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  1. big surprise, Wes isn't going to be there. I dont blame him, that panel could get ugly quick. Easier just to avoid that headache.
  2. humerabi

    I finally played online...

    This has been going on since the launch of the game sadly. When you can hide behind a computer monitor, people will say anything and everything to try and get a reaction out of you. Best advice is just ignore it and ban the people that spammed your account. Also, some more advice that Ill give you, play the game today and try to have fun, but on Saturday the 14th uninstall and let this already dead game just die. I, myself, have put 1140 hours in this game and have moved on to DBD. Thank god I gave that game a shot because it is a great time. I hope you move on to DBD also.
  3. humerabi

    July Friday the 13th

    Why on earth would they schedule themselves to be part of a panel about this game? They must be there to try and promote some other bullshit game that they have in the works. I want to see a live video of this though for sure
  4. 1. No more hitting Jason through doors. They countered that in the same update with the worst grab animation yet, and took away the ability to body block. Jasons 1 line of defense from all the teamers. Thats what you call 1 step forward and 2 steps back. 2. All Jasons start with knives. Since every counselor runs medic and thick skin, do you realize how many knives it takes to kill 1 counselor? 2 med sprays with medic gives you 4 uses, right? Thick skin lets you get hit 3 times before you are hurt, right? so lets see, 3+3+3+3 just to use up the med sprays. An additional 3 knife hits to get you in hurt mode and 1 more to kill you. THATS 16 KNIVES LOL!!! Total advantage to Jason there lol 3. Stalk mode distorts screen, confusing counselors. Why on earth would Jason going into stalk mode be alerted to the counselor at all? Advantage counselor 4. you cant hear his footsteps when hes in stalk mode. When Jason is in stalk mode and he gets within 20 yards of your counselor, they will scream alerting you, making his stalk pointless. 5. They took away some bats. Since you can knock a counselor out of my hands with a pot, who cares how many bats are in the match? Since you can take my mask off with 2 hits from a machete, who cares how many bats are in a match? 6. Thick skin was nerfed. So you mean that getting hit by an AXE 10 times and it not kill you is what you want in a Friday The 13th game? Even with your so called nerf, its stupid how many times you can get hit with knives and axes and machetes. I guess in the end there is the counselor way of looking at things, and then there is the Jason way of looking at things. But either way this game is dead and it does not even matter in the slightest. On to playing some DBD. See you there.
  5. I agree 100 percent with everything you just said, and imagine If this game ever does get sold to a different company someday, and they re work even Roy. They could make playing as Roy totally unique from playing as any other Jason. Make him human, but powerful at the same time. I thought that was a total missed opportunity from these boys at GUN MEDIA. But that was before I realized what there true agenda was. Shame on me. lol
  6. I know what you mean. Personally I would like someone to rip this game off, the way other companies have ripped off Fortnite and PUBG, and make a Halloween game. There are plenty of different Michaels in the movies to make multiples that we can choose from, just like Jason. Now I know trying to get the rights to all of those movies will be almost impossible, but hay, I can dream cant I? LOL
  7. I have personally put in over 1200 hours of gameplay in this game, and I am literally the only person left that plays, out of all the people I use to play with, and I am just ready to be done. If DBD wasn't such a shit show I would have moved on to that, but Last Year, is the next game that is catching my eye. Yes I have heard mixed results about that game also, but can it honestly be any worse than this?
  8. Let me be clear when I say this. I really hope that Wes and the boys over at GUN MEDIA save a lot of that money they made from this game, because as far as this industry is concerned, they are no longer a part of it! Anybody who supports anything that this team is part of in the future deserves to get burned. We the consumers were misled every way possible by them, and kudos to you guys for breaking the bank and pulling the plug when you did to get out of dumping any of that earned money back into your game. It saved you guys a ton, and from a business side of things you did the right thing. But having said that, GUN MEDIA, you will never see another fucking penny from anyone in this hobby, we call gaming. So enjoy all that success while you still can, but remember KARMA is a bitch, and she will come to collect someday! Here is a little quote befitting of you, Wes Keltner. " MAKE ALL THE FRIENDS YOU CAN ON THE WAY UP THE LADDER OF SUCCESS, BECAUSE YOU'RE GONNA NEED THEM ON THE WAY BACK DOWN! "
  9. THIS.………………………………………...GAME...…………………………………………...IS...……………………………………..DEAD...……………………………….PERIOD...……………………………….END...……………………………...OF...………………………………..STORY...…………………………………. You know why you didn't get Jason X? Because that would spark interest and get the player base back up to 10000 again, and thats not the agenda here. The agenda isn't to prolong the game, its to END the game.
  10. Do what I and most the community are going to do. Play and enjoy this shit show for the next 3 months, and when Last Year comes out in August, we can put this game to bed forever!
  11. Answer me this. What good are throwing knives when a counselor has 4 med sprays and thick skin? Remember when the premise of this game was to have an unstoppable Jason? I believe the boys over at GUN MEDIA even said " YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO DIE IN THIS GAME ". Boy what a difference a year makes.
  12. I guess its like this really. Lets say you found the perfect house, and its filled with problems, and these problems were told to you by the current owner that they will never be fixed, and by the way the house will probably be torn down in less than 6 months. But I will sell it to you for half price.
  13. I can guarantee you this, when Halloween is making 80 to 100 million at the box office this Oct., you can bet your ass that Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller will be kissing and making up to try and kick out a new F13 movie quickly.
  14. Don't forget about tricking out the cars with your own personal touch lol
  15. Uber Jason should have been a Jason exclusive to the Grendel map, with new ways to escape, and a new way to kill him. Or maybe you want to see Uber Jason on Higgins Haven getting killed by Tommy Jarvis.