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  1. I'd keep it in QP, but have a toggle for it in private. With a regular group, who like the challenge of playing without the item markings in private it would be cool. But in QP, where so many don't communicate it would hurt the casual gamer.
  2. Looking like part 8 will be the final chapter for the counselors if you continue to kill the lobby. Part 5, 6 will have a full lobby. 7 will have Nessa and Victoria, but the counselors will have very limited fixers! So by part 8, Deb might be the only fixer. And it might not matter as they are stuck at the lodge area till you get rage to represent the boat in part 8. It's highly likely they won't have a living counselor to go to part 9, lol.
  3. Speaking of which, you guys wanna continue the movie marathon challenge today? Rust is on Part 5, Joeh is on part 4. Or someone else can start a new one. I have all the stats and survivors written down.
  4. Sure, no problem. I'm on ps4, might have been in a lobby together before. My daughter and I played the game non stop for about a year and a half before she quit, I still play and have met just about everyone on ps4 for good or bad. šŸ˜†
  5. I have a daughter who used to play f13 regularly at 13, may I suggest adding cool players to game with? Granted now there are far less cool players who regularly play, but when you come across one add them. Add me, I'm redrum138. I play on weekends, at least most weekends. RustinPeace is one of my friends who still play, and we have others as well. My daughter hardly plays f13 anymore, she switched to fortnite. But, best I can say is if the talk bothers you then mute them. Girl gamers have it rough, I know my daughter got called all kinds of crap. But, now she just laughs at them. If you can play it off and be cool, the trolls will get bored. They seek misery, that's their pleasure. Deny them!
  6. Pretty much what Slasher said, if I find a 2nd knife I give it to whoever could use it. Normally that's a friend, but if I'm fubar I'll drop it for whoever I can find. I'll drive, unless I can give the car to someone I know is a better driver. I'm at the point where I'll constantly give lower level players stuff to help them out, unless they're assholes. Then I just ignore them.
  7. Great idea @Alien_Number_Six, as usual. I would totally back this! To add to this I would love it if it was like a real movie series. Just have a summer camp map with a killer for the first level, or act. After the survivors escape the killer they wake up in a Hospital map for act 2, same killer with any battle damage from the attack on the camp still visible yet at full health. After they put him down again, for what they think is the final time. One year later. It's back to regular life until the killer resurfaces in an attack at a school map, maybe have the kids meet up after hours to talk of a weird person following them. And a feeling that it's not over yet. Then after they escape the school onto small town neighborhood map, eventually ending with a final battle at a police station? Have a couple different killers and campers to start off, with more to unlock. Each story would continue with your chosen slasher/camper. And every level would have a different version of the killer, showing the damage they sustain. Same for the survivors, as the story progresses you show the wounds you survived. You must have at least 1 survive to proceed to the next act. Any campers/survivors who die are dead, no coming back after the act is finished. If you survived, you move to the next portion of that character's storyline. And each new level the dead players can choose new characters exclusively for that level, many would LOVE this! It would be so tense playing through this from the start, especially if you're gud enough to make it all the way and see a character's full storyline! And for those like me who die ALOT to save others. The thought of spectating and hoping your sacrifice will get the others out is great, and people would be rooting for them. True "final girl" gameplay! @mattshotcha @wes Come on guys! Your team has shown such passion with the work you did on F13, if anyone can pull it off you can! Guaranteed all your player base from F13 would be in on it, and alot of the players who left for that "other" game. And the streamers can do their thing. On F13 I see low 100's in viewership on streams, because they have seen it before. But, with a game like that you could break out and be more creative. Thus gaining even more players, and viewers.
  8. This! Jason should be able to push the car to gain access to the barn, shack, or any single door building. Wherever he needs to go. I've seen this with all of the above, shack happened twice. The barn is a bitch too, had five dancing and taunting a while back. Such douchebags! I let the only 2 players playing fix the phone, and escape on the boat. Then screwed around till the end.
  9. Gotta agree with Vader here! Mine would be. Vanessa-runner Chad-annoy Deb-Fix AJ-Fix Fox-Fix/demask Adam- Fix/demask Jenny-protect the stealthy fixers.
  10. Yeah, watch out for his Jason! I play with him pretty often and have a very low survival rate. We're friends, we play other games too. Red dead, Diablo 3, etc. Be that as it may, Rust is a solid player and friend! No mercy when he's Jason, no "I'll save him for later". Nope, mostly if he is aware of my character then he's hunting. As it should be, and as a teammate he plays smart and is always pushing objectives. That's how we all play, and none of us use "Tech". No glitching, exploiting or ignorant bashing of opponents. Always good games.
  11. Chad is king! Who's this Tommy fella? Probably works for Chad's dad or something, lol.
  12. Jenny. With NOS, medic and thick skin, she's a ninja. Grab a bat and cruise some cabins. Even without preparedness, nerves of steel keeps her fear low and stamina regeneration normal. In the right hands she's Queen.
  13. Still playing, after being max level with all unlocked. Lots of great perks, with nothing new on the horizon other than patches and increased xp, cp and tape drop events. Still my go-to game. Love it, and always come back to it. I imagine after the lawsuit there will be a sequel, part 2. But until then, I'll play just because it's Friday the 13th! Dead by Daylight is just not interesting to me.... Now they got some watered down version of Ash, no boomstick or chainsaw.... Really?
  14. My list is just that, my personal list and why I value the stats. My build for perks is the same for all, so I found these stats compliment my build. Which is Nerves of steel, thick skin and Marathon on low stamina. Or restful if I'm in a pub lobby with high stamina, or Medic if I'm playing competitive. Speed (Though I play AJ, higher speed is always better to keep distance and easier to conserve stamina) Stamina (Obviously) Composure (Here's the one most will disagree, but I've found that higher Composure keeps fear low which helps keep me off senses. And also keeps my stamina regeneration at it's max value, helps kick out quicker and keeps stumbling from happening very often. Pair that with nerves of steel and higher Composure helps me alot. Stealth (For my game play, high stealth is valued early game. Yes, rage negates this. But, early game I can creep around with AJ silently. And combined with NOS, and her 7 composure I can keep my light off and stay off radar.) Repair (Higher the score, quicker I can repair. Though I can work with a low score, clutch repairs done quickly and silently have helped me and everyone else many times.) Luck (Obviously I use AJ so I can work with a 1 luck, just gotta be good with a quick shot flare gun. Or if you go melee, know your weapon duration and factor that into your choice. Count your hits!) Strength (Demask, get out of traps and kick out quicker. Once demask is done this stat loses it's luster for me.) Just my opinion, and what has worked best for my play style.
  15. I think part 3 Jason in the game is the most movie accurate. As mentioned above. I would love to see the devs take the can run/can't run abilities and just assign them. So living Jasons can run, undead have fast walk. Then each Jason would have an open spot to add a strength. Or assign a weakness. Part 2,+Stalk. (He was very adept at Stealth, and hiding in dark rooms.) Part 3, +Hit points. (Didn't die from Chris higgins axe hit to the head. This Jason's mask stayed on, but he was rendered unconscious. It should take an extra hit to knock off this one's mask.) Part 4, +Morph (To offset the -Shift I would give him +Morph to represent his speed in pursuit. Making him a more powerful Part 2 without the traps.) Roy, +Traps. (He set-up some cool kill spots. Notably the tree kill after the boyfriend noticed the dead body and backed into the tree. And the outhouse kill!) Part 6, -Water speed. (Couldn't stop Tommy in the boat, got chained down. Died in the lake) Part 7, -Hit points. (Tina popped his mask straps, with her mind.) Part 8, -Defense. (Let his guard down, but had the hit points to take the punches.) Part 9, -Water speed (Just fits, and I can't stand this movie so f#$k it!)
  16. Damn, beat me to it. Can't count the amount of times this has happened to me, or others that were playing Jason.
  17. I think all the counselors are good, in the right hands. I personally can't stand Shelly's digital counterpart, one luck with a 7 strength? Ughhh! But, I see players doing good with him sometimes. Lots of people can't stand Chappa, but I love that pudgy nerd! It's all about the player. So Slash N Cast's list is what they like. Me? It really depends, I use Bugz if I'm on a team with fixers, and we need a demask. Or Chad if we need a nuisance, Deb or Chappa for speed repair. AJ for stealth repair. Fox for my anything you need type. Jenny is my hit girl, clobber and intercept in hopes of distracting Jason. Those are my go-to counselors.
  18. The survivor build would be so badass, I think giving them an ability would be best for a 4th perk though. Something indicative of how they escaped? Stuff like that, and the single player counselor vs AI Jason experience. Plus, all the rest of the maps. Jason X, and Uber. Some new Vehicles (bikes, and motorcycles for the truly daring. Those vehicles should have a kill animation if he catches you. And a Van!), weapons and counselors, Trish, Crazy Ralph, Ginny, Paul... Yeah, plenty of reasons to do a sequel!
  19. Damn! I love that concept! Wouldn't it be cool if you had your own counselor in a single player game against an AI Jason hunting you down? Like a bots round, but you use any counselor (including created, or unlocked survivor ones). And once you unlock a counselor, or a survivor they become available to spawn in to fill the lobby. Then select the Jason, and his difficulty, tenacity, and viciousness. Plenty of awesome things to warrant a sequel!
  20. Most definitely, many times. And coached them through it, how to block etc. Stats don't mean shit to me, I want to have a good time and I wanna play against good J players. Sometimes they need a little help.
  21. Nice! My quickest escape was 1:58 on Packanack on the boat, with one passenger.
  22. Or a spray, Tommy house too. But yeah, when the pk shows up everyone runs there šŸ˜†
  23. Awesome, no doubt. I had one of my friends wives dead to rights and she was like "Come on Red, don't hurt me." Ugh, morph. 15 seconds later the cops are called and I'm like "You bitch..." Lol!
  24. I hear ya, i'm not competitive about "who's better" But, I hate to let my teammates down. So, if I screw up and die; no worries. But, if my screw up cost us the game I can't help but get pissed at myself. This game is wicked fun, but I do get a bit competitive as a counselor because I wanna save everyone. As Jason, I suck. I don't have the "kill em' all!" attitude that the lobby deserves, if someone begs for their life in a truly pathetic way I move on. I'm too damn nice to be Jason, lol.
  25. Me too! I look at it like i'm saving lives. I really don't like killing Jason, survival is good. Escaping is good too, but putting the final Juke on J before hitting the exit to the cops is my favorite.
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