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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.

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  1. Redrum138

    The future of the game

    Right! Poor guy got less than $8000 for writing the first script that went on to make Cunningham a whole lotta money. So, he waits the 30 years he has to wait till he can file a lawsuit for his rightful share of all that F13 cash. Cunningham counter sued him, to keep Vic's fingers outta the honey pot. Who's the bad guy? Btw. @malloymk I got dbd, I'll hit you up sometime when I get on there.
  2. Redrum138

    How to Spot a Troll

    Man, that Ric Flair video NEVER gets old! Whoooo!
  3. Redrum138

    How to Spot a Troll

    Fighting Game Community, lol!
  4. Redrum138

    How to Spot a Troll

    Speaking of situational trolling, I play with Luckisforlosers. He's @hu_soldier13 on here and I gotta say he has saved my ass with snarky comments and timely stuns on many occasions. I've snuck by an unsuspecting Jason as Mitch on many occasions because big J was so focused on killing that Cobra Kia Chad with the big mouth. Some players can really use "trolling" to benefit the team. Matter of fact, we had a guy come from Facebook saying he was gonna own our team. Kill us all, and he was streaming it too. We've been playing together for months, but ok. Challenge accepted! Myself and a friend escaped in the boat by the 2 minute mark, as I waited to get Tommy I watched Luck beat this poor guy in the middle of the road for about 2 mins as the cops were called and the 4 seater started. I came back as Tommy as everyone left, I escaped by the cops solo on him. All set-up by that Chad keeping him pissed off and busy.
  5. Yeah, sure. It's been a while since I played, what time you thinking? Ya know I'm such a moron I just noticed you complimented me, thanks man! Lol
  6. Yup, right where I'm at. I have terrible luck with legendary perks, but my epics are epic! Anytime I roll a legendary it's worse then my epic, I only have 3 that were worth keeping. Outta about 500k worth of CP, yet others spend a fraction of that and get great perks. It all depends on your game I guess, mine rolls shitty legendaries and action locks me everytime I use CS to attack. Guess I'm just lucky, lol.
  7. Redrum138

    How to Spot a Troll

    I'll second that about either of these guys, both have helped me alot on various issues. Both have contributed much to the knowledge base, and proved their ability time and again. I subscribe to Tommy's YouTube for his videos, they are very helpful. And Genei definitely knows what works is this game, and is also a go to for tactics. Everything Genei said about the sweater tactic is valid and useful, hell the trick about going in to set off the distress call without grabbing the sweater is sneaky AF! And I don't see anyone derailing your thread as much as offering counter arguments to your OP.
  8. 2 pk's, firecrackers and a med spray lucky Tiff! Maybe she has some kind of a medic perk for pocket knives that only bots have access to?
  9. Redrum138

    Eric "Rambo" LaChappa

    Lol, no doubt. I would play that mode! I just love when I jog up to a cabin and he comes crashing through a window. And I'll stand there, because I'm laughing. As he swings his weapon and squeaks "Fuck you!" I love it! He's my favorite bot, I always save him for last. If I don't kill him in hiding, by accident.
  10. Anybody else have this avatar of death possess their Lachappa bot? Every game of bots, when I get to Eric he seems to have 2 pk's, 1 spray and firecrackers. He's a fucking war machine! Lol, either we have an epic standoff where he smashes through a window to get outside. Then I grab for a knife, he tosses crackers for the second stun as he heals then we go at it till his weapon breaks. I mean, the guy has a death wish! Either it's that, or I kill him hiding. No in between, he's fuckin' crazy!
  11. Redrum138

    How to Spot a Troll

    While your points are valid, I gotta say it depends on the player. I'm a Mitch Floyd main too, and 150. When I get Vanessa, or Chad I run parts, drop the fuse off. I feel it's my Job to speed loot and distribute to teammates all the Pk's, and sprays. and If Jason comes after me to keep him busy as long as possible. I'll run intercept for fixers, smack Jason and cover for them because I have the speed to elude him. And when I get Tiffany I'll go for the sweater early if I'm close, then disappear till Tommy shows. When I get fixers I roam and fix drops on the map, try to stay active. It just depends on the player how they're gonna play those characters, but as a whole those points you put up can be a good basis of behavior. I always find that any level player is liable to troll though, not just 80 and up.
  12. Whoa! Lol, you're brave brother! I am a follower of Christ too, but I must say this forum has frowned upon this discussion in the past. Hopefully things have changed. I play on ps4, I used to play everyday but I got burned out so I'm only on occasionally. Add me, just msg me you're from here. I'm redrum138. If you see me in game feel free to join in. I'm always up for discussion on biblical literature, and how it pertains to our world today. The topic is obviously not for everyone, but if you do start something for it I will gladly join the conversation.
  13. Yup, those are the ones my spear would get stuck on the frame instead of breaking the glass. The side glass windows I could break without CS in a free swing, then toss a knife. I guess because the action frames of the window are set differently on a vertical plane. so the spear wouldn't hit the top glass? It might not be every window, but those vertical windows are all over the map. And anything that can stop Jason from performing when you need him to keep the pressure on is enough for me to switch back to machete, no doubt.
  14. Ok, that explains alot! I wondered why I could never get that with the spear. I admit I don't play as Jason very often, and in the heat of the moment I just tried to light attack from the side but it always got stuck and then I resorted to the TK for the second attack and rolled on. It would always screw up that combo before it started. Huh, once again thank you for the insight. Looks like I'll have to switch it back to machete. I do love the spear for combat, but it is sorely lacking in some other areas right now. Unless they give it back the overhead attack. (Not holding my breath...)
  15. Spear on J 2-4, machete 5-7. Fire axe still on J8, and two bit axe still on J9. I LOVE the spear on J 2-4. Part 2 doesn't have the weapon strength, but his extra traps +run and +morph means he can catch counselors with that long lunge then run in to snatch them up. On J 3-4 it's awesome for combat, from a blocked attack hold in R2 for the underhanded lunge heavy attack. Or, tap R2 for the quicker sidearm light attack. Then press the left analog to sprint in for a grab. The longer range attack of the spear can really mess with people. Especially when you mix it up with TK, and light attacks too. Pretty much like @GeneiJin said. The difference in attacks from the spear, paired with a close range quick TK can be devastating. Couple that with timely blocking, and quick toggle of sprint out of CS to the grab. And you have a recipe for some very salty snacks! (Thank you to @Tommy86 for giving me much of that info)