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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.

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  1. Redrum138

    To all my fourm friends online.

    Cool. I've been playing diablo 3, so I know how it is. We'll let you know what's happening, figured out how to get outta the lock on objectives like the gas. Spin around, and start crouching. Had maybe 3 outta 30 games end abruptly, and a couple crashes. Still get action locked from combat stance, especially blocking for me. Otherwise, it's not too bad. Hopefully we'll see you again, after you appease your inner vampire.
  2. No doubt! As a counselor I like the grab, if I'm quick enough now I can dodge Jason. If I do, I have an overhead combat stance attack that has hit the four times I juked the grab. And turning, free swinging has never been so easy. As Jason. Not cool. I play friends who are too good to not beat the shit outta me. Went 2-3 for 8 last 3 games I played Jason against them... At least I didn't die! Against good players, this grab is easily punished.
  3. It was Malloy and Shade who told me about it, I'm just sharing the good news. Lol
  4. Redrum138

    Demasking Builds

    True, I had Jenny with a bat smash Jason yesterday for no stun. And yeah, I've seen a demask with a flaregun. A fucking flaregun! Lol. To demask I normally just use Adam or Fox, then sneak attack when he's occupied. A machete and combat stance heavy attack work just fine without any offensive perks, with a 7 or higher strength anyway.
  5. Redrum138

    Demasking Builds

    To the OP, still thinking Slugger, and swift attacker are great options for demask. Thrasher, Thick skin, or medic are good option for the third slot. Sucker punch is great, no doubt. But for a demask build you want straight damage, stuns do very minimal damage and you could end up breaking your weapon before the mask falls off. Very easy demask is wait till Jason is smashing in a door and hit him from behind with a heavy attack.
  6. Example: You put the gas in the car, but you are now stuck to the car after the repair. Spin your left joystick in a circle as you spam crouch (O on ps4) After a few turns of your character you'll break free. All thanks can be directed to @Shadesofjoe and @malloymk for that one!
  7. At only $20, if you're intrested. Buy it. You've already heard alot about it from the above posts. I'll add, I bought this game to escape Crystal Lake. To survive an attack from one of my favorite killers, in a game. I am counselor preferred, you can select that from the main menu by clicking on customize. Then select counselors. (you'll be set to no preference.) I think you start with Vanessa, speedy with great survivability. Jenny, Great composure keeps her fear down and Jason away early in the match. Kenny, the all around do it all type. And Chad, great for fighting Jason and speedy. I could be forgetting someone else. Anyway, your options are all pretty decent. Many will say Jenny is the worst of them. Or, Kenny. But, once you figure out the game you will like them too. I haven't experienced choosing a counselor and not starting the game as them, if I'm chosen as a counselor. Here's the thing! As stated, I'm counselor preferred. I still have to play Jason sometimes, because of this ticket system thing. I'll play 3-4 hours, and get him once in the group I play with. I'm on ps4. Playing Jason can be really fun, lots of cool kills. As soon as you get the game play offline for a couple games to get the hang of it. Because sometimes It's not so fun, when you're up against someone skilled. But, you take your lumps and learn from them. That makes you a better Jason, and you learn some tricks for your counselor play.
  8. Yup, this! Like I said, AFTER this game dies. (Which it will, with no revenue) I really don't like the game, but we already have friends there who play. And when this game goes dark, unless something else comes out by then...
  9. What do you think, play this game until it dies then just say fuck it and go over to dbd? Sucks that as much as we've argued over F13 being superior, soon it will be gone anyway. There is NO WAY this game can continue with no revenue, and with Wes saying he's not going to go back to adding more stuff after the lawsuit... "It's got a death curse!"
  10. Well, I saw this coming. Businesses must make money, or they fail. That's a fact Jack! Fix the game now, and keep running as long as you can. It's been fun, we're all disappointed I'm sure. But, that's how it is. Good games everyone, good games.
  11. I'm pretty proud of my setup, I have a 20" that fits just right on my coffee table. I can watch the movies, and not miss a thing in game. It's fun!
  12. Good stuff, I always run a marathon of all of them in order on the day. I bring out the TV in my bedroom to the livingroom, so I can watch and play at the same time. And no doubt I was a fan long before the game, and will remain so. Hell, they'll probably bury me in my part 3 mask! Lol
  13. Redrum138

    Demasking Builds

    So, slugger with swift attacker? If you lose damage then not good, mine has a 0% to damage so I didn't think about that. But if they have one with even a -1 is it worth it? And good stuff about the thrasher perk, with sucker in essence you have a bat. So just say Slugger, and maybe Thick skin and medic?
  14. Huh, it might be swift is bugged too. I had the same issue, took swift off and it didn't seem to be as bad. It still happened when I used combat stance, on free swing it didn't happen. I think combat stance is bugged to, blocking and striking.
  15. Redrum138

    Mega-Patch Update?

    This! I hate that, happens to me every time I hit Jason with melee. It just kills the fun...