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  1. If they actually do any bug fixes, then this may very well turn out to be a good thing. Especially if the lawsuit gets settled in a good way, and the game is still going, and nearly bug free (as bug free as a game can be anyway). However, I highly doubt they do any serious bug fixes.
  2. I've only used it in single player, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I think I would prefer if only the counselor heard the musical stinger. That might give a few jump scares coming out of a shift or something. I guess I can see how it could be a problem in groups though. Maybe they should implement a quick grab or something that doesn't quite leave you as open to a riposte. You could use the main grab (the one we have now) for one on one. Maybe it could even do some damage just by itself (even if someone got out) due to the nature of it. Obviously, I would like to actually play as Jason in multiplayer for a bit, before I go lobbying for any immediate changes.
  3. I don't quite follow. Could you repeat this 37 more times, so that I might have a better understanding?
  4. I used to think that posts like this were complete nonsense, but as time has gone on, I'm realizing that maybe they truly have no clue what they're doing. It's a shame, really. I just hope they don't completely kill the game. As far as them sarcastically thanking you, based on some of their responses in the past, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were them. They do seem to have a knack for getting easily offended, and then responding with snide remarks.
  5. While I do love all of the supposed additions and fixes, I don't like the new ability to select a server area (North America, Europe, Asia). I have yet to find a game on PC where my ping is less than 104 (that only happened once). Mostly now, whichever server I'm in, I have ping around 200ms.
  6. You've got hypochondriac listed as one that works, but I've yet to have it work. When I equip it, I don't start with the medical spray.
  7. That actually seems like the most reasonable solution so far. That would be very interesting.
  8. I actually agree completely. It would be very interesting do something like that. With the boat it might be weighed down and sink, or at least travel slower. With the car...who knows. Maybe there could be a mini-game you have to play to hang on to a cargo rack on top of a car (which I don't think even exist). I really don't have a perfect, or probably even decent solution to it, but perhaps there can be a better system implemented simply from discussing it, without accusing each other of being jerks or whiners or whatever. EDIT: By realism, I didn't necessarily mean realistic in how it might go down in real life. Although I'm sure that can and very well could happen. I meant more along the lines of the movies. But, really I can only think of one instance off the top of my head where that happened.
  9. While I agree with a lot of what you said, Gun themselves said that using TKing for a spot in a car/boat is a perfectly reasonable use for it. It makes complete sense, if you are someone that enjoys a small sense realism in the game. Because that is something that someone probably would do in real life. Whether you like it or not, TKing was a good thing. Yes, there are trolls that abused it, but in reality it didn't happen enough to hinder game play overall. Should there be some sort of reporting system, or any other system for people that abuse team killing? Probably. I just don't think that outright completely removing it was the answer.
  10. I'll never understand why if someone wanted Team Killing left in the game, then they must get a team killer. What if someone just likes it because it makes the game more interesting, and gives it a bit of feel where if someone does something stupid (tries to kill you, works with Jason, etc), they may feel the wrath of some wild west justice. Sure, maybe a reporting system, or any other punishment would be appropriate, for people that are just constantly team killing, but to completely take it away doesn't feel like the answer. Especially after how they defended it in the beginning. With that being said, I realize that maybe removing this isn't a permanent solution and that they did feel the need to appease the vocal minority that posts on the forums. I'm hoping they can bring it back in some fashion, so this doesn't just become another run of the mill game where the only challenge is to rack up as much useless XP, and achievements.
  11. You're probably right. This is probably an attempt to disguise their bad coding, or collision detection, or whatever the hell it is that causes you not to be able to break out a window. Although, as a side note: I'd never had too much trouble with it overall.
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