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  1. Did anyone else notice Colleen's reaction when she realises the kids she told to wait in the room she'd left them in had died due to the destruction of the ship. She just kind of sighed and then moved on in a second Probably the funniest scene for me in the whole series. I hope someone else gets what I mean!
  2. Janessa and KM 14 from Jason X would be amazing.My favourite film with Janessa my favourite character (they'd need to do some funny dialogue for her). Melissa is the only option for the next counsellor out of the non-Jason X films in my opinion. She just seems like the obvious choice. To me anyway. If not melissa at least Tamara? An older Male and female would be good too... along the lines of Colleen, Tina's mum and Mrs Jarvis for fmeales and the psychologist or head of the pinehurst centre for males.
  3. This idea is exactly the sort of variety we need in the game!
  4. Just thought I'd see if anyone has any idea when we'll be getting the second of the new counsellors that were announced (Shelly being the first). Surely it seems we're going to be getting a female counsellor to keep things balanced, but I'm not sure who it'll be. Seems very likely it'll be a blonde mean girl type as that seems most requested + the only major obvious trope missing currently (apart from maybe a hippy/arty female) Also, it'd be cool to know which is coming first- Jason X or paranoia with what I assume would be a part 5 based map? I've seen a lot more people talking about hospital/urban based maps which is cool to see the hype and hopefully it will lead to it happening! So does anyone know anything?
  5. It was just a suggestion. Something i drew up in like 2 minutes to express my idea. Don’t see why it has bothered someone so much... dont comment if you have a problem. Or even better make a better version using photoshop.
  6. I think both would be amazing. I'm just eager to see a more urban based map tbh. Cabin maps have been fun but the game needs some more variety in terms of settings in my opinion. Thanks! Yeah I definitely agree it wouldn't be a balanced map the way i've drawn it - I guess the idea I was going for was to show a potential way a forest map could be incorporated into a majority town map (the forest I suppose would need to be partly present for the purpose of Jason's shack - although there could be ways around it). Perhaps in the pinehurst map (which I suspect we will receive next) there will be some more urban elements beyond just cabins. I'd love to see a the trailer park, ethels caravan, obviously pinehurst and the barn and maybe even the sheriff's office and diner that are featured in part 5 as well!
  7. I know it looks quite big but think of most of the buildings being quite small (2 stories) and the forest area not being too big either.
  8. So I've spoken to a fair number of players who want things like town maps, hospitals, police stations, more indoors areas etc. Well I think a small town map (think part 6) would be perfect after a pinehurst map! I decided to draw out an example (it's really basic I'm in no way an artistic person). It shows the sort of layout these maps could have to maintain the gameplay we already have. For the purpose of Jason's shack and making car escape difficult I included a small forest area, but in reality about 70% of the map would be town focused. You venture into the forest area to gain items from the 1 or 2 cabins or to repair the car which then requires passing the narrow forest roads onto the town roads to then proceed to escape (Makes the car escape less easy).All the buildings i.e hospital/police station would be about the size of packanack or jarvis house and maybe one could be three stories as the main hub. But it would really add some variety to the game and some new objectives could be added to escape with them in mind! So here's a basic drawing of my map idea... Don't judge my drawing skills again
  9. AJ is a pretty cool character. Vanessa is probs my favourite of the original bunch though. I know Vanessa is love or hate though haha.
  10. Unpopular counselors

    Yeah in theory Jenny should be one of the most popular characters! It's hard to work out why she's isn't so popular. For me I just find her a bit dull to play as. I can't explain why haha.
  11. Unpopular counselors

    I think it's a mix of their character likableness and playability...
  12. Yeah I only played as eric once tbh. I'm glad that shelly is here now to take on the nerdy guy role because his design looks better than Eric in my opinion anyway. I usually play vanessa for her speed because I can't stand playing slow characters. Would have liked Jenny to have played better personally. I'm hoping in the next set of new counsellors they add a final girl with a bit more strength/repair compared to Jenny. Who do you play?
  13. Town map would just make the game 100x more replayable for me. But yeah Monday is so exciting the devs are clearly committed to keeping this game going and it still has a massive following which is exciting. Can't wait for monday now haha. Was thinking earlier once they've added these two counsellors (hopefully both on monday) and maybe 4 more after that in the first 6 months of 2018 hopefully then we won't have so many duplicates running around. I remember at first when no one had unlocked tiffany and she was a rare counsellor...
  14. Yeah without a doubt a sinking ship would make a match so much more intense! Like instead of Jason being scared of counsellors calling cops and escaping/running out of time near the end of a match it's counsellors who are more scared as the time goes on! This sort of idea/the boat/grendel map would really surprise me if it was on the current road map, so I'd expect the next map we get is pinehurst, but given the order is probs gonna be part 6 for the next map I REALLY hope that's where they do a town focused map to add variety. And if they decided to make grendel/manhattan ship paid dlc after the road map is complete I'm sure most of us would be up for that if they did a good job of it