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  1. Cool, I agree the guy knows his shit! I only watched that one video and I was impressed with the knowledge he displayed, he explained why everything I had learned worked. And lots of detail for hitbox, and spacing that explained why I missed sometimes. For a while I actually sought out his posts here to see if he had other ideas. He did, but his demeanor really sealed it. I'm not gonna get into that, but he was banned. Then he came back as a couple different accounts here recently and REALLY acted like an ass. Talking of making new accounts after a ban, and unlocking 500,000 cp to build his next account. That's a pretty neat trick I guess. And the things he said to some guys here were just ignorant, and not in reply to something ignorant said to him. No, just lead in with venom. I know he is very knowledgeable, I watched and read some of his stuff. But, I don't like the exploits he does. And I don't agree, with doing. And saying some of the stuff he has done, and said. I don't hold anyone who uses his knowledge in contept, hell In a way his guide helped me by confirming I was using proper combat tactics and spacing. But using his exploits, or spreading that knowledge is wrong.
  2. Ok, I'll post the whole thing. At the beginning there you say. "A whole night of no exploits, no permanent or infinite states and no additional software." further proves you don't watch him stream at all as he has no additional software and doesn't hack when playing" But you forgot to add the infinite stamina exploit in after that. So, I just wanted to point out that it was indeed an exploit as he mentioned as an "infinite state" that's what he was talking about. Oh, I know you never said it. By saying glitch, you meant exploit. Do you deny seeing car surfing on his video? Would you say that's unfair? Maybe not as unfair as infinite stamina, but I've only seen one of his videos. Then I washed my hands.
  3. So, that's not an exploit? Running indefinitely to gather weapons, sprays and knives at the beginning of the match till you gain all the goodies. Then turn it off because it "hinders combat" whenever he chooses to do so, that wouldn't be considered as exploiting? Any one else here do that? That's a good one! The guy is super smart and all that, but you gotta agree that's BS. I know if I was running Vanessa, and I could sprint non-stop to start the match I would have a nice collection of items. Way more than the other unfortunate counselors, who actually have to deal with stamina loss! And can't sprint indefinitely, as the game was intended. Ok, so that's not exploiting the game? And the fact the others haven't utilized this "tech" isn't exploiting them? Jason doesn't do stamina loss, I get that. But since the others are not utilizing this technique does that not exploit them? Especially at the beginning when everyone is at their weakest, and sometimes running for their lives. The ability to run endlessly is a great advantage, wouldn't you agree?
  4. @stoney who do you use in quickplay? I ran nothing but quickplay till I was lvl 83 or something like that. AJ for a fixer to stay off his radar, many times I'd have a car or boat ready and he never knew. No sense avoidance perks, uncommon marathon, restful and a rare Lightfoot were my best perks back then. If you want to get outta QP why not try the communities? If you play ps4 I know there are many fun people to game with, and if you wanna play any kind of style you can because they work together. It's easy to lonewolf in a coordinated lobby, or jump in with them and work with the team.
  5. No doubt, thanks for making a great game! Flashlight abuse? Really??? More like a gang of tide pod eaters, and the ever exploit user ganging up on Roy. I sincerely hope the flashlights had nothing to do with Roy's issues in that game. We've all faced groups of counselors with their flashlights in our faces, come on! Why the slashing hate? In that video, a prime example of Pap's games. Surround yourself with others to help you attack Jason's flank, and listen to your orders. In THAT situation, yeah slashing counterhits are gonna happen. But, what would you do? Morph away, try to pick away at them? Nah! Grab and get stomped? Nah! Keep moving, separate the heard and attack with your weapon swing gets you beat as well. But, Aside from blocking to break their wepons. What other options do you see? That group was working off his orders, and unless you take him out of the equation what other options do you see there? I mean, I'd love to see him in that Roy's situation. I'm sure he has ways of exploiting as Jason too, or "tech" I believe they say. But, I can't honestly think of anything other than blocking and striking in that situation. Well, that doesn't involve advanced "tech". Maybe I'm blind, or have more important things to do with my time than devote needless energy into finding ways of abusing the gameplay mechanics. @Tommy86I'm not directing those comments at you, I'm sincerely asking what you would do in that situation. I DON'T like or condone the "tech" he puts out to the masses, and the comment he made about @AldermachXI's children being as ignorant as their father put him on my eternal shitlist. I have no qualms with you at all. You know your shit when it comes to gameplay here, and I'm only asking because of that.
  6. When I got obliterated my first game in I started watching videos for help, I got better and started playing around. Learned some things that were never mentioned on those videos, then about a month later I came across his videos. Lot's of explanation of how to do the things I figured I had done by accident, and full analysis of the game mechanics that make these things possible and how to use them to "punish" Jason. That's why people don't care for the guy, he's so smart and detail oriented and it's obvious. But, some of that knowledge is not something that should be shared. Myself, I've never used that knowledge to gain an unfair advantage. But, by knowing it I am prepared to face it and counter it in game. That's the only good thing I got out of the exploits on there. But much of the rest was quality info, it's a shame he added that crap to a otherwise robust database.
  7. The -Shift weakness

    Yeah, I read the other post about fixing Jason. I know you don't have the game, you get your info from videos and chatting on here. I hope you can get your hands on a copy sometime, you're obviously a huge fan and I respect that. But, I'm gonna say the -shift sucks. I know, he's my favorite so dear god do I know. But, I can deal with it. IMO I think -morph and regular shift would be ok on him, and be a little more representative of that Jason. And -hit points instead of slow water speed, anyway.... If you're using that slash n cast video for the base of your info for the mask allowing you to mess up a fix undetected, that's not the case. They only talk about detection when entering the shack for alerting Jason. Even with the mask in your inventory, if you miss a check in the repair mini game it will still alert Jason with a sound tick. Trust me on this one, I had it happen in game right after the most recent patch. @malloymk Was using Roy, I got his mask and tried to fix the phone and screwed up. He appeared almost instantly, maybe he remembers hearing the sound cue? Anyway, I hope you get the game sometime. If you get ps4 edition hit me up and we'll get some games in, lot's of cool people on there. I'm redrum138 on ps4, And I normally accept any forum users and try to get games when I can.
  8. Thank you, exactly! Chain stun is exploiting a major weakness in the Jason model, if done right the Jason player is helpless until someone screws up timing on a weapon. Or they all break. If you're dependant on that to survive, you probably are dead meat if you have to play the game without it. The rest of us will be fine, thanks.
  9. The -Shift weakness

    Right! Agreed, I've had the mask in my inventory with AJ post patch. Messed up a phone repair and Roy appeared close by. Idk, so we wait....
  10. The -Shift weakness

    I do fine with J4 as my guy, - shift for balance is peachy. If YOU want to change that then how bout this. Regular shift, - morph. Then while we're at it, let's get rid of that crappy water speed and instead give him -hit points. Because he did kill two in the water in 4, but he died at the end when Trish de-masked him. He was the last living (real) Jason. Part three was an axe to the head. Part 4 he was killed with a machete by Tommy, and the force of gravity! Lol. And btw. Can anyone confirm the mask allowing you to fix cars, the boat and the phonebox undetected? We all know about the shack, but I was unaware they added those undetected fixing things in.
  11. Most definitely! Good thread! Any change of color would be great, yellow, blue, white. Something like that would be perfect for quick map referencing, and no wasted morph. It should already be implemented really, I know some of the new players have a major problem with figuring out witch trap to go to. Hell, I go to the wrong one sometimes too!
  12. The -Shift weakness

    I play J 4, I agree that the - shift sucks. But Imagine him with a better shift, that would be so crazy! As is you have to use his run to close in and hope you play it right, the slower speed means easier handling and an almost guaranteed grab if you can get to them. If he had any better shift I would get ALOT more kills! And you wouldn't see any other Jason. With his weapon strength and destruction, decent hitbox and swinging motion he'd be OP. Too much, -shift balances him out. The -shift on J7 needs to go, DEFINITELY! I couldn't agree more that undead Jasons should NEVER have -shift!
  13. Just gotta run up and smash Jason before he starts his kill frames, as long as you hit Jason before that (and your weapon must actually CONNECT) you will free them. At least for all I know, and who really cares about the Pappus club? They know their shit, some of them use it for bad things, not all. I don't like that shit either, but people do what they do. If they get caught and banned for it, justice is served I guess. But, as long as they use that knowledge for honorable gameplay then cool. You're always gonna have some that pervert knowledge, and spread it to others. It sucks, but that's just some people I guess. Not All, but some.
  14. The -Shift weakness

    I'll help, he's referring to part 2 J and his traps and morph evening out his crappy shift. Part 7 is hard mode for players who want a challenging experience. He didn't add part 4 J, so I'll say my main man has destruction and weapon strength, as well as he's a runner. -Shift is his only real weakness, and It's a big one! With -traps as well, but we can deal with that. The -shift helps even out their builds man, otherwise they wouldn't be "balanced". I'm pretty sure that's what he was saying there.
  15. I got my daughter to stop hiding and start fighting, that was a big one. And I killed @BoxingRouge once....