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  1. At the beginning, no. When he emerged from the grave, he had no idea that was the same Tommy Jarvis who killed him those years ago. At least not from that moment, in my opinion. But at the end, when Tommy was fucking with him. Saying "It's me you want, remember!" That's what keyed Jason up. I think then he put it together, figured out that little kid grew up to be this guy.
  2. On ps4. I know of a few guys from forums here that still play regularly, and play a straight up good game. They are @lasse_hei @Vaderspupil and I'm redrum138 (same as here.) We're on Friday nights pretty often, and normally play at least a few hours.@NthnButAGoodTimeis the moderator of the group on ps4 we're all in, so it will be easy to get in with us. We all play straight, and fight for objectives. We only go for Jason kills if we're in QP, and the Jason is teaming.
  3. If you're on ps4, check out the F13 club on there. I believe it's the Crystal lake employment agency, I'm on there as well as many other ps4 forum members. We tend to play on weekends, but you can catch a few of us during the week sometimes.
  4. Wow, that was crazy! Those rules man, lol. I'm into competitive gaming, but I fail to see the logic in how this is competitive. Juking rules are hilarious, and Jason can only trap certain things. That's competition? Nah, not for me either. I want Jason to roam around, hunting like always. Not handicapped by rules like that, and the counselors side of the rules are even worse. I mean, the "hero" girl can only hunt if she has his mask? Oh, and AJ is a hero? 1 luck breaks weapons like twigs ya know? She's among my favorites, but she's no hero. Jenny, Vanessa, Even Kenny are more the type. I do hope you find some players, good luck!
  5. Roy is better IMO, he has normal shift, sense, and morph. And his stalk is great. I think he's the fastest "Jason" that runs, unfortunately... (part 4 should be) And if you use his knives in combos during melee he can still hurt up close. His mask pops off super fast, just like 6. Part 6 has plus shift, but with his abysmal morph regeneration you'll have to shift to get around more. Not Roy, he can use that shift to get in a melee strike. Followed by a TK, then get block up before they counter. Roy is better than part 6 for those reasons, in my opinion.
  6. What's your point here? To whine? Really, this game is not nearly as fucked up as before. Yeah, it's far from perfect. But, there are many of us still playing and enjoying our time. Thanks for your opinion, duly forgotten. NEXT!
  7. Grab kill: pigsplitter's throat slash. So cinematic, before that it was the head pop from part 3 where he turns them to face the camera for the same reason. All my Jasons use the spear with choke, eye gouge, bear hug and something specific to that Jason like head pop for part 3. Context: Not sure of the name. But the one where you throw them against a wall, then stomp their spine when they slide down. The crunching sound when you stomp them is wicked!
  8. Here's my opinion of the new batch. Fox is IMO the best of the new counselors, her numbers make sense. 3 luck, 5 stamina, 6 composure and 7 strength make her arguably among the best for demasking. And a reliable fixer, she can multitask. Mitch and Victoria have something they're good at, but they're not in the top 3. And then we have Shelly.... 6 composure, 7 strength. With a 1 luck, thanks! So, a fighter who breaks melee weapons like AJ. Hardly stunning at all, even with a bat! Well, he's got an 8 stealth. That's ok. And he's a fixer, with a 5 repair. Nothing special there. So, we have all these wasted points in strength because of the one luck breaking melee weapons so quickly. Such a shame, make that a 4 strength and give the poor guy some extra luck and and you would have a decent representation. I mean, yeah Shelly died and all, but at least he just got his throat slashed. Fox has a 3 luck and got impaled by a pitchfork, Mitch has 2 and his counterpart got fried at a fuse box. And Victoria's counterpart Melissa got an axe to the face as she stood frozen in fear, then tossed like ragdoll. And she has a 8 luck, huh? Give Shelly a 4 luck, and 4 str!
  9. No doubt! Mitch and AJ are in the same category, his plus one luck to hers is meaningless. AJ has the best stealth of the regular characters with her perfect stealth and 7 composure, I'll take that over Mitchell's hippy feet stealth score of six and 9 composure. They both gain fear pretty equally, but with no fear at the start of the match AJ can creep around off radar more because she can jog silently. While Mitch is off senses with his high composure, his sound pings do him in. And AJ and Mitch both break melee weapons too quickly to last through a tenacious Jason player, they need back up. Jenny is supergirl, we both know this. But, once again I would like to point out sound pings. Jenny has great stealth and can pair up with AJ, Deb or Chap and roam freely with minimal sound, But Mitch will give up their position. So, AJ in my opinion is better than Mitch. But neither of them can do what Deb and Chappa can for solo kiting, and long distance tunnel bashing. I go with Chap if I have help, and we're in more of a "Battle build". And Deb if I need to be more subtle, for stealthy lonewolfing. Even though Deb only has one point more then Mitch, and Adam. And two points more than AJ, her weapons seem to last alot longer. And her plus one in speed and stamina give her the ability to carry her own parts, I lone wolf Deb the most. Chap needs a weapon to periodically hit the large goon chasing him from Evergreen to Blair's. He is far more effective when parts are ferried for him, and with a loyal Jenny or Chad by his side he can be a Nightmare with quick fixes under pressure. Case in point: I was Jason in Stillwater facing an amazing Jenny, Lachappa, and Chad. They were contesting the phone box, while across the lake the best Vanessa player I've faced was flawlessly fixing the four seater. All my friends who I'd played hundreds of games with, I knew their tactics and couldn't stop that fucking Lachappa. And, unbeknownst to me. My friend Vader had Deb, and an another friend had AJ. Never showed up on senses, no sound pings so they were ghosts to me. They got the two seater running. They drive down to Springwater and arrive right as the four seater does, Lachappa may squeak and scream but his repair stay perfect with high fear. Deb's repair isn't as fast, and she gets more 3 skill checks when her fear goes up. They kept me off Lachappa when it was Just Chad and Jenny, he would always finish the moment before I got to him. The little, fat bastard! When Vanessa and the others showed up it was game over, Lachappa is so underrated it's abhorrent. He's the best fixer, no one better under pressure
  10. I like Mitch too, but you gotta agree his two luck sucks. 9 composure is great, but in a long fight in a "Tunnel" I'll go with Chap's 5 luck. Or Deb's 3 luck and solid stealth at the start. They might not have his composure, but with Nerves of steel they can fight and kite far better than Mitch. And they both have 10 repair for faster fixing. And Fox is a beast, love foxy!
  11. Played like 3 hrs on ps4 last night, many games were played. Granted, got dumped out of good lobbies more than a couple times. Back to the main menu, search 30 seconds tops then in a new lobby. I'm on east coast, US servers. Might that have something to do with it?
  12. That's because you're a good player, who knows how to work a disadvantage back in your favor. The average person has issues with stumbling, case in point. Running to a window, they stumble. You, or I would find a different strategy. Maybe swing if he's shifting, or just turn a different direction. There are alot of players who would stubbornly go for that window. Just saying, I think it can be beneficial.
  13. Are you timing the hit right? When are you connecting? If your hit lands after his stun frames end, with a weapon with decent stun chance it should work. The failed ones I've seen are mistimed, the glitched out ones normally have Jason bouncing on his knees away from the attack. At least from what I've seen.
  14. Exactly! With no stumbling, characters like Chad, Tiff, Vanessa and Bugs would be extremely difficult to catch. It evens out, and makes my favorite counselors more enticing. Jenny, Mitch, AJ.
  15. Thanks for that cool footage, yeah I think stumbles are supposed to be an advantage for Jason. Pretty much as you said there, the devs gave us fear Resistance perks to combat this. Among their other advantages like stam regeneration and sense resist.
  16. Thanks! Ya know, I run Nerves of steel, Preparedness and the same lightfoot on AJ and she's a ghost! I hate giving up thick skin, but as long as you either stay off Jason's radar. Or, dodge throwing knives pretty well. That build works good for AJ, if you plan on sneaking around fixing stuff. Thing is, lightfoot only gives the ability to sprint silently to AJ. And Tommy of course. So I only run that build on her. You put the no fear build on AJ and she stays off Jason's senses, then with lightfoot she can jog and sprint with no sound. As long as you keep your flashlight off when Jason is around, and he doesn't hear her scream when he cuts the power near you. He's not gonna know you exist, till rage hits. But by then, hopefully you're long gone!
  17. She's definitely not immune, but it helps alot IMO. I go with NOS, Preparedness and thick skin. She's the best part runner, I think. She can roll with fixers and stay stealthy, then run on ahead to drop a part and go find a weapon.
  18. Hey, have you tried the no fear build? I run Nerves of steel 10%, and Preparedness 10% fear Resistance and she stumbles far less. And can fight, or kite Jason much better. Her stamina regeneration is better, and her screen stays clear longer.
  19. That's my build on every counselor, works really well for me. As Six mentioned, putting slugger on Victoria doesn't do much other than start with a bat. Lightfoot is a better pick for her, less sound pings while sprinting. Grinder I never used, even while at low level. Just so many better perks. Not gaining fear while out of Jasons range is standard, if you go with the build he mentioned your fear will remain low when he is on you. You play what you want, just saying if you drop slugger and grinder for something different you might be even better.
  20. Favorites are: Crystal Lake map (large or small) Favorite Jason: Part 3 with a spear or the pig splitter. Favorite counselor. This is tough! I love Jenny, but I run Deb and AJ alot too. I don't like: Pinehurst map I hate: Teamers, racists, and just general assholes.
  21. When I'm Jason I kill my mic, no talking or seeing my mic icon. I'll watch the intro closely for any visual sign of the radio tower. If nothing is shown in the intro, it's business as usual. Depending on the Jason I use, and the lobby I'm against. I'll trap the shack, then morph to the power box closest to the phone. Kill power, trap phone twice then on to cars/boats. I hardly ever trap gas, unless I'm positive it's not already done. Mostly I go for the battery, as long as the hood is up. If it's down, I trap the driver's door. If the boat is there, I'll morph in the water nearby. I constantly check my map, and listen closely for sound cues. Then knock out all the power to the camp while locating the radio tower, trap that if I get there quickly. I'll only go for kills if they are too aggressive. Mostly shift grabs to eat knives, then quickly move away to keep them guessing. Once stalk is available I'll start killing, mostly stalk/morph and spam sense. I try to hang out by windows that would be appealing to me as a counselor, then listen and wait. I've got many jump scares like this! I just stay alert and listen for sound cues, and player conversations. I use choke kill for groups, and tight areas. I use the pig splitter for the throat slash and knee capper kill. And I use part 3 often, so I have the head pop kill for film accuracy. Lol, and I play with a bunch of good players. So, if I see one of them decisions must be made! Can I afford to let them go, and chase someone else? I mean, obviously if I see a fixer around an objective I'm gonna note that. But, if it's some newb who might not know what they're doing. I'm likely to move on. Otherwise, I'm gonna do what I can to eliminate that threat. My friends can fix with Jenny, no mistakes. On the regular. So, I track them more relentlessly. Newbs, I tend to save for later. They need the experience anyway, right? Lol!
  22. This, Six is on point with this. I do the same, when I get Jason I won't let up because they will never get better. But, after the match is over I'll try to point out what they did right and wrong. As long as they stick around, or the lobby doesn't crash. The only time I'll thrash a newb is if they are teaming, cheating or being very sexist or racist. I have no patience for people who play like that, I try to crush them in all aspects so they willingly quit playing for all of our benefit. But, overall I think the influx of newbs has helped us. And, I've made alot of new friends from these players.
  23. Oh, I get that ALL THE TIME! Lol, my man behind the mask is over a year old now. When I finish a video and post to you tube it's like "Come on baby, get in there!" Yeah, if copyright hits it's back to square one unfortunately. I have had six that I scrapped, and only one which worked out for something else. Save the scrapped ones to your phone, or computer. I keep mine on a thumb drive. Also, if copyright hits. Go back and remove the music, try some other music. But, don't edit yet. Post to YouTube, then if it clears the copyright police you can go back and edit. Trick is this, leave the unedited video on YouTube until you finish editing your "Finished" one. That way you're guaranteed "rights" to that song. Once you've finished editing, go to YouTube and delete your old one and quickly upload your video. Love that new video you just posted!
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