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  1. No doubt! I love smacking Jason from behind while he's breaking in a door, it's quite a disadvantage for him. Easy free hit for me, maybe a demask if I have a strong counselor. Now, when I'm Jason I rotate the camera to view behind me. But, many J players don't. I think a look behind button would really help, in many ways other than that particular scenario. This is my thought as well, left for look behind. Right for block outside of CS, but still keeping block the same in CS.
  2. This! I do this too, but I hate when you turn the camera you stop fast walk/running. And as a counselor, knowing that. If I'm behind him, and see him stop running for a moment I'll stop advancing. Even when he starts running forward again, I have a pretty good idea that he's watching me. It's a disadvantage for Jason, IMO.
  3. I don't quite understand what you mean here, can you elaborate? What do you mean by "radio repairable"?
  4. So, I think it should have been included in Jason's toolbox. Since the counselors have it, it's in the game right? Why not throw the big man a bone? Imagine if you could watch your back as Jason like you do when you're a counselor... What do you all think?
  5. True, I played Tiff enough to know exactly what you're saying. Composure definitely works, but fear must be amplified. It already darkens the screen and causes the loss of mini map, and lessens stamina regeneration. I'm thinking by amplifying that by 20% when in a 15' radius of Jason, and adding 5% every 15 seconds for a total of 50% will give Jason a chance at dispersing the crowd without nerfing counselors. Then increase his attack speed till he beats a counselor when they swing at the same time, same with block. Only swift attacker should beat him to the punch! And bump his fast walk/run speed so he gains on a jogging counselor, then playing Jason will feel truly powerful to skilled players. And the new players will have a fighting chance against skilled counselors, while not overpowering them. Noobs will FEAR Jason, skilled opponents will respect him!
  6. I too was a counselor pref, now I have no preference so I get Jason sometimes. I also think nerfing counselors is not the way to go, I actually think that side is fine. As Jason, I think his attack speed should be slightly increased, as well as his speed in blocking and fast walk/run. Also increase fear gained by being in close proximity to Jason and IMO that would do it. Everything else to me is player error, If I'm not on point I'll get beat. Shift grab miss? I was a little off, missed it. Got clowned by a clever Chad with a bat? What can I learn from that? I'm not a great Jason player, at all! But, when I play as him I feel that for the most part it's my mistakes that cost me. Things that are beyond me are the fact if I swing at the same time as a counselor, they're gonna hit first. Even without swift attacker. And blocking too! And when Eric Lachappa can out pace part 4 Jason by jogging that's an issue! And how about that fear mechanic, let's use that! Group combat would be much more costly if those Vanessa players had black screens, with no mini maps. Now, Jenny, Mitch, AJ, and Adam could hang around Jason much longer. But, Chad, Tiff, Vanessa and anyone under a 5 composure would have to back out or lose their bearings.
  7. I like part 2 as well, great movie and fun Jason to play! He's weak in the slashing department, but I use him to eat up pocket knives on grabs so that's not a big deal. His plus traps and morph is awesome, I run with the pig splitter for the throat slash kill. He's among my favorites, he might be weak but he makes up for it by grabbing as many throwing knives as you can find.
  8. I run no fear on all, even Chad benefits from Nerves of steel. His stamina regeneration stays decent. But, his low composure still darkens the screen. For AJ's 7 she benefits from a "No fear" build in many ways. In sense range, AJ has good stamina regeneration, and her screen stays clear. She will not appear on senses very often when undamaged, and if Jason does get close she can fight and keep a clear head. After an encounter with Jason, if damaged AJ will appear more often. Jenny is the only one besides Tommy who can consistently beat senses when damaged. Fear is what makes a counselor light up on Jason's senses, so Tommy, Jenny, Mitch are the ones who most benefit from it. But AJ, Adam, Fox, and Eric can benefit as well. Hell, That build on Vanessa is killer! When I get her in random, she's fun!
  9. I run Mitch mainly, but I'll run Jenny if there are alot of fixers. Or if the lobby has fixers, but not many females. Those two are my favorites, I also run AJ as well. I put lone wolf on too, but I always end up running into other players. Or, they run into me. So I switched out lone wolf for night owl, Jenny is just gone! Many Jason's got frustrated by not being able to sense me, even after they just were fighting me. She's the only one that works for though, except Tommy of course. And, I run swift attacker because it helps hit on a counterattack. At least it helps me, I do good without it as well. But, in combat with Jason if he hits me I can hit back before he can block.
  10. Lucky! I have an epic +10% -3% sprint speed... Even still, it's on everyone. With my epic Preparedness I have +20% overall to fear Resistance, with only that -3% to sprint. I run those with swift attacker on everyone.
  11. Yeah, no fear Mitch never loses his mini map. Screen gets dark, but you can still see your mini and see well enough to have a shot at escaping. Even when limping. But without the no fear build I know he loses the map after limping if he was in combat with Jason. Otherwise, he probably keeps it. It's been close to a year since I ran anything other than a no fear build, so I'm not really certain about Vanilla Mitch. (Well, no perks Mitch)
  12. Me too, I use no fear on all my counselors. With that build, Mitch can hang around Jason the whole match if he never gets injured. When he takes hits, and doesn't hit back his fear will slightly darken the screen but he keeps a clear mini map. When limping the screen goes darker, but still not too bad and he can still see his mini map. It's been a while, but If I recall correctly his fear will darken the screen in a few minutes without no fear build on around Jason. He loses mini map on limp.
  13. Fair Play nailed it, so I'll agree. I said before, if they would amplify fear in a 15' radius around Jason it would help build fear which lessens stamina regeneration and causes loss of mini map and dark screen. The only way to deal with it would be a no fear build, and hits for stamina boost. It would cause players without that no fear build to peel off, giving Jason an out and a target.
  14. That would be something new! Fixing and escaping is harder to do, apparently. Or, so I've heard. I for one, would love that shift in meta. But, don't get your hopes up. Most likely once the new players get comfortable in combat, they will be the next generation of Jason hunters. Jason is at a huge disadvantage in group combat, even highly skilled Jasons suffer in an ambush if executed well. The kill is the absolute easiest, guaranteed win possible. It takes a demask, which also isn't hard if you can fight. One skilled sweater girl, and a Tommy player to hit a prompt wielding an axe or machete. Just saying, that's why it's the meta right now. Most likely that won't change. I've been fixing and escaping first and foremost since day one. If Jason is on me, then I go into combat mode. But, I'm more stealthy and try to be off radar fixing stuff and creating escape options. But, the combat in this game is what sets F13 apart from dead by daylight. I like sneaking around, but I think it's thrilling to fight Jason. Even after all this time, especially when the Jason is really good! The combat is my favorite part, IMO.
  15. The combos are what you helped me with the most, I'd say. I wouldn't have figured that out without your help! I used some the other night in QP and had a Vanessa player screaming! Lol. He tried to hit and I blocked into a TK/slash/block combo before his next hit connected. This guy didn't know Jason could block, so he was furious with that one. "Cheater!" I laughed. "Everything I've done is legit." I showed him how to block, then told him I'm not gonna try to explain that combo because it takes timing that is beyond him at the moment. But, told him if you time it just right and watch your knife icon at the bottom you can get it. He said. "What knife icon?" So I said "The one at the bottom right that shows your knife and trap numbers, they light up when you can use them." That type of stuff is all you man! And the window combo is a staple in my tactics now, also you.
  16. Depends on situation, I'm fighter when I have to be that. Mostly I try to make escape options, so I'm normally jogging around looking for parts. But, if I see Jason is chasing someone I'll run interference for them. Fight Jason till I get to a cabin, then kite. Probably 60% Run, 40% Fight.
  17. Yup, this!^^ Trying to block on reaction is useless, otherwise it has it's value as stated above. For example, every time I strike the last hit on a door it's followed by block. In combat you can still use it as well, just NOT on reaction or you're gonna get hit.
  18. You know, whatever nonsense people say about you doesn't matter to people like me. You have helped me ALOT in the time I've been here. Was Just talking to @GeneiJin about that the other night. When I first started on here I could do things, but not consistently. It was you who helped me the most understand how I was able to do these things so I could get better, and you added to my knowledge as well. I appreciate the help you've given and always check out your posts. Even though now it seems like constant grief from others, I'm glad to see you still come on now and then. I want you to know that some of us do appreciate your knowledge of this game, and the videos and how to guides. As for the OP, blocking or general evading the counselors weapon is the only way to deal with the stun that I know of. With Jason's block motion being slower since the engine upgrade, you have to time it differently. Anticipation, I normally spin out of the way in the first encounter to judge if they have swift attacker. And to see their skill level, and agression. Then I can better anticipate their next move.
  19. Nope... Unfortunately they will hit before Jason raises his arm to his shoulder level. You have to spin away, or anticipate the attack. That's why I always spin out of the way on the first encounter with a counselor, see if they have swift attacker on. Plus judge their moves and level of aggression for better anticipation on the next swing. Good luck!
  20. I like this! Good idea here. That power box is automatically broken at the start, yet shows up just the same as the others to Jason. Give it a failed check sound cue of it's own, and that could work! I'm not a Jason hunter, hardly ever go for the kill. But IRL Tommy Jarvis is my hero, so since the start I have tried to fix and roll quickly for a shot to be the man. But, I have seen all kinds of ways players kill themselves for it. Dive through closed windows, then a bit of the old in out till they die... Lol, never quite understood it. But, to each his own. I just like coming back, assessing the situation and doing whatever is necessary to get everyone safely out. If that means killing Jason I'll do it, but only if that's the ONLY option. I like the challenge of calling the cops, fixing cars to drive around and pick up people. Drive them to safety, then if anyone is left I'll hop out and tell them to either get out or drive back to pick them up while I watch out for Jason. The only time I will pursue the J kill is if he's an asshole, otherwise I have the badge so I would rather escape.
  21. Me too, first online multiplayer game. I played QP for months before I got a few friends from this forum. I couldn't say how many now, but back when team killing was in on QP I learned how to fight. Plus Tommy86 really helped me understand things much more, I could pull off strike cancel and counters but never consistently until he helped me understand the mechanics of it. Everything I've learned I learned the hard way, solo. Then he would explain why it happened, and I would use that. Then I started playing private against people who were really good, kinda took bits of their game to add to mine. Kiting, spacing, driving and such.
  22. Right! No fear Tommy is just amazing! I've been going with Jenny for obvious reasons, or Eric if I wanna fix. I LOVE running Eric in QP, Jasons get so excited when they see him alone and will forgo any noise cues to kill him. With a no fear build I can really frustrate them with his 5 luck, last night I was beating this guy from cabin to cabin for 7 minutes straight. Four seater rolled by, then the two. So I lead him to the water line and collected two knives and a spray. He gave up and went for a fox at the barn at Higgins, luckily I found the fuse by the lake as well. Fox died, but me and a Shelly got out.
  23. Haha! Nice! Yeah, I actually felt kinda bad for this guy. Man, he was really trying to drop me ya know? But, when he screamed "WTF was that?!?" He just stood there. Or well, hunched over grabbing his wounded arm and pride. So I coached him for a bit, then backed away and asked if he was ready. "Hang on" He sprayed, then rushed straight in for another block/grab/kill... Unfortunately, the meta alot of players utilize depends upon group beat downs. So they really never go beyond the basics, thus never actually evolving.
  24. @malloymk was definitely a great player, and no troll. He went to dead by daylight, but almost always used Vanessa to the utmost effect. "She's just the best, I can work with a 2 repair. And who cares about stealth in this game anyway?" Facts are her high speed, stam, and luck. Combined with a 4 str for demask makes her an ideal pick for most players. I like Jenny, but that's me. And, as far as the OP goes. 2 players who know the game, female sweater and my man TJ has been the winning combo forever. As far as a skilled Tommy goes, yeah I've seen bad ones. But, if you escape early and win the draw for TJ it's lights out for alot of J players.
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