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    Moshoholics Anonymous

    Did someone mention Ghost? I made these videos on the sharefactory for PS4. Made this one outta diablo 3 cinematics. And This is Metallica/The thing that should not be. Made it with part 4 footage. Made this one from F13 game footage, It's Wednesday 13/Rot for me.
  2. Right, good point. Hopefully he's checking into it, but hasn't got an answer yet. Idk, the game has so many terrible things happening all at once maybe it's just fallen to the wayside?
  3. I voted no, other than our guy @ShiftySamurai It's like crickets chirping in open fields. There are so many issues plaguing this game at the moment, I'm sure their collective heads are spinning. Add to that the issues they have addressed that have possibly added the rubberband glitch and car suicides, and other unforeseen consequences. Right now this game is in a state that is nearly unenjoyable. Other than time spent with friends, it is unenjoyable. That falls in their laps, I'm almost positive they are aware of these things and are trying to find a solution. But as I have stated on many occasions, I'm an optimist... Luckily we have shifty to keep us informed, and hopefully once Wes and the guys come up with something we'll get some answers.
  4. I hear ya, the new season of Diablo 3 just started so I'm working on my Barbarian instead of this nonsense. The car suicide pissed me off so bad! But I genuinely felt bad for JuFred last night, 740 left on the clock and he got 3 out of 8! I mean we're all 150, but we STILL want to have a fair game where shit works right. And now Fred wants to play the Flatliners team against Scream Team this weekend, I told him I would sub for you guys but I doubt he will get enough players to fill the lobby in the state the game is in now. I literally got bugged EVERY GAME I've played this week! Action locked when I do connect with a hit, suicide car escapes. Spot locked after fixing the fuse, and battery once each. The boat, and the cops seem to be the only safe exits...
  5. Yes, car suicide is ridiculous! Rubberbanding still, and the abrupt ending of the game now. JuFred was Jason, I had Fox. He chased me all over Higgins, we swung right through each more times with melee than ever. I hit him twice, action locked the second time. Came across a Shelly who knocked me back to normal in Blair's. Went over the bridge and JuFred's Jason was there, "Can you hit me please?" He was locked, I hit him back to normal then we went at it. He hit me with a quick knife after a shift slash, I limped to the back of the barn. Barely made it through a window, all outta tricks. Figured on fighting till the death in the barn when, game over! I survived? Really? 7 minutes 40 seconds left when that happened. This game is such a mess right now! Yup, you said it! Totally! Or worse yet, when you do hit it gets you action locked. So you can't do anything but walk, run and die. Even blocking a knife got me locked, ran for a window after the block and couldn't jump through it. Just stood there as Jason grabbed me and threw me through it, ughhhh!
  6. Yes, PLEASE fix combat! Played like 7 games tonight, 5 of the seven I got action locked when I hit Jason with Melee. Couldn't do anything other than walk, or run to someone to get them to hit me. Swung through Jason too many times to count, blocking from CS is so slow now. Got out in the car twice, both dead by suicide. My one escape was by boat tonight. Out of maybe 25 games since Tuesday I got out in the boat twice, and once in a car that didn't suicide me. In the other 22 times, action locked every game I hit Jason (every game) caused my death probably 15 of those 22 games. The others were cop escapes, or abruptly ended survivals. Hopefully they are working on this, I sincerely hope so. Oh, and the game ended for no reason 3 of 22 games. Once when I was dead to rites in the barn, then game over with 740 left on the clock. I have never seen the game in such a sad state... Jason is also action locked on many occasions, as well as swinging through me. Combat is so screwed right now for both sides.
  7. Combat first, it would be nice to hit when you're in the proper range. They could fix the counselors as well, and if they could please assign block to a regular key/button. Then fix bugs, like being action locked when counselors hit you and suddenly you can't swing your weapon. And they could fix the goofy looking shaking grabbed counselors too.
  8. Redrum138


    Preferably I'm a counselor, I actually bought this game to survive a night at Crystal Lake. I play who ever is not being used, and will most help the team. I play Shelly, and Mitch alot. Because no one uses them, lol. I use stealthy characters often. So I tend to be a fixer, unless I'm Tiff. I work objectives, and try to help the team however I can. I tend to avoid the big man when possible, but I also am that guy who will run right at Jason to buy you time if you're working an objective. When I do get Jason I use parts 4, and 5. I'm a terrible Jason, lucky if I get 3 kills against my friends in private. But on average I'm 7 or 8 kills in quick play, I've been killed twice so far in private. Never killed in QP, yet... Lol
  9. I don't troll, but I used to love kicking the shit outta them back when you could do so in public games. Most of them (back then) didn't block for shit, or fight very well at all. So I would block them, then counter hit. Then dodge cancel hit, again and again till they limp. Then go about my business as they spew obscenities at my back, till Jason showed up. Such fun, I miss it. But, yeah alot of Bugz, Chad, and Adams.
  10. No worries, I know what you mean. I read alot of posts on here, so I see what you're saying. That's just how it goes on here, some truly need a full box of tissues I think. Can't handle a difference in opinion. Gets you in trouble sometimes I'm sure, but as your Chappelle gif so eloquently states.... Lol
  11. Nah, I dig reading your posts. You're passionate about the game, as are many others here. That's what drew me in, the way guys and gals on here talk about the game. It's the ones who whine about not getting the content, and want Savini Jason on a silver platter that annoy me. I hate bugs, and empty promises so you and I are on point there! The trolls who would threaten an old man can go, he HAD to wait this long to file his claim. I think he's entitled to try, sucks we gotta wait. But it's not the end, hopefully it gets decided quickly. If they can prove he was hired as "work for hire" it's case closed.
  12. Un-enlightened people tend to go off like that, instead of digging through the case to find the facts. And yeah, guys from here....
  13. Great point! Online tough guys threaten an old author who just had to wait 35 years for his day in court! Let Vic and Sean settle this, and let the verdict be just. No matter who wins, I can wait for another clothing pack for god's sake! And the ones whining about Jason X and the maps can just wait till the gavel drops, it would be utterly stupid to do anything other than fix the game at this point and await the decision. I sincerely hope people can put aside their grievances until the court makes the call, as a writer myself I can only imagine being in Vic's shoes right now. If he truly is entitled to compensation for his work, he DESERVES IT! Shame on any fools who would threaten an old man going for what he feels he deserves! SHAME! Let the judge do his job, and then we can all go back to getting all the cool stuff our guys have been working on. Waiting won't hurt ya know! Online death threats from unknown assailants do! #don'tbeajackass!
  14. Redrum138

    If you were the judge...

    Exactly! If Sean can't produce anything clearly showing that Vic's work was indeed for hire, then it gets real tricky. I can see why it's currently at a stalemate, without that proof how do you proceed? Victor obviously has rights to part one and anything he created therein, IF he can prove Sean wrong. It's not an easy thing to decide with no proof from either side.
  15. Redrum138

    If you were the judge...

    I can't vote without knowing if Miller was work for hire, if he was then that's easy. "You got payed $9,500 for your hand in writing part one. Good day sir!" If he wasn't, then things get tricky. If that's the case he deserves a percentage for his help in creating Jason and Pamela, and anything else. But it all hinges on the judges verdict on the "work for hire" status.
  16. No doubt! Get the info, hopefully things will be resolved in a timely manner. No matter who the winner is, hopefully it's a just decision. If Vic was working for hire, then the case will be pretty quick. If not, then hopefully he and Sean can work it out.
  17. Just read the details, I can tell you if I wrote a script that birthed a legend I would want paid. So would all of you! But! If he was hired under a "work for hire" contract, he got paid $9,500 for being the author of part one. Thanks Mr. Miller, have a nice life! If the courts deem that was NOT the case, then Victor deserves his money. Hopefully this gets done right, and swiftly. IMO, if Vic did write that without a "work for hire" label he SHOULD get cash for his work. He helped create Jason, though Savini came up with the mongoloid look of him. Just get it done fast, find out if it was work for hire and let the gavel fall!
  18. Redrum138

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Voorhees! Big kisses from mommy's severed head!
  19. Redrum138

    We're Still Here

    Had a bunch of great games with some of the old crew last night, saw a suicide by car and one lobby crashed. No big deal, we had fun. @malloymk was hosting, probably Gonna do it again tonight. Ps4 till the lights go out!
  20. Redrum138

    We're Still Here

    Yeah.... Fuck..... Well, I kinda thought that might be the case. Just feeling a bit optimistic for a moment there, but you never know. Hopefully they can keep it going till Miller loses. I mean as someone who writes myself, where does he come off thinking he owns all of it because he wrote the script for part 1? He owns rights to little J, Pamela and any other character from 1. The only thing in game that exists from his little world is the crystal lake map, and Pamela's voice. (It's a voice, come on Vic!) Take that out, and possibly appease that sniveling douche? Oh! And did he write Camp Blood? Or did he write Friday the 13th, after Cunningham had to change the name? The name should be Sean's, at least half of it.
  21. Redrum138

    We're Still Here

    I wonder if the Devs could get away with selling generic DLC to keep cash coming in? Like counselor weapon packs, add on to the vehicles with graphics and paint? Account bound, host exclusive. I imagine they can't do anything to Jason, the maps or anything related to the films. BUT! the vehicles, and the weapons counselors have available are generic. Or is it they can't add anything under the Friday the 13th name at all? Could they possibly drop the name to sell the stuff to us? I for one, would totally buy some of the stuff they talked about on the diary. That would also put an onus on hosting beyond ping. Or is the game just on lockdown? I would tag Samurai, but I think that poor guy has had enough these last couple days. So, what do you guys think? Could this be an option?
  22. Redrum138

    We're Still Here

    @AldermachXIMan, you know what... I'm gonna be on tonight, fuck it. Bugs, and glitches be damned. I'm in too! Ps4 till it dies!
  23. Redrum138

    Thank you from Number Six

    Good stuff @Alien_Number_Six , I gotta say I agree. Probably why we got along so well the few games we played, very similar back stories. Big fan here too, saw the first two at a drive-in. And every other one when they came out in the theater, no matter how shitty the trailer looked. This game was a dream come true for guys like us. Met so many cool people playing this game, it would be unfair to name them for fear of leaving some out. You know who you are! Many days and night, hours upon hours killing each other. Lol! So much fun, this was my first online multiplayer game. I'm a bookworm, spent most of my nights reading before this game came out. Didn't know if I would like the online aspect, but it was Friday the 13th so of course I was all in. Even if the game does die out, I made a few music videos with the game play footage. And I have a BUNCH of footage yet to use, I'm also a child of the time when MTV showed music videos so I like to make my own. So that's something good to take away from this. But, the times we all shared laughing and having fun will be what I cherish the most. Being able to stalk the camp, and also to try to escape Jason was the best. I definitely appreciate this game on so many levels, and I also would like to thank everyone involved in it's creation. But mostly I would like to thank all my friends I made through this game, especially the guys like you who were so cool to me and my daughter. Like I said I don't want to start tagging because there are just too many to do that. You know who you are, most of all I want to thank all you ladies and gentlemen for being great friends!
  24. Redrum138

    Is the Game over now?

    I really do hope they work on this, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it went away for something new and shiny that makes money for them. But then again, I am an optimist. Tragically so, lol. Whatever happens, I will keep all of you guys I met on this game on my friends list. There will always be more kick ass games to play! Even if this one does go away... Yeah, unfortunately you may be right. Either way I'm glad I got some games in with you and so many other awesome people from the forums here. You guys are all top notch players, and exceptional people. So, whatever happens. We had alot of fun. And if this game does go away, there will be something else eventually.
  25. Redrum138

    Is the Game over now?

    I seriously could care less about new content, fix what we have so it works! I don't want to die because I'm teleported back to the car, or because I escaped in it. Or because I'm action locked on something, or the many other issues they could fix. Take care of that type of stuff and I'll be back, and probably more besides me. It's truly bad when a game is worse off after a year, then at launch. And, those of us who were there back then know how fucked up the game was. This lack of new content might be a good thing. IF... They work to make it better!