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  1. How was the phone number figured out. I figured out all the numbers except the 77 on the end. Someone please explain. I had to cheat to get it
  2. I finally got the PHD in Murder Achievement last night on Xbox 1. The best way to get this achievement is make a list of all the grab kills (you can use one jason for all of these), a list of all the weapon kills, and a list of all the environment kills. I started with getting all the grab kills first. I then moved to the weapon kills starting with part 2. Once I got all his weapon kills I moved on the part 3 and so on. You do not have to do the weapon kills for part 4 Jason. As for the environment kills i believe there were 23 in all. They all can be done on small maps except for the barn kill at Higgins. It has to be done on the big map only. I will try to make a youtube video or post a written list of all the environment kills on here. Good luck!!!!!!
  3. Found my last Pamela tape last time on the last match I played. I now have collected all 20 tapes. I am a level 73. My tip for everyone out there looking for the tapes is to get into a private match with just you and one other person. Take turns being counselors. Play two matches in a row on Higgins Small and two matches in a row on Packanack Small. These are the two maps that produced the most tapes, with more tapes coming on Packanack Small. Good Luck! Now time to look for those tommy tapes.
  4. Found 2 more last night just need one more to complete my Pamela collection then on to the tommy tapes which seem a lot harder to find than the Pamela tapes I only have one of them
  5. Found 2 last night. Both on Packanack Small. One was in the main house lower level and the other was in the boat house. need 3 more and I will have all 20. Im a level 72 and all tapes have been found with AJ
  6. I found 5 more Pamela tapes since last Wednesday and 1 Tommy Tape. I now have 15 Pamela tapes. Just need 5 more.
  7. After finding 4 Pamela tapes and not getting to keep any pre patch I found two last night and got to keep both I now have 8 tapes
  8. Just found another tape and once again it didn’t let me keep it. This shit is getting old 3 out of the last 4 tapes I didn’t get to keep.
  9. With the patch for the duplicate tapes. Will it be possible for people who have found duplicates that they will be exchanged for tapes they don't have? I have found 8 tapes but only have credit for 6 due to two of them being duplicates I guess.
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