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  1. Savini Jason Hack

    Play your Savini! I don't have him, but he is the only Jason I actually worry about. He has the best stats and no major weaknesses. Yeah, he's slow. But he makes up for it with shift, and destruction. He's the coolest looking Jason, he looks totally ominous in the dark woods. And he is your prize for backing the game, PLAY HIM!
  2. Oh, I like that! Very good!
  3. Yes, championship round best of three is perfect. Single match for the rest is good, Jason players play twice per round anyway. If it somehow were to end in a tie then have a second match for each team on the same map or come up with something else. But, best of three for the whole deal would take forever. That's potentially six games per round for Jason players.
  4. Agreed! Imagine being up against a group of three. When you see an opening and try the grab, someone hits you from behind. Then they hit you more, and more...The grab is good with no interrupting, as is you grab and possibly eat a PK before someone hits you. At least taking that PK out of the equation, or maybe you get lucky and can move away for a kill. The grab can be avoided with misdirection, and patience. If they changed it to be interuptable, Jason would be at a severe disadvantage, and chain stunning would be even more prevalent.
  5. Ok, here's an option. Maybe have the Jason player scoring separately, adding on to their teams total. So for the example you gave that team that scored 13 points would have a shot at gaining more points from their Jason player, then total up all points earned for a final score to decide the victor. That would give Jason players a separate scoreboard from their counselor teammates. Then an overall team scoreboard for all points earned that match. That could work out.
  6. I can say that I think you're right, against three forum members here as Jason. One of which was the Jason player on the winning team in the tournament they just won. If we were both in a neutral state and I initiated combat or dodge they all grabbed me, unless I twirl to bait a whiff. Sprint in to close the gap, then toggle into CS. So far I haven't made it past the 2nd strike with a 20% Swift attacker when dodging to my left, right after the 2nd strike hits they adjust and start the grab motion. Once they go for grab either I sprint away, or I try to dodge again and get grabbed. A good Jason player will adjust. And when you start your dodge motion on even frames with Jason's grab you will need a PK, best to sprint in a short burst then reset. A good tactic to try, is instead of dodging for anything other than following your strike. Jog toward Jason then turn back to the right as if you're starting to run away, then quickly continue the turn and short sprint to his exposed right side. If you do misdirection into CS strike, then dodge and strike. You can keep going if they don't catch up. But if they're good, or just spamming grab watch out!
  7. This! Anyone can come back as Tommy, but only ladies can grab the sweater.
  8. I'll still be playing, otherwise Idk. I imagine some will come, some will go. Hopefully the devs keep the good stuff coming, and maybe get better at it as they go on. After this next update, they hopefully will have the engine to drive this beast and with that done can resume their creative work on new stuff. I think this game could still be going, it's f13 so they have fan boys and girls. If this was the original game they were making, and they never got rights to f13. I doubt the game would last. As long as they have the f13 licence, they have a chance for longevity.
  9. 1. PAMELA! 2. Kill the bugs! 3.V.R. 4. A van to escape in. 5. More movie characters like Crazy Ralph, Trish, Tina.
  10. Ok, gotcha. Good point, I'm cool with that. Just counselor scoring, and Jason's job is to shut them down.
  11. If Tuesday and Thursday games were between 5-8 or 9-midnight, I'm in. Sounds like fun! How are we doing teams? Are we just picking people for a 7 man roster, 1 of whom we will pick as our team's Jason? Can we do point scoring for Jason as Well? Like say 50 pts per kill, 15 extra points for performing different kills. 5pts per power box broken maybe. And maybe 5 points for stopping the boat, 10 for the car? Just an idea.
  12. Counselor Conquest... CONQUERED!

    Right! Now I Don't feel so bad about my Jason play against those guys, such a HUGE difference playing against Vanessa's that can actually fix and having a coordinated team with everyone working together. I knew they would kill it against the other teams, plus having @RustInPeace play Jason is kinda like having Patrick Roy in his prime. He just shut them down. Great work guys!
  13. Counselor Conquest... CONQUERED!

    Congrats! When I heard who was in the line up and you had agreed to play Jason I knew this would be the outcome. Good job to you, and your team! Watching some of the video of the games you guys played was awesome, and watching you slay the camp with Savini is a sight I've seen first hand quite a few times. Your Jason play against quality opponents is unrivalled at times, bet those other teams didn't know what hit em! And the level of coordination the team showed against the other Jason players must have driven them mad, good Job to all of you!
  14. You can practice as Jason on bots, when busting down a door go into CS and lightly tap attack. I only do bots to practice that, and throwing knives.