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  1. I think all the counselors are good, in the right hands. I personally can't stand Shelly's digital counterpart, one luck with a 7 strength? Ughhh! But, I see players doing good with him sometimes. Lots of people can't stand Chappa, but I love that pudgy nerd! It's all about the player. So Slash N Cast's list is what they like. Me? It really depends, I use Bugz if I'm on a team with fixers, and we need a demask. Or Chad if we need a nuisance, Deb or Chappa for speed repair. AJ for stealth repair. Fox for my anything you need type. Jenny is my hit girl, clobber and intercept in hopes of distracting Jason. Those are my go-to counselors.
  2. The survivor build would be so badass, I think giving them an ability would be best for a 4th perk though. Something indicative of how they escaped? Stuff like that, and the single player counselor vs AI Jason experience. Plus, all the rest of the maps. Jason X, and Uber. Some new Vehicles (bikes, and motorcycles for the truly daring. Those vehicles should have a kill animation if he catches you. And a Van!), weapons and counselors, Trish, Crazy Ralph, Ginny, Paul... Yeah, plenty of reasons to do a sequel!
  3. Damn! I love that concept! Wouldn't it be cool if you had your own counselor in a single player game against an AI Jason hunting you down? Like a bots round, but you use any counselor (including created, or unlocked survivor ones). And once you unlock a counselor, or a survivor they become available to spawn in to fill the lobby. Then select the Jason, and his difficulty, tenacity, and viciousness. Plenty of awesome things to warrant a sequel!
  4. Most definitely, many times. And coached them through it, how to block etc. Stats don't mean shit to me, I want to have a good time and I wanna play against good J players. Sometimes they need a little help.
  5. Nice! My quickest escape was 1:58 on Packanack on the boat, with one passenger.
  6. Or a spray, Tommy house too. But yeah, when the pk shows up everyone runs there 😆
  7. Awesome, no doubt. I had one of my friends wives dead to rights and she was like "Come on Red, don't hurt me." Ugh, morph. 15 seconds later the cops are called and I'm like "You bitch..." Lol!
  8. I hear ya, i'm not competitive about "who's better" But, I hate to let my teammates down. So, if I screw up and die; no worries. But, if my screw up cost us the game I can't help but get pissed at myself. This game is wicked fun, but I do get a bit competitive as a counselor because I wanna save everyone. As Jason, I suck. I don't have the "kill em' all!" attitude that the lobby deserves, if someone begs for their life in a truly pathetic way I move on. I'm too damn nice to be Jason, lol.
  9. Me too! I look at it like i'm saving lives. I really don't like killing Jason, survival is good. Escaping is good too, but putting the final Juke on J before hitting the exit to the cops is my favorite.
  10. Ok, so you don't get a little frustrated when you miss a shift grab? Or, when Jason snatched you up when you missed a swing. Or, when you screw up a fix and it alerts Jason? Even just playing with my friends, those instances make it competitive. Not even talking about tournament play, just against my friends in private or whatever. There is a level of competition.
  11. Really? You don't get competitive playing this game? There are all kinds of tournaments going on, come on man. I'm not even going to get into who Tommy is, he can easily represent himself. But, you are so wrong about him!
  12. Watched the video, and commented. He makes valid points, I know when we played @RustInPeace Got me a couple times in rage with the grab before I could get away. (I was LaChappa) All I saw was him saying he felt it was too easy as Jason now. Myself, I like the challenge as a counselor so I like it. But hey, that's opinions. He's entitled to have his too.
  13. True, but i'm happy firecrackers don't stun in rage. Idk why people complain they can't regain stamina in rage, if you time it right dodge canceling melee strikes works just fine for me. Still get a stamina boost on hit, just gotta be smart about it.
  14. Haha! Had that happen twice, it's amazing how much good liquor can make you a beast. Guy kicked me and I smiled at him, he ran away. 2nd time was at a martial arts tournament, same smile from adrenaline and anger. Both times I saw it coming and was prepared, poor sackhead Jason from part 2 was just running by a bush when that sneaky Ginny cracked his nuts. Totally different, lol.
  15. Look guys, i'm doing alright with LaChappa ok? Nerves of steel 10% thick skin 18% and marathon 14%, get on those objectives early. I only use a wrench or bat for less damage and good stun rate to start, once rage hits I grab a machete and dodge cancel strikes and jog away with the stamina boost. It can be done, adapting to the patch is not too hard. Just keep at it and try something new, the above examples are what has worked for me with the "worst" character in the game. (Not really, many think so. But, Shelly is by far the worst IMO) Change it up and see what works for you!
  16. Loving the patch, played about 25 games over friday and Saturday. LaChappa only, private matches against solid opponents. Probably 45% survival rate, 100% fun! First half get shit done and escape, 2nd half switch to machete and practice my dodge cancel. 45% survival for the fattest, slowest character. Too much fun!
  17. Another tip about senses, if you stand outside of a cabin you are a much smaller target. Being inside lights up the whole cabin, much easier to see. If you think he's near, find an open window and stand near it. When he shows up, or if the hairs on the back of your neck get tingly. Jump into it for cover. Also, those loud Vanessas light up cabins real good. Use them! Just jog on the other side of it, it's hard to make out your shape unless your fear is high. AJ's 7 composure, with a 10% nerves of steel keeps her fear low.
  18. My AJ set up is Nerves of steel (10% fear reduction, and you don't lose your mini map due to high fear) Restful 14% stamina regeneration and Lightfoot 14% less sound generated. Fear is what causes you to light up on senses, NOS will help you stay off radar and keep your mini map. Lightfoot makes AJ jog silently, also keeping you off radar. And restful keeps stamina topped off. You could switch That one for marathon, but I never have an issue with her overall stamina so I go restful.
  19. I've been on a Chappa binge lately, had a great survival rate till I played with the old Scream team crew last night. Fucking head punch! Lol
  20. This is the keystone to being a repair character.
  21. LaChappa, all you need. Forget the 7 Chad challenge. Face the 7 Chappas! Lol. Really, Chappa, Deb, and Jenny. Adam, Fox. Vanessa, Tiffany. I don't like doubles, First 3 are the stealth group with Jenny to protect. Adam and Fox are mid range distractions and fixers. Nessa is the main distraction, and secondary part runner. Tiff runs parts, and backs up Vanessa.
  22. Actually, I am not too bad at combat. I never was a Jason hunter as it was too easy, but I fought to help my teammates by buying them time. Now, when rage hits I will still do that but I die if I make a mistake. Time my dodge cancel wrong, or my spacing. I'm cool with that, and yeah i'm pretty even minded and try not to incite rage in conversation. But, I am honest in my replies that I do like this patch and welcome the end game tension of any mistakes will lead to my death.
  23. I like the patch, add me in there with those guys. I like a challenge, and yeah I died a few times to rage Jason. But, in so doing I saved some others by sacrificing myself. I want Jason scary, I LOVE it now!
  24. Just read on Facebook some people are getting rid of their sucker punch perks, wouldn't that be something if the devs made a tweak to that perk for the next patch? Something like, the only way to stun Jason in rage is if you have that perk equipped? And whatever percentage you have is the percentage chance to stun during rage. I would be cool with that.
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