the culprit, remember him? ALWAYS played Chad with the tree branch, cracks jokes like deadpool. Funny guy! I remember I was Mitch and I was trapping the fuse box at the start of a match when he came over and he was like "You beautiful bastard! I'm gonna have fun with that!" And he proceeded to traps the cars. It might have been him, I created a Monster that night. Lol! Trapping objectives really forces Jason to improvise.
  20. Ok, I'll try that next time I'm on. Maybe I held block too long? It's possible... Actually, that might make sense because when I get action locked I always get a very short pause where I'm stuck in block for just a moment. Thanks for your insight, I'll have to tweak my timing a bit and see what happens.
  21. Yeah, exactly! So when I block as J, the block connects and I hit L3 to sprint in for the grab. I'm locked, when I time the L3 toggle immediately after the block is successful. And I'm action locked like you said as far as using powers, but no movement or slash until I get to water. Or oddly enough, I can shift into a power box to break it and unlock myself as well. It won't go away by shift, sense, morph or stalk. Only water, or an action prompt like a window break/power box break. I can only use powers to move, or the little steps he takes when attempting a grab. And that's only the one I get for blocking... Lol! The other one is the one where you gotta get hit again to be unlocked. I get that when I hit from CS at the same time as I'm being hit. I'm sure you know all about that one so I won't bore you with details. But, those are the main two issues I have with Jason play.
  22. You use CS often, I'm sure. You think that's why it happens so frequently? I mean EVERY TIME my block reaches its apex and I get hit at the same time, or my hit lands same time as Jason. It got to the point where first contact, 1-2 mins into the game and I'm locked. All I could do was try to make it to water. That was the only way to break it for me. No one else had this issue, but they admittedly don't use CS.
  23. What makes my Jason unique, also makes my counselors unique. I get action locked more than anyone I have ever met! I don't know if it's because I use CS alot, and switch to and from quickly and often. I used to be able to sprint in, the hit R3 as I pull away from them and hit R1 to take a step back and block. Now after the "upgrade" I press R3 then R1 to block, if the hit lands at the same time my block is at its apex I'm locked. Everytime. Or, if I toggle R3 then strike from CS, and get hit at the same time. Pretty much every time both block and hit, or a dual hit lands simultaneously I'm locked. Doesn't matter if I'm Jason, or a counselor. It forced me outta CS, which in turn lost me like 60% of my offense. Thus, why I don't play Jason anymore. Until I get that back, I can't pose a lethal threat. And if Jason can't block, or hit at the same time as he's being hit without being action locked he's not really fucking Jason. Right? THAT'S what makes my Jason unique, unfortunately...
  24. True, with the early success of this game it's been shown to work. A Halloween game would be great. Hell, THIS game still could! If they wanted to put work in this game could still be boss! Bump up the cap to 200, lose the perk roll bullshit for unlockable perks per level. Throw in some new badges, a 360° power attack for Jason and the ability to stun counselors to deal with mobs. That would make the game better and would bring back some interest. All that wouldn't give issues with copyright, but nah... We got nothing, a couple patches and that's it.
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