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  1. One more day till The 13th, and this year we are fortunate enough to have it before Halloween. How many of you will be having marathons starting at one through X then Freddy vs Jason and the remake?
  2. My daughter and I will be on almost all weekend, starting tomorrow at four we can accept any players who play by the rules of the community. Any trolls in the game and We'll have to "reset the lobby" WE DON'T ALLOW TROLLS TO RUIN THIS GAME! We'll be on with boxingrogue, vaderspupil, and pioneer67fkd virtually all weekend, mostly they host. Ps4 Crystal Lake employment agency. We welcome all who play with honor. Happy Friday the 13th tomorrow!
  3. The second story window in the party house that Trish crashed through like a nothing left to lose badass! I think even Jason was impressed.
  4. My daughter and I will be on all day. Ps4/redrum138 sign us up!
  5. Or the ever so popular "What's your best Jason Voice?" Rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a headache...
  6. Go on psn, search "Spring" $1.99, enjoy your swimwear! Just got mine moments ago.
  7. Jason, trap shack, trap phone. Kill! Councilors, 360 degree scan. Move to nearest house to discover fuse box, cue music. Die horribly. Return as Tommy, miss Jason with gun about 60% of the time, run for life and weapon hopefully pulling Jason to me to free up others still working on escaping. Die horribly... Lol, have a cup of coffee and spectate.
  8. D pad up, map. D pad down, emote. D pad left, drop held item. D pad right, drop inventory highlighted item. Game on!
  9. I double trap the phone if the lobby is full of experienced players, or all fixers. Otherwise just one, as well as one at the shack and the rest for cars and the boat. And sackhead for the win, no doubt!
  10. All outta likes, Lol. Good one!
  11. Here's an idea for devs. Would it be possible to run a stat tracker on all accounts that would track foul play? Mainly betrayal such as hit and run with the car, number of times reported for griefing, racism, sexism, or any offense worthy of a ban? Example. Billy doesn't like Tommy, he watches him fix the car and rushes over to snatch the ride for himself. Billy runs Tommy over, killing him. He then proceeds to franticly honk the horn while saying "hurry up and get in the car!" On mic as his fellow councilors run for the car. He kills four more this way for a total of five councilors betrayed. Say the bar is set at five car kills in a one week span will cause all of Billy's councilors to glow red for everyone in game, like Jason's senses. As well as Billy can no longer start a car, or the boat. Just an idea.
  12. Only had a bit to play tonight, one game really. Hooked up with boxingrogue, pioneer67fkd and vaderspupil among others. Good times guys, Thanks for making that game badass!
  13. I will keep you posted, I always planned on having Ralph involved but originally he popped up in my outline around a quarter of the way in. But if you don't mind, I will use some of that as I love the idea of Ralph diving in and pulling him out while panic and chaos erupt across the lake as the councilors clear the laughing children and attempt to find Jason. I'm thinking it would fit better if maybe Ralph had built the shack for himself and let Jason live there, brought him food and cared for him. I want my story to be different from the Hollywood jerkoff sessions we've received in the last thirty years, i want my readers to feel sorrow for Jason, i want them to cry with him when he hooks up with Elias and goes to his mothers house. When he falls asleep in her bed and dreams of her comforting words and warm embrace, the smell of his mother; The strength it brings. I want them to feel things inconceivable when reading a Friday the 13th novel. You nailed it when you said the pillowcase is his comfort, but it's also his downfall when Ginny twists something so pure with her home invasion near the climax of part two. After he recovers and tracks down Ginny and Paul to finish them he pulls the bitch out the window and she goes into a seizure from shock as Paul races around the corner of the cabin to be smashed in the face with a rock, over, and over. Satisfied, Jason drags Paul back to the shack. He turns to leave when Paul once again jumps him (tough motherfucker, eh?) They crash through the wall bringing the shack down on them, when Jason awakens he digs out of the wreckage. The candles had started a fire and his hair had burned off, his mother's head was lost; and the pillowcase as well. He digs frantically to find the discarded machete and burys it in Paul's cold corpse until he passes out from exhaustion. He awakens to find police on the scene and Ginny gone. Two deputies could have sworn they heard an animal howl, but no one could be sure... it's not supernatural, just (pardon me for saying) retard strength. Lol
  14. That's pretty badass! I actually am on a bit of a roll with it at the moment, but I REALLY like that! I might be able to weave that in as the story progresses. I don't Normally let people in the kitchen when I'm cooking but you gave me a very rad concept so I'll give you a bit of a progress report. Cut to morning as the police arrive to find the headless corpse of mother dearest next to an unconscious Alice, Elias arrives to identify the body and asks where his wife's fucking head is. The sheriff's deputies inform him it's missing and the have some questions they need answered. He brushes them off, all the while murderously gazing at the bitch who killed his wife. They continue to argue as he surveys the scene, Alice has regained consciousness and he overhears her asking one of the deputies "where is the boy?" Now he moves away, following a subtle trail towards the woods. "Elias! We're not done here!" The sheriff calls to him. He quietly responds. "Yes you are, motherfucker." After a long trek he finds his son huddled behind an oak tree, clutching his mother's head to his chest. Elias says "Don't worry son, I'm here now. We're gonna make that slut pay for what she did, get up. We've got work to do." Elias killed Alice as a young Jason watches, they transport the body to the shack. That's where I'm at. I have it outlined to go through part two to explain why Jason lost his hair and why we never see Paul or the shack again, story will be partly told through the eyes and fractured mind of Jason and will end with Jason coming to his new home at that oh so familiar barn we all know and love.
  15. I've been waiting all my gaming life for this, wish I would have heard about it in the kickstarter phase as I could have sold my soul for rock n roll; ya know? Anyway, played mostly quickplay in the beginning and have been through all the good, the bad, and the "connection to host lost". So one day i'm stalking forums outside the cabin, looking through the glass before I joined the clan and I see something game changing. Camp Crystal Lake employment agency for ps4, well now! I gotta get in on this! So, I did. No doubt, best times I've had thus far. I really never minded the constant pressing of R1 to see if the filthy troll behind me was readying his machete back in the tk days of quick play, i love the chaos but i wanted to try the pure gameplay experience of playing with cool people so I tryed some games with the community and I have never been more happy to die by the hands of some of the best jason players i've experienced so far. I'm kinda stupid when it comes to sacrificing myself for my brothers and sisters in arms, especially when I die nice and early and get the honor of playing my fucking hero Tommy Jarvis! Nothing better than running up behind Jay and blasting his ass as i say "Get up maggothead, it's me you want; Remember!". Then watching the four seater roll by packed full knowing though I die, the resistance lives on! Best games I've had have been these last couple days and looking forward to many more. Would recommend this community to anyone willing to play a clean, honest game with great people. Kudos to my fellow friday fanatics, see ya at the shack!
  16. Kinda both, I'm working on a short story that takes place between part one and two. My daughter kinda gave me the idea one day as I was going through writer's block, blankly staring at my screen. Starts off with Pamela's death bringing about the resurrection of Jason at the bottom of the lake, he awkwardly makes his way to the surface and grabs the first object he can to pull himself from the water. Poor Alice, it wasn't a dream. He makes his way to shore and stumbles into the woods. Hopefully one day I'll finish it and everyone can check it out. I will say it's difficult to get into the mind of such a traumatized boy, who has real thoughts and emotions but cannot relay them into audible sentences or even words. Tragically, as the story progresses his mind deteriorates and his psychosis increases to the point we see him in part two. In my story his mask is not a flower sack, it's his mother's pillowcase.
  17. WOW, This is a thing; Really? Sad state of affairs gentlemen, there are lots of other avenues for that. Book stores, laundromats, grocery store, etc. Oh, wait.... We are talking about childish online morons who would never dare approach a female in reality, so they are only left with this. Sorry individuals, truly!
  18. Thanks for the invite, I'm honored to be a part of the community. Yeah, I was like six when we went to the drive in that fateful night, we were supposed to see a Disney flick but my parents wanted to see something else; lol. After that I was hooked, no more Disney flicks for me. I also saw a double feature of Halloween one and two at the drive in before they tore it down. But seeing part three Friday in 3d is my favorite, when Rick's eyeball popped out both me and my dad jumped. Good times!
  19. Thanks, yeah I'm 42 so I was literally cringing in the backseat throughout part one. When Pam started talking like Jason through the crappy window speaker I nearly wet myself, "Kill her mommy!" Lol, my mom asked if I wanted to stay for the "new" one that had just come out and I said "We're staying here all night." We watched part two and i've been a member of the Crystal Lake alumni ever since. I'm on ps4, my daughter plays too. She's young but very respectful, we love helping where we can in the game. When we get Jason normally I get the honor, she's not into killing the councilors.
  20. I would love a small radius around the player that when entered the troll would turn to the side and say "oops, excuse me." Trolls would just rage quit! HAHAHA! Kill em with kindness.
  21. What's up people of Crystal Lake, redrum138 here. I remember being terrified in the backseat of my parents car witnessing a double feature of part one and two when I was a kid at the drive in, seen every Friday since in the theater and will do so till I die. Big fan of this game, love is the word really. Glad to be here and look forward to seeing you soon.
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