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  1. I know there's probably like a 100 threads on this topic but I wanted to make one because I want to address WHY he needs one and why it isn't just a "This doesn't suit you" case and that he is actually too weak. -- Every Jason's pros and cons make sense when compared except for part 7 Part 2 has faster morph but has less shift allowing to always be on top of a counsellor with good morph use but less shift makes it balanced. Part 9:Less traps but better shift allowing for better map control. Part 6:Faster shift worse morph,makes sense. Part 8: Since he can break down doors instantly,it makes sense he has average shift and morph. --With part 7 it makes no sense,he has bad shift which makes it impossible to catch fast Counsellors on top of that his morph is average and he can't run either. Less traps means people would be able to complete objectives way more easily and with terrible shift and bad morph it's next to impossible to stop a car or kill everyone before the cops arrive. But are his strengths amazing and make up for his cons? NO!,Good grip strength and better sense are absolutely useless as once you grab a Counsellor without a pocket knife they are pretty much dead,Sense can be toggled on and off for a more efficient use. Yes good water speed is amazing but I would rather play part 8 than him. And before anyone says "I always get 8/8" or "Play other Jason's he doesn't suit you" You are completely missing my point,his pros and cons make no sense when compared to each other. And I also want to know if anyone here mains this guy and think that this Jason is completely fine.
  2. Kind of like YouTube,make it so that the comment that gets the most likes is the first one to show up after the original post. Since duplicate threads aren't allowed,Some posts have over 5 pages of them.No one is gonna sit through and read all of them so why not make it so that the top comment always stays on top regardless of when it was posted.
  3. The bread and butter of the game (Jason) feels extremely weak and not fun. No host migration Hundreds of bugs and glitches All of these have been in the game since day 1 yet are never fixed. No wonder why the game is dying so quickly
  4. AJ_isoverrated

    What is your favorite game in 2017?

    F13 and For Honor were the two games I played a lot this year but I didn't necessarily liked them enough to call them goty. So Evil Within 2 is probably goty for me.
  5. I think people are forgetting the most obvious part,Jason is supposed to be op! If he sees you,you should die.Now,your skill is what determines how long it will take for you to die. Jason has been constantly getting nerfed and Counsellors are buffed which is extremely backwards.Other than fake fans that don't even know anything about f13,no one wanted it to be like this. I along with hundred of other players have switched my preference to Counsellors even though I'm level 102 and always used to wipe the entire lobby as Jason.Its a chore to do anything as him now and here's why: - Increase in pocket knifes mean everyone has at least one pocket knife (notice how I said at least? Because it's usually more than one) -Everyone has the medic perk which means they have 2-4 health packs. - Everyone has a shotgun or a flare because their spawn was made more common. - His terrible downright broken melee hit detection means he can easily get shit on by a group of Counsellors playing Chad.Grabbing anyone means a guaranteed stun. -Grab range reduced means you need to be inside the Counsellor to grab them which was already hard enough before the nerf due to the mobility and versatility of the Counsellors. -Tommy Jarvis was one of the hardest to kill and now it's almost impossible. -Terrible hit detection made it harder to break down doors in combat stance,breaking it down the normal way guarantees a stun. The game was already hard enough to play with all the issues and the one thing that kept me and others to stay dedicated was ruined. Lock this thread out but I said what I wanted to say,the rest of the posts only complained and didn't make any points for their claim.It was just "Jason is bad now".
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    Jason is a freaking joke.

    Yup,I've already switched my preference to counselors.Its almost funny how bad Jason is now 20 pocket knives in game,terrible hit detection and now a useless grab
  7. So sometime around October,I left the game because of newer games that were coming out.But just today I decided to put it back on because I missed all the fun I had with the game and here's my experience. FIRST GAME:- About 2 minutes into searching,I found a game and I'm surprised I don't have 300 ping because I'm put in an American lobby,everything looks good so far.I Spawn in and immediately find a battery and the phone fuse I saw Jason on my minimap so I assumed that's where the phone was,I went there and it turns out Jason had put a terrible trap near it which I was able to easily evade and was able to fix the phone box.I go in call the cops and immediately,Jason rage quits meaning I probably wasted about 10 minutes. Second game:- Staying in the same lobby I get into the second game,my teammate called the cops less than 5 minutes into the game,I assume the Jason is inexperienced and don't think much of it.Then after spending about 4 minutes searching for items,just as the cops are about to arrive,Jason leaves,either rage quitting or because he was AFK and came back to a losing game. Third game:- I join a new lobby and get into my third game,everything is looking good,I just found the gas and I was near the 4-seater,I go put the gas in it and as soon as I do that a Chad comes running towards the car with a battery but instead of dropping it to me (Playing fox) he decides to fix it himself,this bothered me a bit but I didn't care much,he starts the car and does nothing but drive in circles and stops near the exit and honk pretty much playing with Jason,About 5 minutes or so Jason finally stops the car and catches one of us and kills them.Turns out he was the host so he left and the game ended for everyone meaning I just wasted about 15 minutes. I probably wasted an hour+ without being able to complete a single game. TL;DR I couldn't even finish a single game due to trolls and rage quitters and ultimately wasted more than an hour.
  8. It's either the game not working due to bugs or servers issues or it's the terrible community that are doing nothing but trolling and ruining it for everyone else
  9. Is anyone else getting this error and getting disconnected on PS4? I have been getting disconnected almost every game.Just today I got this 4 times, all just as I escaped and the screen says "You Survived" and I get disconnected
  10. Surely everyone can agree with me that the Strength is the most useless stat in the game,it serves absolutely no purpose other than knocking off Jason's mask which unless you are trying to kill Jason is completely useless as well. With the stun timer glitch that occurred before the latest patch,it made me think what if More strength= more stun time (All of these should vary with perks but the default stun time should be this) So for example a Jenny (1 strength),if she hits Jason with a bat it only stuns him for 4 seconds. Kenny (5 strength) stuns Jason for 7 seconds Adam (8 strength) stuns Jason for 9 seconds And bugzy the strongest character can stun Jason for 10.5 seconds And with epic version of heavy hitter perk, it may be op for bugzy or Adam to stun him for 16/20 seconds so they can make it that Jason can't get stunned for longer than 13 seconds And the stronger the character,the more chance of knocking Jason out flat with a machete or a wrench. It kind of annoys me when I hit Jason with a machete as Adam twice and he only flinches yet I would hit him with aj and he would get knocked out.
  11. 1:- If you are a really bad group,yes.It is extremely hard to grab kill a group if they are sticking with each other. 2:The range I agree with but I don't see an issue with the cone detection. 3:Well,ofcourse there shouldn't be any skill when playing as Jason,it's freaking Jason! And it's not like Counsellors require a lot of skill to play its the same "jog but Sprint when he uses shift" That's the whole point of the game,anyone can jump in and enjoy, you don't need crazy reflexes or MLG skills to do good. 4:There's not many counters to it but it makes sense as it is already hard enough to grab a fast and skilled running Counsellor,if you get grabbed YOU SHOULD DIE yes the hit detection is broken but I can see them fixing it soon so hopefully that won't be an issue. 5 No it wouldn't,people would still choose to play lone wolf and not as a team and a grab nerf won't change that at all whatsoever.
  12. AJ_isoverrated

    After Max Lvl

    Level 101 in 3 months? How much do you even play in a day? LOL
  13. AJ_isoverrated

    Freddy VS Jason

    The devs have already said this a thousand times. This if FRIDAY THE 13TH who is the main character in Friday the 13th? Jason,not anyone else Plus they also don't have the rights to their license
  14. AJ_isoverrated

    Spawn Killing gets worse

    So it's no fault that I happened to spawn near the phone box as Deborah? Just to have a Jason constantly morph to my area until he gets shift,it's pathetic
  15. I suck at starting my paragraphs. So everyone knows that Jasons with -shift (negative shift) are slower than the car itself,which makes it impossible to stop a car with shift alone.So I will give you a tip on how to stop it without the use of shift. So almost on every map there is a narrow/small path that the Counsellors need to take in order to reach the exit,I'll give you a few examples, On Higgins Haven the car usually spawns on the west side of the map (other side of the island) it has to go through a bridge to get to the other side. On packanack Lodge the path straight from the main Lodge to the main road is extremely narrow. On Higgins Haven small just beside the main Lodge and near the east exit,there is a small bridge. (I KNOW there are multiple different ways you can reach the exit by going offroad but most players don't) What you can do is morph straight to the narrow path (Whether it's the bridge,small path etc) and kind of hide behind a tree or other object to make it look like you used a bad morph (because if they see you they would start going reverse and you don't want that) and as soon as you see that they are coming close immediately run/fast walk towards the car and 80% of the time you will stop it. As a p4 Jason,I was able to stop the car this way more than twice.
  16. Exactly,it forces them to reverse whereas shifting ahead of them may make you miss or a good driver may also juke you but if you do like I said and catch them with surprise,they may not even have enough time to stop after they see you.
  17. I have the epic version of it,it increases my total stamina by 13% but does it really work? And if it does how much does it increases? Like would it allows me to run an extra 20 feet or would it just let me take 3 extra steps?
  18. After the August 29 patch the game's hit detection is almost non existent,it has a mind of it's own. Even though the devs say they "fixed" it,it just got a bit less broken,I still can't break windows without getting in the animation at times,My hit on the door will still not register at times when I use combat stance. As a counselor I can sometimes hit Jason through the window or the door yet the attack would go through him and miss when I am literally touching him. It has gotten so worse that I have stopped playing offensively because I know I will die because I got...excuse my French BULLSHITTED If you agree that the hit detection is infact broken and needs a revert/rework than like this post or if you disagree than please reply.
  19. AJ_isoverrated

    Chad Perks?

    Swift attacker heavy hitter and medic This becomes the most annoying thing for a Jason
  20. Well the game has been out for 4+months and even if you play for just an hour a day,you should at least be a level 35 plus they obviously want people to keep playing
  21. First of all devs,I know that literally the entire forum page is filled with topics related to his stats but all of them mention it as a negative,I wanted to make one to address why his stats are not the worst. -shift and -traps which is similar to p7 Jason who is arguably the worst Jason in the game! But keep in mind he is the worst not JUST because of his cons,but his pros are mostly irrelevant such as sense & grip strength,that is why he is considered the worst.With p4 Jason,He may not be an S tier Jason such as p6 or p2 but he is undoubtedly gonna be the best Jason in chase scenarios,with the ability to run and break down doors almost instantly,you would never give your victim a chance to breath which in my opinion is actually relatively amazing.-shift comes with its own advantage which is that since it makes your speed in shift slower,it helps you catch running counsellors a bit more easily as with +Shift it moves way too fast for you to have good control over it. +Weapon Damage is the most underrated ability in the game,It is the best crowd controller,when everyone is grouped up and you can't grab anyone this ability helps way more than you may think. Which is why I think this Jason is completely fine yes he may not be an S tier but he surely isn't as bad as p7.Not every Jason needs a +Shift to be relevant.
  22. It eventually fixes itself so if you ever encounter it just wait a few minutes for it to be fixed or try to maybe go underwater or grab a Counsellor or let someone hit you to fix it
  23. Couldn't have said it better myself! The type of Jason YOU DO NOT want to encounter alone or as a slow character.
  24. I consider him as "easy" because with 7 traps,You can just put down 2 traps on each of the objectives and just slowly find and kill everyone because they are trap-o-phobic and won't complete objectives because there's traps there.
  25. I agree with the points you made but as a p2 main you would expect me to hate this Jason for -traps,but I'm not,yes he is not the best for objectives but like I stated he is gonna be the best for chases which is why I like him considering almost every game no one plays the objectives. He is not gonna be an easy win like p6 or p2 instead it's gonna be a bit of a challenge to get 8/8 with him but not punishing like it is with p7.