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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.

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  1. I would agree, but only if the stumble chance is bad on that uncommon. Thick skin is good to have but I hate stumbling, lol. Epic thick skin used to be awesome, not so much anymore... I have an epic Lightfoot on my AJ, makes her move like a ghost.
  2. Ok, my daughter is 13 and plays this game. I am 42, I watched alot of the great 80's horror movies in the backseat of various family vehicles over those years at drive-ins (remember them?" When she started playing I was right there, when she started watching horror movies I was right there, look at my profile and you'll see us with CJ Graham, together. The problem lies in parents letting their kids play this behind closed doors with no supervision, and expecting them to be upstanding individuals. They are prone to peer pressure, and pack mentality rules online gaming among kids. All it takes is a parent who cares enough to spend some time and make sure to explain things now and then. It's not hard, but some parents expect videogames, movies, schools, and government to raise their children for them so they can focus on number one, themselves. I mean I was 11 when I saw the texas chainsaw massacre, and far younger when I saw Halloween, Friday the 13th, and many, many others. Difference is I have an awesome mother who was right there too, making sure I knew the difference in movies and reality. Many kids don't have that, not their fault. Blame the parents, not the kids. But don't exclude kids who are mature enough to be in this too, you might miss out on some good games!
  3. Question about Restful..

    I've noticed that too, I put restful on those characters and regen is still fast; even AJ. But on Vanessa, who I think has a three composure. It doesn't have near the effect as a high composure character, but it's still useful. Her fear level will negate the extra regen speed, bringing her to slightly sub par regen speed. Without restful her regen speed is woefully inadequate because of her three composure. @malloymkUses Vanessa alot so hopefully he has some insight as I think he runs epic marathon and restful.
  4. I have an epic dad's a cop, just Can't bring myself to use it. Calling is really never a given. I'd go with sucker punch, and Medic for sure. Then it's a toss up between restful, thick skin or swift attacker. You got some badass perks there fella! Lol
  5. Running Over Counselors

    Happens to us all, thing is if they increase the penalty then the trolls will dive in front of the car to screw the driver outta xp. Miserable pseudo humans with nothing better to do with their "lives".
  6. Heavy mover, sleeping bag, sneaky and tinkerer are pretty useles, you could sell those for sure. Heavy hitter is about to get nerfed so maybe that one too. Otherwise, the rest have a use depending on your play style so it's up to you if you wanna part with tthem.
  7. Man, I'm all outta likes. But I swear I'm gonna like that statement everyday I see it, that's totally the parents fault unfortunately. It's up to us to raise our kids and some people aren't up to the task.... You really said it well, and I fear for them in this life that is unforgiving to the unrealistic self opinions of some of these people.
  8. Part IV Shift

    I've noticed that too, I'm on ps4. Don't know if it's on purpose or not, but it's good and WAY bad. It rocks if you're close, pretty easy to line up perfectly. Every other aspect sucks! Just like that, no doubt.
  9. If you check out the patch notes 12/12 you'll see shifty said this. "Addressed some issues that were causing counselor ragdolls to behave incorrectly." I'm guessing that's the flying bodies and hanging mannequins we see around camp. We can only hope, and I know what ya mean when Jason kills someone and their dead body pops up or flips over. Kinda comical, though not very immersive.
  10. I screw around and die often in private with friends, but that's among people like you and I'm having fun and don't really care. It's not scary like it used to be, we used to dread that music and you could tell by our voices. Now it's like "Oh, there's Jason. You got this? I'm gonna go over to Blair's and see what they're up to..." My biggest gripes are the hit and grab detection, absolutely terrible at times. Even what I thought was a perfect grab was thwarted, He had me and I knew it so I turn to face him in combat stance. Jason wades in and swings, I stand still and whoops! Guess he was to close and missed me? Really? What happened to the monster we were so scared of? Yeah we got better, but when he misses grabs and weapon attacks that by all rights should hit thats not fun for me as a counselor. Much less the poor sap in the goalie mask...
  11. I played quickplay on a new account yesterday, I made Jason rage quit five consecutive games and it was glorious. Luckily the host never got him. I got the account to 10th lvl by the end of the night, I was trash, an asshole, a fag, a hack, a cheater, a n....r, a honky, and a cocksucker for beating their asses. They said I was cheating because I whiff baited their dumbasses repeatedly with a wrench. Mind you, I don't teabag, dance, talk smack, or run out the clock unnecessarily. I just couldn't help laughing at their foolishness, talking Jasons telling me how They're gonna viciously murder me up until I break a pot over their head. One kid screamed "Was that a pot? WHAT THE FUCK?" And of course I told him that yes it was indeed a pot and that they are actually very handy items, high stun and durability with a quick swing. He screamed in the mic and quit, when these new players consider whiff baiting to be some kind of mystical cheater thing I have to question why they think they're so good. Idk....
  12. Is it just me?

    Yeah, you nailed it! If you play against skilled opponents your techniques are already well known, there is only so much this game allows you to do. And trust me, we've seen it thirty times already......
  13. Whoops.

    Awesome quote Six! Classic, love the crow!
  14. Which do you prefer

    That's like some Dirty Harry shit right there! " Go ahead, make my day!"
  15. Have you tried turning down your gamma in the visual settings? A bunch of us played a couple private matches where you had to keep the gamma below 175 and it made a HUGE difference in the overall atmosphere, Jason has the advantage with his senses. You'll hear his music but won't see him till he is about ten feet away, pretty cool!