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  1. This is the keystone to being a repair character.
  2. LaChappa, all you need. Forget the 7 Chad challenge. Face the 7 Chappas! Lol. Really, Chappa, Deb, and Jenny. Adam, Fox. Vanessa, Tiffany. I don't like doubles, First 3 are the stealth group with Jenny to protect. Adam and Fox are mid range distractions and fixers. Nessa is the main distraction, and secondary part runner. Tiff runs parts, and backs up Vanessa.
  3. Actually, I am not too bad at combat. I never was a Jason hunter as it was too easy, but I fought to help my teammates by buying them time. Now, when rage hits I will still do that but I die if I make a mistake. Time my dodge cancel wrong, or my spacing. I'm cool with that, and yeah i'm pretty even minded and try not to incite rage in conversation. But, I am honest in my replies that I do like this patch and welcome the end game tension of any mistakes will lead to my death.
  4. I like the patch, add me in there with those guys. I like a challenge, and yeah I died a few times to rage Jason. But, in so doing I saved some others by sacrificing myself. I want Jason scary, I LOVE it now!
  5. Just read on Facebook some people are getting rid of their sucker punch perks, wouldn't that be something if the devs made a tweak to that perk for the next patch? Something like, the only way to stun Jason in rage is if you have that perk equipped? And whatever percentage you have is the percentage chance to stun during rage. I would be cool with that.
  6. It is more challenging to play against Jason, but a little easier to escape (at least last night it was) Because nearly every counselor last night was working objectives, after they had encountered rage Jason solo some players got scared and changed tactics to fix first.
  7. We played last night and had a bunch of great matches. Escaped alot, died some too. Gotta switch it up when rage hits, and hope you have escape options lined up. Best i can say is when rage hits, dodge cancel your hits to the right and do a short sprint for distance. And in the beginning, get those objectives going and don't hit Jason unless you have to. And if you're playing to kill Jason get it done before rage hits, and still have escape options lined up anyway. Loving this new patch, it's way more challenging to play against Jason now.
  8. No suicide Tommy, that's awesome. Cowards can't be a hero. And all the changes to rage will help this become the experience it was at the start. Glad i've always gone for escape options. Looking forward to this patch, and to the new challenges. Good J players are gonna be beasts now, great ones will envoke nightmares.
  9. Thank you, I figured you could end that argument. It just wasn't there at all, unless you're close enough to hear it and not being aware of your proximity. Good game! I never heard it outside of proximity, plus I can tag multiple players who were also around at the start.
  10. I'm off work today and have files saved as Jason from as far back as the original Packanack roof glitch, when friends could go up there and blast them with a shotgun. Don't know if a boat was started, but I'll look and post the results. Whatever I find, I'll let you guys know in a couple hours. I looked and the video in the above post beat mine by two weeks, but I also had no sound when the boat started. Hey @Tommy86is it possible for one account to have something like a rogue sound file? Maybe one person can hear a sound that is encoded, but the rest of our accounts can't? Because it seems like all of us never heard the start up of the boat, yet @HowAreYa is adamant the sound was there. Just asking if that's even possible, or just How's personal experience.
  11. I have a basic set up for all counselors, I also play random. Nerves of steel, and thick skin on everyone, then if they have a 7 or higher in stamina they get restful. Marathon for less than 7.
  12. Cool, might be on Diablo with Vader. Still, if you're on hit me up.
  13. Yup, there was never any indication of the boat being started until they patched it in. Otherwise, I would have never escaped Rust. Lol! Btw, @Shadesofjoe If you are on tomorrow about 6pm, Lassie and I will be on F13.
  14. Yeah, fear affects stam regeneration. And Chappa gets scared pretty fast, Nerves of steel will help alot. And marathon shouldn't really help as much as it does, I mean 15% on what a 2 or something? But, it does. Alot! And with restful to keep that stamina topped off. That's my build on Chappa, Mitch and Deb. Used to use thickskin all the time, but now only against really good Jason players. And I'll drop restful for it on any counselor under a 7 stamina. But keep restful, and drop marathon for higher.
  15. A cool Lachappa build, non meta. Nerves of steel, restful and marathon. That build is on my Chappa. NOS helps stamina regeneration when Jason is near, or your fear elevates. That set up is sweet, made some Jasons scratch their head on that one. "No way he got away" Lol, try it.
  16. Nerves of steel is a great non meta pick, it really should be meta as it keeps your mini map on screen and really helps guard against fear. Restful or Marathon, anything that helps overall stamina or regeneration is good. Preparedness is good, another fear reducer helps keep you off senses and helps keep fear down.
  17. Got that right! Espe's a baseball bat, bashing your brains out kinda nightmare with anyone. But with Jenny, lights out! Stamina constantly full from those hits, and tunneling was out of the question or you would go 0 for 8 that round. Never killed you, or Espe. And yeah, Shade is great. As a counselor, and a fearsome J player too.
  18. Anyway, BoxingRogue was probably one of the best early on. When Malloy was still learning, as were we all. That guy had it, right away. Shame he bowed out, once Malloy got good he was great. A leader, and after Espe the second best looper around. So yes, @malloymk most definitely! But, I have to put Espe and him as equal. Mk isn't a fighter, but more of a leader and objective hound. Espe's a bruiser, and the best looper. Add those together and you get one MASSIVE headache! You are pretty good too @Shadesofjoe, played lots of games. And yeah shade's good, always good games! Also Gotta say Rust is pretty good as a counselor too! Vader is a beast with Jenny, so is Alien#6. Luck, JoeH, Pioneer, Lassie, The Freds. And many more, they all bring something to the lobby. And if you're cool to us, we will help out anyone.
  19. Gotta say you were pretty good too! Probably top five on my list when you played, back in the scream team days definitely! EspeXspe was a beast too, but you killed me quite alot with the stalk/shift grab combo. Some of my best jump scares came from you, Rust, and Vader.
  20. Ps4, redrum138. If I'm on it's normally fridays, and normally accompanied by a few others from here on the forums.
  21. This right here! All the best J players never claim it, it's the ones who talk about their greatness that get beat. As far as all the stuff that you stated above, yeah like I said you killed me more than any other player because of those reasons. It's why whenever we go into a lobby and see that Savini in the intro there arises a collective groan from your friends. Lol, because no matter if it's your first game or last of the evening. We know there will be no quarter, no mercy. You play Jason how he should be played, utterly devoid of compassion and absolutely relentless. It's why I play, sucks to die so much. But, when I can escape you it's like a little piece of heaven. Lol!
  22. RustInPeace, he's the only Jason I fear. Only ever escaped him a couple times, maybe 5 total in well over 100 games. Mainly because he never saw me, and mostly on the boat. If he notices me, he hunts me relentlessly until I'm dead. Always a challenge, rarely beaten.
  23. Ok, just some insight here. @lasse_hei is among my best online friends, and he is an honorable man. He is frustrated because of the issues with the EU servers not working as intended and has been patiently waiting for info on the new patch for quite some time now. The only way he gets games is if one of us who are on his friends list on the US servers will invite him over, otherwise the game in not playable. Please cut the guy some slack here, he's really a great guy and always plays a clean game within the rules and helps out his team in any way possible. We all appreciate the info that is being provided in this thread, and it's just his frustration talking here. Once again thank you to @mattshotcha for providing the info when possible on the much anticipated upcoming patch for the game that we're all crazy for!
  24. So right! No doubt, as long as that body is still living. I'm trying to remedy that. Don't care who it is.
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