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  1. So I'm saying Yes! More kills! They would activate from the position on the ground with Jason on his back, when he comes out of his stun. But, before he sits up off the ground. Anyone too close would be grabbed like a normal grab, maybe by their feet/legs. First coice for me would be the groin ripper, pretty self explanatory... Lol
  2. Love this, good response. Personally, I don't teabag Jason. But I'm glad to see that opinion, I didn't start this to make people feel they couldn't say exactly what you said right there. Sorry about that, after the fact I see what you mean and I will try to keep the polls more unbiased in the future. I was playing quickplay earlier with some good players mixed in with new players to fill out the lobby, we were up against a good Jason. I had a shadow who was kind of running around me while I was getting things done, not really doing much. Lost him and escaped on the boat, got Tommy and my shadow returned. I was escorting survivors to the police, my shadow was one of them. Jason shows up, I noticed a machete by the exit so I turn around and blast Jason with my gun and quick turn back and run for the new weapon. My shadow had run over to teabag Jason while he was down, Jason player was not happy. He pointed out that I had shot him not my shadow, and told the guy if he wants to do that he should be the one pulling the trigger instead of trolling someone else's achievement. That's why I'm saying I wish Jason could ground kill, I know I would have laughed hysterically if my shadow was being emasculated for pushing his luck way beyond his skill level in that situation.
  3. I used it, as I do on all my posts. Didn't see anything relevant so here we are. And yes, it has been brought up but not in the way I proposed. You're welcome
  4. Question about Restful..

    Ahhh, gotcha. I started running something similar to that. Took speed demon out for sucker punch though, I just don't wanna give up my epic +25%. My medic and Hypochondriac are epic as well. Medic is +10%-2%, Hypo is +18%-0%. She's a stunning field medic, lol. Also, My speed demon is of poor quality. +8% solo vehicle speeed -12% repair speed. That was the ONLY poor quality perk I was happy to get!
  5. Unpopular counselors

    Jenny, and Kenny aren't bad. And Lachappa is a blast to play, I love they made it when Jason gets near he squeals. He's my favorite nerd. The reason some people don't like them is Jenny's 3 speed, Eric's 3 speed and 2 stamina. And Kenny just isn't great at anything.
  6. @ShiftySamurai YES!!!!!!! Thank you for the update and you probably sold a bunch more copies with that offline bots announcement! Merry Christmas to us!
  7. Lol, yeah no doubt. For that I use marathon instead of level headed though, helps me run farther away. He shows up, senses and sees nothing. Unless he's part 7 and i'm a little too close. Once he moves on, i'm in. Done that a couple times with her.
  8. 2 New Jasons?

    Probably gonna be Jason X with the Voorhees family house map. Then Uber with Jason in space map. On a side note about the Roy argument, wouldn't paranoia be awesome if all 8 are councilors. The radios don't work for this mode so there is no long range communication. You start match and loot. You are all alone in a cabin when you open a drawer to find Roy's mask, it's now in your inventory and no one knows. The screen says " Kill them all!" You'd have to watch out for other counselors looking in drawers you open, if they see you get that mask you'd have to kill them quick. Could be epic!
  9. Debunking Part 7 Jason Voorhees

    I've seen a few players go 8 for 8, a couple players I game with use him. And they use him well, they say it's all about setup.
  10. Good job kid! When my daughter (who is your age) started playing she kinda hid most of the time in cabins, she would fight when he busted in the door and that was her game. Since I joined the forums, and also joined ps4's Crystal Lake employment agency with some of the users here she has become so much better. Now she will help with objectives, she will go after Jason if he grabs a teammate and she helps out much more. All this while maintaining good grades (otherwise, no game) good manners, and even when everyone else is cussing and cursing she handles herself with grace. There are good kids in this game and I for one am glad for it!
  11. Question about Restful..

    Yeah, took me a while to figure that out. Matter of fact it was @Vaderspupil who helped me with that one. All praise to the Sithlord! Lol
  12. No doubt! But as @JPops said this is all too true. And the possiblity of some people having heart attacks and seizures from the high tension, and random urinating.
  13. I've heard that depends on luck too. I have a rare, and on AJ I limp. Chad can just prance away happily.
  14. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    @CryptMThank you for posting that whole scene, that should be how it is in game. Strength opens traps faster, Whitney probably had a 1... Poor Richie! That's what he gets for having tent sex at Crystal Lake! Lol
  15. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Yeah, rope trap in part 2. The only bear trap was 09 remake. That one was gruesome! Derrik Mears played a badass Jason! He's a really cool guy as well, hope to see him behind the mask again someday...
  16. It does, unfortunately. The perks I see for sense avoiding I would use are definitely Level headed (That's the one with the silhouette of the face I think) That one is always in effect. The one where the character is crouching is good too as the bonus works when you crouch down. Homebody works well with that one, crouching in the house to avoid Jason is a sound tactic I and many others have frustrated many Jasons, lol. Put those three on AJ if you plan on running cabins for your repair parts. Lightfoot makes her SPRINT silently, she already jogs with no sound at normal fear levels so put that on if you wanna run silently as well. And I love that epic Night owl and Lone wolf you got for her as well so you have a VERY good selection of situational perks to choose from. Night owl works wonders on keeping Tiffany from stumbling so much. And Lone wolf, Heavy sleeper, and Lightfoot would be awesome on AJ for camp looting after the new patch. That's really just a way to justify heavy sleeper as you don't show up in hiding spots till rage is active, so the effects of heavy sleeper don't actually kick in till then. But, that's when you need it anyway so I'm saying it could be useful. If it were MY AJ with your perks. Medic, Lightfoot, Night owl. Even when he gets rage, with AJ's 7 composure. Night owl's 60% to fear in darkness will keep fear to a minimum. With Lightfoot you'll make hardly any, if no sound at all. So, you will be a ghost jogging or running all game long. And medic helps alot, AJ has terrible luck. Crash through a window? God forbid you step in a trap! Lol, we have very similar perks and that's what my AJ rolls with. Good luck!
  17. Heavy sleeper only works when hiding in a tent, unfortunately... That is as really good one though, maybe after the new patch comes out you can have more use for it? Example: AJ makes her way to a camp at the edge of the map to loot, hide in the tent to regen stamina then move on. You could change strategy a bit and help out by doing camp looting for your team. Then go after any repair items marked on the map, that could be a good use for Heavy sleeper.
  18. I would agree, but only if the stumble chance is bad on that uncommon. Thick skin is good to have but I hate stumbling, lol. Epic thick skin used to be awesome, not so much anymore... I have an epic Lightfoot on my AJ, makes her move like a ghost.
  19. Ok, my daughter is 13 and plays this game. I am 42, I watched alot of the great 80's horror movies in the backseat of various family vehicles over those years at drive-ins (remember them?" When she started playing I was right there, when she started watching horror movies I was right there, look at my profile and you'll see us with CJ Graham, together. The problem lies in parents letting their kids play this behind closed doors with no supervision, and expecting them to be upstanding individuals. They are prone to peer pressure, and pack mentality rules online gaming among kids. All it takes is a parent who cares enough to spend some time and make sure to explain things now and then. It's not hard, but some parents expect videogames, movies, schools, and government to raise their children for them so they can focus on number one, themselves. I mean I was 11 when I saw the texas chainsaw massacre, and far younger when I saw Halloween, Friday the 13th, and many, many others. Difference is I have an awesome mother who was right there too, making sure I knew the difference in movies and reality. Many kids don't have that, not their fault. Blame the parents, not the kids. But don't exclude kids who are mature enough to be in this too, you might miss out on some good games!
  20. Question about Restful..

    I've noticed that too, I put restful on those characters and regen is still fast; even AJ. But on Vanessa, who I think has a three composure. It doesn't have near the effect as a high composure character, but it's still useful. Her fear level will negate the extra regen speed, bringing her to slightly sub par regen speed. Without restful her regen speed is woefully inadequate because of her three composure. @malloymkUses Vanessa alot so hopefully he has some insight as I think he runs epic marathon and restful.
  21. I have an epic dad's a cop, just Can't bring myself to use it. Calling is really never a given. I'd go with sucker punch, and Medic for sure. Then it's a toss up between restful, thick skin or swift attacker. You got some badass perks there fella! Lol
  22. Running Over Counselors

    Happens to us all, thing is if they increase the penalty then the trolls will dive in front of the car to screw the driver outta xp. Miserable pseudo humans with nothing better to do with their "lives".
  23. Heavy mover, sleeping bag, sneaky and tinkerer are pretty useles, you could sell those for sure. Heavy hitter is about to get nerfed so maybe that one too. Otherwise, the rest have a use depending on your play style so it's up to you if you wanna part with tthem.
  24. Man, I'm all outta likes. But I swear I'm gonna like that statement everyday I see it, that's totally the parents fault unfortunately. It's up to us to raise our kids and some people aren't up to the task.... You really said it well, and I fear for them in this life that is unforgiving to the unrealistic self opinions of some of these people.
  25. Part IV Shift

    I've noticed that too, I'm on ps4. Don't know if it's on purpose or not, but it's good and WAY bad. It rocks if you're close, pretty easy to line up perfectly. Every other aspect sucks! Just like that, no doubt.