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  1. We all know the rules, right? Certain things are an obvious exploit, like car surfing and counselors teleporting. But then we have grey areas like, door/window combat. Rules are clear for macros, and using 3rd party tech. And they tell us what we can, and are expected not to do. Yet certain things are called an exploit. Though the rules are not clear on it, to my translation. I'm starting this to get an idea of what some of you think on the subject. An actual intellectual discussion between the forum playerbase. Pertaining to what is not clear in the rules, yet we feel is exploiting. When you reply, please give reasons with your examples. And let's give each other the respect of an open mind while discussing this. I'll start with this example: I posted in a topic about beartraps that I take counselor traps and set them at key points that Jason traps, like the fuse box or front of the car. That was called an exploit, and I see the point but respectfully disagree. My reason being, it's not exploiting if I set the trap in a doorway I know Jason will enter. How would setting that trap in a spot I know he will enter be exploiting? Is it the fact that the trap is on the spot he wants to trap? What do you guys think? And any other examples of the things we think are exploits, yet the rules are unclear?
  2. Thank you for adding that, I have actually tried that once when I knew he would come back and I knew making the call was all on me. I grabbed a trap I set at the busted door, then tried placing it at the fixed box but his trap (that I sprung with a PK) was in the way. He returned and smashed the box, then my head against a wall. Lol, I could have made the call and possibly saved lives but his trap was in the way. It's all about who gets there first I suppose, shouldn't a counselor have the ability to defend an objective as well as Jason?
  3. I initially was only trapping where I knew Jason would go to get the trapper badge, but I started to notice no Jason traps in that area. So, next time I was Jason I played around with some traps I had set off to see what happened. That's when I figured that out. I don't consider that exploiting my Jason, I still have my own traps to place elsewhere. I just make a note of it, and I'll be more creative with my own traps. Besides, I would love to catch my counselor running around with only a trap in hand. Because I'm the one would can kill by pressing a single button, not the counselors. And door combat is fine, I don't mind that at all. Sweater canceling, dodge canceling, all that is ok by me. It's not an easy thing to pull off, and like I said Jason needs one grab for me to die so I'll take whatever weapons the devs will give me. Roof glitching, inaccessible rock formations, edge of the map spots are exploits to me because as Jason I can't get to my grab range.
  4. I myself would not consider it an exploit, the reason was that by me putting a trap there jason could not move it even after it's sprung. He also can't trap over it, and as counselor we can disarm it and do the objective without fear. Is it exploiting? No, if I see some shit like that as Jason I would say clever counselors!
  5. No doubt! Both those locations have cost me lives! First time on Jarvis. Morph to the northern bridge exit to stop a full 4 seater, which happened to be the same exit the police arrived at. I'm under the bridge, by the time I realized what happened the full car and the final two counselors were out. Why in the world would they not include morph locations in the road? Or, why would it bring you so far from the road when you choose a spot in the road dead center to morph to? I'll be so happy if the new engine makes morphing more accurate!
  6. Well said! When I use traps I'm looking to stop Jason momentarily, even In setting a trap in front of the battery slot in the engine. If I'm Jason, I'll trap the driver's side door. Fuse house? I'll just save the trap and go elsewhere. All it means to me is I'm up against some tricky players. Does it give them an advantage over me? I wouldn't think so, I can grab and kill them in one move without a PK. I have no qualms if they use weapons in a creative way. And as Jason, I'm so used to CSing the doors that I kinda wish more would contest it. I've hit quite a few who've tried, and lost my mask a few times as well. So, it goes both ways.
  7. True, I agree. The whole trap things is a grey area because it's a weapon that cannot be moved or overlapped by Jason, so he cannot place a trap in an already occupied space. I get it, but it's not covered as anything other than an item for use on the map. I don't think it's exploiting at all, but that's me.
  8. I'm all for a ground based grab kill, I stated as much in another thread. When Jason would normally sit up, if anyone is within range he could have a grab prompt show up on them. If they have no PK, then it's killing time! But, with that said I try not to let it bother me when they do it. That's why they do it, just play smart and take what they give you and make them suffer!
  9. While I do agree that his Shift is more easily controlled, it is too slow coming back, and all it takes is clipping a rock or fence and you're SOL. Sure, in quickplay part 4 is a beast. But we're comparing chasing fluffy bunnies in quickplay, to chasing a full lobby actual opponents with way more time played than four months. Quickplay is a great place to slay, I played from launch on ps4 till November in QP. But, since I started playing private with real players. Most of whom are much better than me. I've learned alot, and it made me better. QP is a crap shoot, sometimes you CAN get full lobbies of good players. But, in private it's that way most times. AND, they play together often so they work like a fucking machine and really challenge you. QP you don't see that, private is the best test of skill.
  10. As someone who plays part 4 occasionally against guys like Vader, if you (Dorian) think part 4 is OP on land and consider part 8 to be one of the "weaker" Jason's. You really haven't played any good opponents. The crew I play with know how to run him ragged, and also know how to use his weaknesses against him. @Vaderspupil I'll try to get on some this weekend, we've been studying hard and Rach is passing now so hopefully I'll get some games in. Been a LONG week! Lol.
  11. Good point there! Counting hits on the door, part 8 and 4 both take 3 if it's barricaded. Part 4 runs, yes! But good luck catching a counselor going out the back window trying to run there, and his shift won't make it either. You could morph, sure. Or go with that "weak" part 8, shift back there and grab em up.
  12. Let's talk about bear traps.

    Yeah, maybe. I've only ever done that to excessive douchebag, trash talking Jason's in QP last summer. I wouldn't do that in private, but in QP against some toxic jerks I have.
  13. Ok, I use CS to block pretty quick. Then exit by pressing sprint to grab or swing all the time. Everyone I've played against could see every part of that. Could you post a video? I'm very interested!
  14. I got killed for the first time the other night, private game against two really good friends of mine. Came REAL close in QP couple times, underestimated the lobby to my dismay.... Lol
  15. Teabag! Boys do that so you chase them and do something foolish. If you catch a muffintop, you just were blessed by the vaginagods. And can feel all warm and fuzzy in your naughty bits for Jason. That's the closest he's been to that view since birth, so be happy for him!
  16. Let's talk about bear traps.

    I trap the fuse box, we're already looking there and we can disarm. Then, Jason can't trap there. Cars too, I'm a real BITCH when I'm using Tiff! Lol
  17. No weapons?

    Skrull wars, pretty sure it was the one where they cloned him as a bunch Skrulls to be assassins. But they were all insane, when Super Skrull knew Wade did it to destroy the ship they arrived on. DP said that before they fought.
  18. Seriously? LMAO! Part 8 J, and the word weak together. In the same post, in reference to part 8 Jason. Being weak? THAT tells me all I need to know! Have fun in your little world. And yeah, stick to QP! Because if you believe part 2, or even 4 are superior to part 8. You DEFINITELY don't EVER want your Jason to meet any counselors from these forums!
  19. No weapons?

    Yes, in a graphic novel I read he said that to Super Skrull! Very funny moment, of course he whispered number three as he pulled a sword on him.
  20. Wait a minute...

    True, all of it! I use tents, outhouses, anything I can sneak into for a bit to regenerate stamina. And often when I run with other players, when they scatter and I'm hidden Jason will chase them and I can slip out and fix something or run a part somewhere. And of course hide with the sweater girl or Tommy, while the other is out in the open. Makes Jason more brave if only one of those two are on the scene.
  21. Wait a minute...

    I hide all the time, for short periods. When stamina is depleted, jump under a bed and watch how fast it goes back up. I do it all the time.
  22. On a large map, like Pinehurst. Give Jason all his abilities from the start, he would still have a hell of a challenge. Any coordinated lobby would give him fits! In QP, most lobbies would be lambs to the slaughter. But in private, he would have a very difficult time.
  23. No weapons?

    Late game, yes. And yeah, I mean multiple of the same weapon. I'm good with multiple weapons in a cabin, no doubt! Just not 2-3 wrenches. Or 2-3 bats.
  24. True! On Jarvis, morphing too close to the bridge by the cops will put you in the lake under the bridge. Takes a while to get back up to the road, giving counselors an uncontested escape. And the many fences and rocks make shifting more difficult.
  25. No weapons?

    Totally! Multiple weapons in cabins should not happen, the numbers are good. But the spread of items throughout the map needs to be more vast, and no doubles anywhere would be the most ideal. I will say I do like the tension on knowing Jason is on you, and you made it to a cabin but no weapons are readily available. It really makes you more reliant on quick thinking, and quicker jukes.