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  1. The problem with punishing leavers is you don't know the exact reason they're quitting. They might lag or crash because of a problem with the game or their hardware. They might have to leave unexpectedly because of external real life problems. They might HAVE to leave because of a glitch in the match (BSOD, can't see character, stuck on a drawer, window, door, car, etc... ) I'm sure the developers have thought of all these things when considering how to punish quitters so there's a lot to consider. That'd be great if true.
  2. For anyone who leaves they should give an automatic kill to Jason (his kill counter), even if they lag out or crash. It's the people quitting who are the problem. Not Jason. His kill counter shouldn't look shoddy because of quitters.
  3. It's good that they reduced Jason's grasp, even if only a little. The man would force grab you from 20 feet away (an exaggeration), but the point is you somehow get sucked into his hand when you're cleary out of his reach. That needs to be fixed.
  4. But I suck at this game. If ooonnllyyy there was a way to lower the difficulty back to normal.... Ok....any serious answers to this cunundrum???
  5. So here's a bug I've tried to bring attention to numerous times on this forum in different topics but no one else seems to be addressing it. Maybe it's just me and some universal bad cosmic karma is out to get me, but just to prove it's happening I made a video. It's pretty long, the video, but the gist is when the match starts my camera is STUCK on a FIXED point of view for the whole match until... 1. I interact with the environment and can open a door, window, or drawer. 2. Jason grabs me. Please, Developers FIX THIS!!! It's truly game breaking! AT 12:00 I MIRACULOUSLY ESCAPE!!!! I was lucky to have a great team!
  6. Screen/camera stuck on a fixed point of view after the match starts. Cant see character except on minimap. PLEASE FIX!!!!
  7. The only solution I found is if you get lucky and successfully interact with the environment like a house door or window which will fix the screen
  8. The fact that there's still a bug where your camera is stuck/fixed on the '5 Minute Later' screen after you start the match is A PROBLEM!!!!
  9. THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. I barely can get into a match without the screen going black after the opening cutscene where Jason kills the guy. And this is happening on steam for PC. Every chatroom I eventually get into (because matchmaking is incredibly slow now too) I hear the same complaints about it being a 50/50 chance of either playing the game or getting The Black Screen. I can hear the sounds around me during The Black Screen, like woodland creatures, but I can't play the game after it has started. SCREEN STUCK ON THE OPENING CUTSCENE ANIMATION. Another problem I've had is I get into the game successfully but unfortunately my camera is stuck/fixed on the view of the opening cutscene. I can see and move my arrow on the minimap but the camera is not fixed to my character so I can't see where I'm going. SLOW MATCHMAKING AND LONELY LOBBY. Title speaks for itself.
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