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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better. I like carrots, but not peas. As a matter of fact, I hate peas! I wonder what the statistics say for who likes peas more than carrots? Wait, what were we talking about?
  2. Ok... I gotta get an epic! Maybe when the update comes out and I spend some CP I'll get lucky. Thank you for sharing that! Good stuff! I've been going through my footage looking for some stuff to post, got some good ones but I'm gonna edit them into a video. Possibly this weekend if I can, thanks for all your help. I appreciate it!
  3. All characters are good in their own way, I use Shelly and Mitch. 2 of the worst, but I do well with them. Vanessa is the best, in competent hands. I use NOS, prep, and thick skin on all my characters because I like what those perks do. Vanessa, with those perks. She is my best all around counselor, just saying.
  4. I put NOS, Preparedness and Thick skin on my Jenny and I will only change for Legendary. You will LOVE that build if you have all epics, and your fear resistance bonus is at the very least 18%. If you're maxed on that stat, you only gain fear when you're about 55% damaged and tunneled. As long as you use your flashlight, Jenny is solid!
  5. Yes, and no. It helps, yes. But not like Jenny. It will keep your fear down, but you will still gain fear slowly but surely. I use that build on Mitch and it helps alot, but Jenny and Tommy are the only "no fear" characters.
  6. Huh? I use that build, both perks are epic with max benefits and I respectfully disagree. In my experience, I can have Jason on me as much as he wants before any ill effects of fear. This is with no damage to Jenny, just kiting and fighting. I have access to 2 PS4's and actually had her standing next to him for 20 mins with those perks and her flashlight on, no fear. Do you have your flashlight on? That might have something to do with it, Or maybe your perks aren't maxed? Even with an 18% between NOS and prep I hardly ever got fear until I took damage.
  7. This is why they got rid of team killing, some players don't know how to handle that. If he was any kind of decent player he would have blocked the attacks, and beat your Tommy's ass. That's how we used to deal with trolls, the shotgun was the only thing they should have changed. You never saw that coming so they would kill you, but then you would call em out in the after lobby so everyone knows. Most times they quit, very few stayed for what came next. Of course we all would rush for the guns, blast them at nothing to waste them. Most couldn't fight, so they would have friends to gang up on you. They would try to trick you into doing a repair and jump you, knowing you can't look behind you as you repair. I miss those days, it was challenging. They should have taken counselor damage away from the shotty, and that's it. I used to LOVE killing a troll who tried to backstab me, but alot of players hated that so they took it from us....
  8. Yup, Gotta say you're the one that got me doing that. Before I was using CS all wrong, you're the one who said to toggle it only for tracking, blocking and dodging. That helped so much, now it's like a habit. I'm only thinking of the end result, same thing with sprinting out of CS. THAT gets counselors so off guard as Jason! Right into a grab, or a quick TK. Thanks for your help man, some of us do listen to the info you're putting out to us. I for one, definitely appreciate your help!
  9. Cool, looks good on my TV so hopefully PS4 will look great. Just get the bugs worked out, I'm so tired of the car rubberband... And all the other stuff will be great as long as they kill the bugs!
  10. I use CS right before I attack, it's a habit. Then I dodge, or hit L3 to short sprint away. Need to block? Hit R3, then R1 quickly. Works for Jason too. It takes a while to get it, gotta keep at it. The only time I go in CS when not doing those things is to psych out Jason, or regen stamina.
  11. Yup, or Roy. That guy's DEFINITELY dead!
  12. Yup, on point here! Hard CS attack can demask pretty easy, light attack stuns on the regular. Tommy can kill Jason with it, plus he can knock him to his knees if you need him to. Baseball bat is best for stun, machete for damage. Axe does it all.
  13. Why Do You Play?

    Hell yeah you're good at it! Lol! It's funny how I can go to QP to mess around and it's like taking candy from a baby after chasing you as Jason, or trying to survive YOUR Jason. You're the best man, and Bkb is alot of fun to play with too. All the players you listed are among my favorites too, you guys make the game fun. It might be super fucking hard mode, but playing with you all has made me so much better. And I consider you all friends, not just internet people but real friends. I wish we could all get together IRL for dinner sometime, I'm sure it would be so much fun. You guys make this game so much better, I'm really glad we all met and look forward to all the good times yet to come!
  14. I'm PS4 too, had a rare that froze after the second strike. You got an epic, and that works? Awesome! I'll definitely be looking for an epic when the update drops. Once again, thank you for the insight!
  15. Any info today?

    Yeah, I operate different kinds of robots. Was running a plasma cutting system today, once I get it keyed in and running good I have lots of time to play around. Was reading forums while my boss was watching the robot do it's thing, he did the quick head turn when I laughed at bear's post. Luckily, I had prepped for such an event by having an operator's manual on my desk. Even had a page selected where the manual showed the wrong settings, I quickly slid my phone under the pages as he walked over. "What were they thinking Andy? What makes them think 275 amperage is high enough to cut through 8 inches of stainless steel?" He just tilted his head and said. "What do you mean?" I love when your supervisor knows less than you... All I could say was. "Nevermind" He walked away, I went back to forums. Lol.