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  1. I think it made enough sense that Jason was under sedation and Freddy had got in his head. Dug deep down, as we saw. That there is some kind of consciousness (maybe humanity) buried within his being. Perhaps with all the crazy shit of the franchises in mind, it is a bit bogus, but I took it as the effort was there to make it plausible actions.
  2. They could always make Sess a police officer or some other NPC. Like if you escape maybe you get a hugging your parents scene. Could be Morgan and Adam! hahaha
  3. I can't say. It may be somewhere, but last I knew, the camp was private. So unless you're supposed to be there, you can't walk in there. Keep all the crazy folks out, as we know horror fans to be.
  4. He is a well respected individual across all the game industry. Loads of experience, passionate and he has even gone about helping Hollywood to make game movies not be blowful or insulting to their fans. He is a big proponent of the game, talking it up all he can and backing it. Even if he didn't donate money for some ungodly reason, he is putting out plenty of PR for this game.
  5. You may not see too much of me, I'm not the biggest web-head for chatting online. But this concept and development is truly engaging. I followed the Kickstarter right from launch; though no pledging. I'm terribly embattled by money woes. So Halloween 2016 approx. release. It gives me plenty of time to get a new system to play this next year! I'm fortunate enough to have driven by the original campground in NJ - along with going down that little dirt road toward the start of the first film. Small stretch through a field with tunnel like trees on either end of the path. It flipped me out when I was down it, as I had just seen #1 again. Lastly: I spent a great deal of time living in MI, so Bruce Campbell is a favorite. It was exciting to see him on a "speaking tour" not too long ago. All in all, I got my Jason and Ash backgrounds. Pretty horror-iffic!
  6. Well, people's voices aren't licensed. It is implied characters! mwhahaha It would make for an extra special kill if they got a license for Freddy, that you could knock a counselor out then Freddy would finish them. Watch as they start to scream and flail and then burst open from his cutlery.
  7. It occurred to me that with the arduous task of what music/sounds Jason hears in his head, I believe they should reach out to the old pros Bruce Campbell and Robert Englund. Of course, Jason's mom in his mind. But down the road, why not add in his one-time pal who resurrected him: Freddy Krueger. He can be both aggravatingly mocking or encouraging. Call him a bitch like his dead ma and whisper him hints about the counselors actions. As for Bruce: well, if Jason is doing an irregularly poor job or killing/scaring, Ash (who should've got that chance to do battle years ago) should start chirping at him with one-liners, one after another...
  8. Isn't it in Call of Duty (or another war game) where in the multiplayer you can get gunned down, but there's a timer to keep kickin'? Gives your allies a chance to do the right thing, assuming for a reward or a penalty, however applicable.
  9. Following on your plan of hindering or saying "see ya!": what if there are some relationship involved. Like if the chick critically injured is "your gal" - depending on your pairing maybe it is easy to walk-away or it would increase your fear, negate your special ability like repair, etc etc
  10. Along with, if fitting the type of counselor, they may get some kind of boost if they're heroic or strong type. Weak-ish types could scream or have boost in fear level.
  11. That would make for a great Xmas gift next year! Snowy Crystal Lake. It'd make for lots of new kills and mechanics. Footprints and impaired vision, sound. Who doesn't want to trap someone or Jason, under the ice.
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