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  1. I agree with JX, Uber and ghost. And remake is real damn close! But, on weakness I would change stalk for sense. He stalked well enough, but missed Jenna and Clay hiding by the boats right next to him when he sensed the area. And the Shifting, I know where you're coming from. But, the pluses don't make that minus a necessity. I would go minus water speed, he didn't go in the lake for Willa Ford. He waited for her to go to the dock. (Stalking) Otherwise, great pros and cons!
  2. Redrum138

    Jason is weak

    Tommy86 is the man, right? I learned quite alot from him, his YouTube videos are awesome. And a great person too, have PM'd him a few times for a couple issues I was having. He's among the most knowledgeable guys around. Some people have their issues with him, but no one can question his dedication to learning the intricacies of this game. He's definitely my "go to guy" for what's gonna work, and why. GeneiJin is very good too, combat tactics he uses are superb. I know I learned alot from those guys, but Tommy really seems to know everything about this game.
  3. Redrum138

    Jason is weak

    Oh, @mattshotcha Can we please address the latency issue for a non-host Jason? When I'm not the host, my Jason has a huge delay in blocking, throwing knife accuracy, grab and shift grab accuracy. If you guys could look into that. It's about a second slow, depending on the lobby. I think @lasse_hei who is on the EU servers. Said that his non-host Jason lag can get up to 2 seconds, that hurts... Hey Matt, thanks for checking into stuff for us. And doing what you do! You and Shifty and all the guys, thank you!
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    Jason is weak

    Yeah, no doubt! Your ping is crazy compared to US servers. I put that bit about putting both Icons up on Jason and counselor maps just so it would wash out, even ya know. But, I know it would be easier to get the call off for guys like us who know to search nearby. Alot of the newbs don't know that, much less to look for the phone in certain areas by looking at campsites and the general layout of the map. That part was to help newb Jason and counselors, gotta spread the love my friend! I definitely would like to see rage buffed, maybe 15-20% extra damage and 50% extra stun Resistance. And get rid of the free stun through doors. Hell, if it was up to me I would raise Jason stun Resistance by 10% after every stun. Then have that bonus drop off 30 seconds after the last stun. That would make group gang bangs much harder when you can't stun him anymore after a couple stuns.
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    Jason is weak

    Jason should be faster, increase fear the longer counselors stay close to him. Assign block to a button/key outside of combat stance, allow Jason to see the radio tower on map. As well, put the radio tower and phone icon on the counselors map. Jason has the advantage of morphing to either objective, and it might make Preparedness more viable. And rage should increase Jason's damage, and stun resist. And lose the free stun when he breaks through a door. All that would help, and none of it is new content. Just tweeks.
  6. Redrum138

    Jason is weak

    Brilliant! And seconds, I'll go for dessert and say this is a fantastic idea! Couldn't agree more! And I would like to see an icon on Jason's map for the radio tower, and to even this out why not put a phone icon and radio icon on counselors maps? They still have to find the fuse, and most OG players know where it spawns anyway. It would help the new players on both sides. Great thread guys, lots of good stuff!
  7. Gotcha, well best I can say is just keep at it. I was awful at the start, but I just kept trying and figured some things out. Spacing is very important! And speed effects that, Lachappa has a different pace then Chad or Vanessa (obviously) They can get in and out on Jason quickly, with Chap you gotta commit to the hit. Chad and Nessa can twirl and jog, then hit when he tries the grab or after a whiff. Chap needs to just do a quick move to the side, then forward again for a fake. If you spin around the whole way you better swing, or just sprint behind Jason. His speed is so bad, gotta take that in consideration when fighting. Good luck!
  8. Eric is actually pretty good at fighting, his 5 luck makes him actually one of the best fixer/fighter. Plus you have the awesomeness of his voice breaking as he squeaks "Fuck you!" Lol, swift attacker helps big time. I go with that, nerves of steel and either thick skin or Preparedness. Trick is, get Jason to chase you and if you are solo press combat stance and you will turn to face him. If you lightly tap attack you will do a sidearm swing motion that will track Jason, first time it will normally surprise lesser Jason players. Against better Jasons you will have to be more tricky, every time you hit you gain stamina and the swift attacker will help you hit. And with Eric you REALLY want to conserve your stamina, jog as much as possible.
  9. Redrum138

    Slugger Perk?

    I have my Mitch and AJ perked up with legendary Preparedness, epic Nerves of steel and thick skin. Deb and Chappa are also loaded with Preparedness, Nerves of steel and a legendary swift attacker. Prep and nerves give fear Resistance, with those counselors stealth it makes you hard to find in the early rounds. Thick skin for the counselors with 1-2 luck because they break weapons so fast, swift attacker for 3-5 luck.
  10. If my Deb went up against my part 3 with the spear? Dead... I would block her when she goes for the "I'm low on stamina" hit. Then counter for a heavy hit, then block and Deb would die. Facing my Jason I would go AJ, and work the fringes to escape. My Jason would hunt me relentlessly as a fixer, so if I went that route I would just hope to stay clear. As Jason I go for fixers, normally after senses I'm hunting as I'm trapping. If I encounter meta counselors I'll engage them, for up to a minute. Then, i'll move on. Same goes for any counselor with a low repair, yeah plenty of awesome players out there who can perfectly repair with Vanessa. But, I'll take my chances and just check on them from time to time. I see a Lachappa, Deb or AJ they're dead. And that mother fucker Tommy Jarvis too! Lol. I normally put at least one trap on the shack, and if someone goes for it I never morph right in like a dumbass. But, I have been killed. Twice... By very good teams. So, if I'm lucky and escape with AJ. And then get really lucky, and come back as Tommy. I'm gonna try to kill my Jason. But, my Jason is much better now. I think in that circumstance I could stop my Tommy. The only time I resort to the "Cosby" is if that Jason was teaming or a special kind of asshole. I think I block pretty well, and the spear counter tears em up with part 3. So, AJ could escape. Maybe. Otherwise, my Jason would kill my counselor.
  11. Deb is my main. More for the 3 luck, and she's quicker than Chap for solo. She has good stealth at the start, and I can carry my own parts if need be. But, depending on the situation I'll go with AJ if we have a good group. I can lonewolf off radar easy, but I need fighters around to keep Jason busy for me. I'll go with Jenny if the lobby has some trusted fixers without much protection. Or, Vanessa if we need someone to distract, and run parts. But, yeah. I'm gonna go Deb.
  12. Part 2 over 6, with the spear on sackhead. Love that morph, gets me in close for the shift. Sack's a runner, and the traps allow a trap on the shack. As well as great objective coverage, weak up close is fixed by collecting as many knives as you can to add into melee combos as well as a counter strike after a block.
  13. At the beginning, no. When he emerged from the grave, he had no idea that was the same Tommy Jarvis who killed him those years ago. At least not from that moment, in my opinion. But at the end, when Tommy was fucking with him. Saying "It's me you want, remember!" That's what keyed Jason up. I think then he put it together, figured out that little kid grew up to be this guy.
  14. On ps4. I know of a few guys from forums here that still play regularly, and play a straight up good game. They are @lasse_hei @Vaderspupil and I'm redrum138 (same as here.) We're on Friday nights pretty often, and normally play at least a few hours.@NthnButAGoodTimeis the moderator of the group on ps4 we're all in, so it will be easy to get in with us. We all play straight, and fight for objectives. We only go for Jason kills if we're in QP, and the Jason is teaming.
  15. If you're on ps4, check out the F13 club on there. I believe it's the Crystal lake employment agency, I'm on there as well as many other ps4 forum members. We tend to play on weekends, but you can catch a few of us during the week sometimes.
  16. Wow, that was crazy! Those rules man, lol. I'm into competitive gaming, but I fail to see the logic in how this is competitive. Juking rules are hilarious, and Jason can only trap certain things. That's competition? Nah, not for me either. I want Jason to roam around, hunting like always. Not handicapped by rules like that, and the counselors side of the rules are even worse. I mean, the "hero" girl can only hunt if she has his mask? Oh, and AJ is a hero? 1 luck breaks weapons like twigs ya know? She's among my favorites, but she's no hero. Jenny, Vanessa, Even Kenny are more the type. I do hope you find some players, good luck!
  17. Roy is better IMO, he has normal shift, sense, and morph. And his stalk is great. I think he's the fastest "Jason" that runs, unfortunately... (part 4 should be) And if you use his knives in combos during melee he can still hurt up close. His mask pops off super fast, just like 6. Part 6 has plus shift, but with his abysmal morph regeneration you'll have to shift to get around more. Not Roy, he can use that shift to get in a melee strike. Followed by a TK, then get block up before they counter. Roy is better than part 6 for those reasons, in my opinion.
  18. What's your point here? To whine? Really, this game is not nearly as fucked up as before. Yeah, it's far from perfect. But, there are many of us still playing and enjoying our time. Thanks for your opinion, duly forgotten. NEXT!
  19. This is true, makes you a better Jason if you know all the counselor's strengths and weaknesses as well.
  20. Grab kill: pigsplitter's throat slash. So cinematic, before that it was the head pop from part 3 where he turns them to face the camera for the same reason. All my Jasons use the spear with choke, eye gouge, bear hug and something specific to that Jason like head pop for part 3. Context: Not sure of the name. But the one where you throw them against a wall, then stomp their spine when they slide down. The crunching sound when you stomp them is wicked!
  21. Here's my opinion of the new batch. Fox is IMO the best of the new counselors, her numbers make sense. 3 luck, 5 stamina, 6 composure and 7 strength make her arguably among the best for demasking. And a reliable fixer, she can multitask. Mitch and Victoria have something they're good at, but they're not in the top 3. And then we have Shelly.... 6 composure, 7 strength. With a 1 luck, thanks! So, a fighter who breaks melee weapons like AJ. Hardly stunning at all, even with a bat! Well, he's got an 8 stealth. That's ok. And he's a fixer, with a 5 repair. Nothing special there. So, we have all these wasted points in strength because of the one luck breaking melee weapons so quickly. Such a shame, make that a 4 strength and give the poor guy some extra luck and and you would have a decent representation. I mean, yeah Shelly died and all, but at least he just got his throat slashed. Fox has a 3 luck and got impaled by a pitchfork, Mitch has 2 and his counterpart got fried at a fuse box. And Victoria's counterpart Melissa got an axe to the face as she stood frozen in fear, then tossed like ragdoll. And she has a 8 luck, huh? Give Shelly a 4 luck, and 4 str!
  22. No doubt! Mitch and AJ are in the same category, his plus one luck to hers is meaningless. AJ has the best stealth of the regular characters with her perfect stealth and 7 composure, I'll take that over Mitchell's hippy feet stealth score of six and 9 composure. They both gain fear pretty equally, but with no fear at the start of the match AJ can creep around off radar more because she can jog silently. While Mitch is off senses with his high composure, his sound pings do him in. And AJ and Mitch both break melee weapons too quickly to last through a tenacious Jason player, they need back up. Jenny is supergirl, we both know this. But, once again I would like to point out sound pings. Jenny has great stealth and can pair up with AJ, Deb or Chap and roam freely with minimal sound, But Mitch will give up their position. So, AJ in my opinion is better than Mitch. But neither of them can do what Deb and Chappa can for solo kiting, and long distance tunnel bashing. I go with Chap if I have help, and we're in more of a "Battle build". And Deb if I need to be more subtle, for stealthy lonewolfing. Even though Deb only has one point more then Mitch, and Adam. And two points more than AJ, her weapons seem to last alot longer. And her plus one in speed and stamina give her the ability to carry her own parts, I lone wolf Deb the most. Chap needs a weapon to periodically hit the large goon chasing him from Evergreen to Blair's. He is far more effective when parts are ferried for him, and with a loyal Jenny or Chad by his side he can be a Nightmare with quick fixes under pressure. Case in point: I was Jason in Stillwater facing an amazing Jenny, Lachappa, and Chad. They were contesting the phone box, while across the lake the best Vanessa player I've faced was flawlessly fixing the four seater. All my friends who I'd played hundreds of games with, I knew their tactics and couldn't stop that fucking Lachappa. And, unbeknownst to me. My friend Vader had Deb, and an another friend had AJ. Never showed up on senses, no sound pings so they were ghosts to me. They got the two seater running. They drive down to Springwater and arrive right as the four seater does, Lachappa may squeak and scream but his repair stay perfect with high fear. Deb's repair isn't as fast, and she gets more 3 skill checks when her fear goes up. They kept me off Lachappa when it was Just Chad and Jenny, he would always finish the moment before I got to him. The little, fat bastard! When Vanessa and the others showed up it was game over, Lachappa is so underrated it's abhorrent. He's the best fixer, no one better under pressure
  23. I like Mitch too, but you gotta agree his two luck sucks. 9 composure is great, but in a long fight in a "Tunnel" I'll go with Chap's 5 luck. Or Deb's 3 luck and solid stealth at the start. They might not have his composure, but with Nerves of steel they can fight and kite far better than Mitch. And they both have 10 repair for faster fixing. And Fox is a beast, love foxy!
  24. Played like 3 hrs on ps4 last night, many games were played. Granted, got dumped out of good lobbies more than a couple times. Back to the main menu, search 30 seconds tops then in a new lobby. I'm on east coast, US servers. Might that have something to do with it?
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    That's because you're a good player, who knows how to work a disadvantage back in your favor. The average person has issues with stumbling, case in point. Running to a window, they stumble. You, or I would find a different strategy. Maybe swing if he's shifting, or just turn a different direction. There are alot of players who would stubbornly go for that window. Just saying, I think it can be beneficial.