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  1. I think they should change the stun resistance of jason part 3 and it is very unfair to be a negative point with every hit you take you fall on the floor and the survivors are doing infinite in you I think they should get some stun resistance at least because It's very easy to knock it down because it looks like you do not have any resistance to every attack. Jason falls like a rock on the floor.
  2. I'm getting very frustrated playing this game in relation to the phone in the beta was very easy to fix now in the final version bordering on the impossible and ridiculous jason puts trap there after a year you fix it just go and break it again and I finish it for min this is totally unfair if someone got concerta should be concerted forever and jason can not break the phone box anymore you sometimes kill to put the fuse on the phone to simply the guy go and break it and box and fuck
  3. I'm sorry to say more this matchmaking update has ruined the game it's impossible to play now until on the pc I spent 72 reais in that game so I can not play before I was close to the matchmaking but now it's deplorable
  4. Is matchmaking still the same for the pc? not finding room you just solved the problem on ps4 this makes it very unfeasible to play do not find room
  5. Is matchmaking still the same for the pc? not finding room vcs only solved the problem in ps4 this leaves very infeasible to play naoach room
  6. I wanted to change the region of the game because I can not find any rooms to play and it is almost impossible to play I'm very sad because I love this game and I can not play it this new machmaking is very bad, could someone help me?
  7. Is it possible to change the region of the game? I can not find the room any more, it's too bad
  8. hey thanks nice tutorial i love you <3
  9. How to turn the language of the game into English? And I can no longer find rooms to play, is there any way to change the location so I can play with the US?
  10. Yes I am with the same problem I am not finding to change the language of the game for English can anyone help?