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    Reading ancient stuff, love all that. I also write as a hobby, not very well mind you. And of course all things horror, not nonsense like a Serbian film.... ughhh, waste of film.

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  1. What do you think, play this game until it dies then just say fuck it and go over to dbd? Sucks that as much as we've argued over F13 being superior, soon it will be gone anyway. There is NO WAY this game can continue with no revenue, and with Wes saying he's not going to go back to adding more stuff after the lawsuit... "It's got a death curse!"
  2. Well, I saw this coming. Businesses must make money, or they fail. That's a fact Jack! Fix the game now, and keep running as long as you can. It's been fun, we're all disappointed I'm sure. But, that's how it is. Good games everyone, good games.
  3. I'm pretty proud of my setup, I have a 20" that fits just right on my coffee table. I can watch the movies, and not miss a thing in game. It's fun!
  4. Good stuff, I always run a marathon of all of them in order on the day. I bring out the TV in my bedroom to the livingroom, so I can watch and play at the same time. And no doubt I was a fan long before the game, and will remain so. Hell, they'll probably bury me in my part 3 mask! Lol
  5. Redrum138

    Demasking Builds

    So, slugger with swift attacker? If you lose damage then not good, mine has a 0% to damage so I didn't think about that. But if they have one with even a -1 is it worth it? And good stuff about the thrasher perk, with sucker in essence you have a bat. So just say Slugger, and maybe Thick skin and medic?
  6. Huh, it might be swift is bugged too. I had the same issue, took swift off and it didn't seem to be as bad. It still happened when I used combat stance, on free swing it didn't happen. I think combat stance is bugged to, blocking and striking.
  7. Redrum138

    Mega-Patch Update?

    This! I hate that, happens to me every time I hit Jason with melee. It just kills the fun...
  8. Redrum138

    Demasking Builds

    Thrasher, slugger, swift attacker. Sucker punch gives bonus to stun chance, but stun does hardly any damage. For damask you want all attack damage perks, with slugger you start with a baseball bat. So you have a great stun weapon to keep Jason off you, until you find an axe for your thrasher perk. Adam and Fox are best if you wanna fix things, and of course Fox is a great sweater girl. Buggzy is the best (Other than Tommy) But, Bugz is terrible at repairs. Ditch the bat for an axe asap, and try hitting Combat Stance heavy attack for a bonus 50% to damage. If you can do that, you can drop the mask in 2-3 hits with anyone with a 7 or higher strength.
  9. You only gain a slight increase, like a millisecond. But, it's enough to land a hit before Jason can block sometimes. I don't use it against our PS4 group because they know me too well, but in QP I use it often. Against our group I run a total no fear build, Nerves of steel with preparedness and night owl. Keeps fear down and stamina regenerating regularly. I'm tired of meta perks, so I try to run with something different.
  10. Yes, yes. And yes! Swift attacker is one of the best perks, Epic level without a doubt. Once you get the timing down, it helps alot. Just remember females swing faster than males do. It gives you a good surprise attack once or twice on a Jason who is unfamiliar with you, against friends who know you run that perk they'll expect it. It helps to hit before Jason can block, unless they know you have it and can act accordingly.
  11. I'm usually up for playing after work on Friday the 13th, even with the state the game is in. I'll be on, probably about 5-6 till who knows when. We'll have to get some games in.
  12. Good point, I would like to know about paranoia. But otherwise the point is moot. Right now all that matters is fixing the game breaking bugs that have pushed away many players, myself included. I still jump on from time to time, but it's just not fun getting action locked or having the game kill you when you drive off. I don't care about what isn't in the game at all. It's what IS in it.
  13. Redrum138

    We're Still Here

    Yeah, pretty much. Lol
  14. Redrum138

    We're Still Here

    As well as nothing under the name Friday the 13th can be added now. Until the case is clear. The name of the game is Friday the 13th, so nothing new. Doesn't matter if they drop some stuff or not, can't do it under the copyright of Friday the 13th. That's what is holding us up, they can fix stuff in game but that's it for now.
  15. Well said! After the games I played last week I gotta agree, I took some time off this game thinking it would get better, man was I wrong! No hot fixes, or updates to help. Games just ending abruptly, action locked in 75% of my games played. Bad, just bad right now...