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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.

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  1. That's a good set up for AJ, I run the same. (Funny your epic numbers are EXACTLY the same, cool) I will say that when I'm Jason I have a friend who runs Lightfoot, and two of the sense perks on her AJ. (I think it's levelheaded and I'm not sure what the other one is) early game I very rarely see her with senses at all, and I do spam sense. In rage I spot her, but sometimes she's out before then.
  2. I like all of em Right, no doubt! Skill tree would be cool too. For perks: Accuracy: once per game, choose a target to lock on for auto targeting with throwing knives. Five second duration. (No more ring around the Rosie) Shadow step: once per game when Jason morphs to a location he is invisible for five seconds. Using an ability after the morph, setting a trap, throwing a knife, or attacking negates the effect. (Jump scares!)
  3. I had something like that happen in a quickplay the other night, was using Vanessa so he was on me from about the first 30 seconds. At about the 3 minute mark of our dance I asked if he trapped the phone box yet, no answer. About a minute later the cops were called, he still was chasing me. The cops arrived and still he was on me, I warned him that he should morph to the cops and get anyone there, still he chased me into yet another big cabin. I kept him going until all the others were out, then made my escape as well. He was 0-7. In the lobby I noticed he was second level and I commended him for sticking it out and politely told him to try trapping the phone box and objectives before trying to kill counselors, and it's normally a good rule to let 101 Vanessa players go till you can stalk/shift Kill them later. He was thankful for the advice, newer players just gotta learn and it's our place to help out if we can. The whole "git gud" nonsense doesn't help anyone and it turns new players away. A little advice, in a helpful manner can help out alot!
  4. Once again right on point, lol Yes!!!! I REALLY hate this! And it's always some loud fucker like Buggzy, and when Jason shows up and grabs you they run away. While mostly they don't have mics, when they do they constantly tell you how to play the game because they're so awesome. What I hate is when people talk abnormally loud about repair parts, and their impending destination. Especially when I'm the poor sap carrying them. "Hey guys, she's got the gas and is heading for the four seater. Get ready!" Now with that said, if i'm using AJ and carrying the propeller to the boat and they say that to throw off Jason I say great move! Otherwise, if you're dumb enough to say that aloud when my AJ is actually trying to get the gas in the fourseater. I hope you understand why I drop the gas and run away, just sayin.
  5. Ok, that's really funny! Kudos @Maddogg_8121
  6. Humble Pie

    Much respect for that response @dmack621 It takes humility and some of that humble pie to say you were wrong, welcome back! No hard feelings, glad you changed your mind.
  7. Vanessa and Chad are good for all situations on all maps, especially Jarvis. You might mess up a repair here or there, but you have speed to burn if Jason shows up. If you wanna all around Badass who can do it all use Adam or Foxy when you unlock her. Run of the mill would be Jenny and Kenny, they do ok but I think Jenny is the better of the two. If you want stealth AJ Is good, Deb and Eric are ok too. Speed kills so can't say I recommend the stealthy characters as they are terrible in that department. As long as you're doing ok with a character, run with them for a bit and get to know your limits. Fight if that's your thing, otherwise be sneaky and swoop in on items on the map and fix what you can. Plus perks can make quite a difference, example put sucker punch on Chad with a wrench and go to work. Try to enhance their strengths whenever possible, it can really have an impact on your play.
  8. Yeah, got that right. Damn, people need some Thick skin perks up in here! Epic!
  9. @CryptMYou don't seriously require an apology for that, Right? Just kidding? Haha, right? I'm sure @JPopsis a busy person so cut some slack. He answered you, so what if it wasn't 100% accurate. He was trying to help.
  10. The F13 Films: What Worked/What Didn't

    Yeah, that's one of those things that kinda bug me about that book. It's super expensive and I don't have it...... Did Hawke say he walked?
  11. Got that right, and real good example. I know for me I had to ride my bike for almost an hour to see a buddy who was like a Nintendo guru, had to call and make sure he wasn't at soccer or football first. This kid would play through and show us how, he was one of those guys who was awesome at anything he did. That was my internet, a network of badass friends who were good at THINGS. And of course if you were an asshole, you were out. Kids now just don't get it, mine does because I raise her like that. My daughter plays and she's 13. If I ever caught her acting like these little punks I've come across on this game she would not play another online multiplayer game until she was out of my house, and I had no control over it. All I can say about these toxic shits on ps4 is it the failure of their parents, anyone who would let their kid act like that is no parent at all.....
  12. Maybe a couple times, but you still played that moment pretty damn good! Out of everyone I've played you and @BoxingRouge are so hard to get a hold of, probably the two best at kiting I've encountered. Stalk, shift and hope you don't see it coming. And don't have a knife, lol.
  13. I love it! Bill and Ted! Lmao!
  14. The F13 Films: What Worked/What Didn't

    No doubt! I was really hoping for that when first I heard about this game. Her on Crystal Lake map, no shack or Jason. Without a doubt! Your Pamela 4 vs 1 thread is solid gold and I hope the devs can figure it out. As far as the films go, I can actually find no fault with part one. I love that movie! Saw that one in the backseat of my parents car, at a drive-in when I was a kid. When she was talking like Jason at the end I was terrified! "Kill her mommy..." And that smile...... DAMN! Still gives me chills, one of my all time favorite movies.