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  1. I love getting Chappa on random, so many people laugh when I spawn in and go "Yes! White Panther!" Had one guy laughing so hard, he said "I've NEVER heard someone be excited to get him on random." I love the challenge, sometimes Jason gets me. But my favorite games are when tunnel bots try to run me down, as I'm beating their ass across the map to a chorus of Chappa squeals. šŸ˜†
  2. Love LaChappa! That's the build I run on him too, Jasons tunnel vision is strong when he sees the White Panther!
  3. 2 players are all you need, I play 1vs1 with friends sometimes. Too make it more challenging for Jason, no shift grabs. Only shift slash, or Tk. Pretty fun.
  4. Lmao! Loved that Morph! Was timing it to pop in right before the car for an easy stop, but you were moving faster than I had anticipated.
  5. Huh! I actually saw that a couple times last night. Might be a few seconds lapse till rage registers invunerability.
  6. She is a hybrid of Ginny and Chris Higgins, the prototype final girl! This is me too This is my personal choice, I like the challenge of surviving with her. Early game she's a ninja, and once Jason gets rage her 1 luck means it's definitely hard mode. Whenever I get her, Jenny, Eric or Deb I get warm and fuzzy. If I get Vanessa, Tiff, Bugz or Chad it's just not the same. Obviously great counselors, just kinda easy mode for me. Depending on the J player!
  7. Good to see your post GeneiJin, and I agree with what you said. Pretty much the rage buff made baby Jasons tougher at the endgame. Not invincible, far from it! As you mentioned all hits cause full damage, so it just changed my strategy to kill him post Rage if there are no escape options. Dodge cancelling strikes is the only way to gain stamina back in a chase now, once again a benifit to baby Jasons. I'm suprised how many 150 counselors don't use this, so post rage they get slaughtered. A great J player will shut that down, anticipating your move. And even in a crowd they spam grab for a quick choke when weapons break, or a swing is missed. Great Jasons are now that much better in the endgame, and if they can keep up with objective hounds early on and shut down the Tommy call it's game over most matches. But, hey! That's what makes it thrilling, at least to me.
  8. So, here's a fun game mode to play with your friends. Counselors get 3 lives each to try to survive the movies. Part 2-9. If Jason can kill them all by the end of part 9 he wins, counselors need one survivor at the end of part 9 to win. After consideration Tommy Jarvis also has 3 lives, after he is terminated he can no longer be called. Also Tommy can not win the match for the counselors, they must have one of their own survive. Good luck, and have fun campers!
  9. Hahaha! Tommy beat you to it, like he said. "She's mine!"
  10. I actually play best as a lone wolf within a team, once I get a radio I tell everyone any info I have discovered then try to coordinate to roll in and fix stuff after Jason has departed. And I run AJ with Lightfoot, NOS, and preparedness so I'm about as stealthy as I can get. If Jason discovers me normally one of my teammates will run interference so I can escape and move to the next objective. I normally don't run with the group unless it's me and one other and we're going from point A to B. Or I'm jumping in the car, or killing Jason.
  11. Pretty much on point, but I did ditch the lives aspect. Now I assign 6 counselors per the movies, for instance part 3 is Shelly, Mitch, and Fox. With AJ taking the spot of Chilli, Chad as Rick and Jenny as Chris Higgins. Each counselor gains 5 pts by surviving the night, in any way possible. 1 point for a repaired phone, battery, propeller, gas and one powerbox repair. 1 point for calling the cops, or Tommy. 1 point for starting the car, boat. And 1 point per passenger when you escape. They gain 3 points for killing Jason. Plus Counselors will have a kill spot for the Jason kill to gain 10 extra points, for part 3 it's the barn. So, if they kill Jason in the barn on the part 3 level they gain a total of 13 points. While Jason gains 1 point for a slash kill. 2 for a throwing knife kill. 3 for a grab kill, and 4 for an environmental. If the kill glitches when Jason presses X he gains full points, and if that player runs off he loses all his points that he produced for his team. So, take your death with honor! If Jason performs any kill twice it's points are reduced to 1, variety in kills grants high points. Only special kills can be done twice for high points, like the spear kill in the video. Jason also has a bunch of special kills. Head crush Chad where Rick got his eyeball popped out for 10 points, throat slash Shelly for 5 points, kill Mitch by smashing his head into a powerbox for 5 points and finally kill Fox by the hanger environmental for another 10 points. So, now it's who can score more by the end of part 9 wins the challenge. That way we get to play all the way through. See who scores the most by the end, Jason or counselors.
  12. This is for part 2 game play. That's a first shot at the video, gonna add a kill spot for Jason in the shack and a 20 pt value for spearing Adam and AJ in the same bedroom at the lodge.
  13. This is a video for the part 8 map idea in the movie marathon challenge, we had a blast playing this mode.
  14. Yup, and if Jason grabs you and uses that knife you're back to looking for one. Unless he kills you first, lol!
  15. Pretty cool idea, I'm saying make it a pocket knife that is the cursed relic. Jason still kills, but the only way to live is find a PK and take it to the shack and drop it in front of mom's head before Jason kills you. Pretty cool?
  16. Lol! "Hail to the king baby!" I loved it, we didn't make it to part 9 cuz you slaughtered us with viscous efficiency. Definitely want to play some different Jason players to see how far we can go on them. You set the bar for that one, no survivors on any map!
  17. We've been doing a movie marathon challenge. Each movie Jason per map starting with part 2 Jason on Packanack. No doubles for counselors, with the sole exception being the part 4 Jarvis house map when the counselor team may use twin Tiffanys. Each counselor has three lives in total, once the 3rd life is gone that counselor can no longer be used. Parts 2-5 are those Jasons, or Roy on their maps. All maps used are large maps. Part 6 is at Crystal lake. Part 7 is the Jarvis house for Sheppard residence and party house. Part 8 is where it gets interesting, part 8 Jason at Packanack. Once the game starts, all counselors and Jason must go to the lodge area and remain there until Jason gets rage. This is to represent the movie primarily taking place on a ship. If you spawn away from the lodge you may loot one cabin, and any campsites on your way to the lodge. If there are multiple cabins along your path the counselor may chose which one to enter. If you come across the Tommy house and you haven't looted a cabin yet you can call Tommy, and loot. Until Jason gets rage counselors may only repair anything at the main lodge, including the car if it spawns next to the lodge. Once Jason gets rage counselors can spread out as normal and fix, escape or kill Jason if possible. Part 9 is at Pinehurst. Once all counselors are dead the challenge is over and Jason won. For the counselor side to win, you must have at least one counselor make it all the way through part 9.
  18. Choke kill, bear hug, head punch all take very minimal space. So you can use those indoors instead of environmentals, and just add another kill of whatever you like. Personally, pigsplitter throat slash would fill out my kill list.
  19. I play against a really good Savini all the time, and have played against him more times than I can remember. I have a very low survival rate against him, but he is very good. I'm no slouch, but I have the same issue where when he sees me I'm dead about 85% of the time. I learn from my mistakes pretty well, early game his destruction will put pressure on but without shift you can distance him and he will probably move on till shift becomes available. As others have said from long distance he is deadly, there are these moments where I can't see him but something makes me uneasy so I'll start moving in odd patterns and i've had success dodging his stalk/shift combos. Sometimes there will be a weird fluttering noise, or the camera will zoom slightly towards my character. He is dreadfully slow from what I'm told, so he heavily relies on shift. So try to keep moving, don't stand still for to long if you're out in the open and can't see him. Good luck!
  20. Yes! Six would probably like the marathon challenge, and we could definitely use more good players!
  21. I'd keep it in QP, but have a toggle for it in private. With a regular group, who like the challenge of playing without the item markings in private it would be cool. But in QP, where so many don't communicate it would hurt the casual gamer.
  22. Looking like part 8 will be the final chapter for the counselors if you continue to kill the lobby. Part 5, 6 will have a full lobby. 7 will have Nessa and Victoria, but the counselors will have very limited fixers! So by part 8, Deb might be the only fixer. And it might not matter as they are stuck at the lodge area till you get rage to represent the boat in part 8. It's highly likely they won't have a living counselor to go to part 9, lol.
  23. Speaking of which, you guys wanna continue the movie marathon challenge today? Rust is on Part 5, Joeh is on part 4. Or someone else can start a new one. I have all the stats and survivors written down.
  24. Sure, no problem. I'm on ps4, might have been in a lobby together before. My daughter and I played the game non stop for about a year and a half before she quit, I still play and have met just about everyone on ps4 for good or bad. šŸ˜†
  25. I have a daughter who used to play f13 regularly at 13, may I suggest adding cool players to game with? Granted now there are far less cool players who regularly play, but when you come across one add them. Add me, I'm redrum138. I play on weekends, at least most weekends. RustinPeace is one of my friends who still play, and we have others as well. My daughter hardly plays f13 anymore, she switched to fortnite. But, best I can say is if the talk bothers you then mute them. Girl gamers have it rough, I know my daughter got called all kinds of crap. But, now she just laughs at them. If you can play it off and be cool, the trolls will get bored. They seek misery, that's their pleasure. Deny them!
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