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  1. My 20% Thickskin has never be removed, except special occasions like car races. 0% negative, it's my go to perk.
  2. For me, I don't go for the sweater unless I'm going for the kill. Or, creating a distraction for teammates who are working on something. In the latter example most times I won't grab the sweater, unless I have a PK. If I have the sweater I'll go for the kill, the longer I stall on that the higher the possibility of teammates dying. But, if Tommy is dead then it's used as a extra stun.
  3. For me it's Stalk, I can juke grabs and slashes. Traps can be tanked, or set off silently with a pk. I'm decent at dodging tk, even quick throws. But, when Jason uses Stalk effectively you can't see him coming. Especially the long range Stalk/Shift/Grab combo. IMO that's Jason's most deadly weapon.
  4. If you are a day one player like me, that has played many hours per week. It depends on the Jason player really, but yes it's simple if you set it up right. Give me Buggzy, and a machete. But, to the newer players. It must seem impossible at times, especially against a competent Jason. Giving Jason's mask more hit points is fine by me, I welcome the challenge. But, newer players would not like this. So, I get it. All it takes is to watch a few videos on YouTube, or listen to what people tell you if you're new to the game. And you can kill Jason too, there are so many ways to get open shots on Jason with minimal chance of repercussions. Baiting him to grab a teammate, windows, stun or pk animation... Where most newer players go wrong is they use the wrong weapon, and don't understand that stunning Jason causes very minimal damage.
  5. I have less than 100 games as Jason, just don't like playing as the killer. I got this game to play against Jason. Even so, 3 legit kills against my Jason. Twice as part 2, once as 3.
  6. I had a Jason throw a knife at the car I was driving, the car flipped and threw me out and way up into the air. I landed on the roof, one cabin up from the lodge at Packanack. If I was next to the lodge, guaranteed I would have landed up there. I walked off the edge and made it out to the cops. I am on ps4, Maybe situations like that are leading people to think you can still get up on the roof? Sure If I wanted to I could have stayed up there, but I got down as soon as Jason left to chase the other counselors to the cop exit.
  7. From what I've heard that's just the tip of the iceberg, you can jump out a 2nd story window and take no damage using this. Also works on any X prompt such as doors, drawers, picking up items and repairs. I haven't had a chance to play yet, but this is word from around the camp.
  8. Savini, any schmuck can test you with what he brings. Now, in the hands of a lethal player he is nearly unstoppable. But, any Jason in those hands are hard to survive. Obviously it depends on the player, but Savini has the goods to make lesser players tough to face.
  9. Yup, you know my build is NOS, prep and Lightfoot on my girl AJ. I only use No fear for all my counselors, and the 3rd perk varies. Mostly swift attacker or marathon. That definitely makes the chase harder, and fighting more of a challenge as well. Going without perks we have done a time or 2, that's definitely hard mode! Especially on random when you get Eric "the white panther" LaChappa.
  10. I love getting Chappa on random, so many people laugh when I spawn in and go "Yes! White Panther!" Had one guy laughing so hard, he said "I've NEVER heard someone be excited to get him on random." I love the challenge, sometimes Jason gets me. But my favorite games are when tunnel bots try to run me down, as I'm beating their ass across the map to a chorus of Chappa squeals. 😆
  11. Love LaChappa! That's the build I run on him too, Jasons tunnel vision is strong when he sees the White Panther!
  12. 2 players are all you need, I play 1vs1 with friends sometimes. Too make it more challenging for Jason, no shift grabs. Only shift slash, or Tk. Pretty fun.
  13. Lmao! Loved that Morph! Was timing it to pop in right before the car for an easy stop, but you were moving faster than I had anticipated.
  14. Huh! I actually saw that a couple times last night. Might be a few seconds lapse till rage registers invunerability.
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