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  1. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    yes, they can mash q until he gets knocked out of shift
  2. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    No I mean when Jason is shifting and about to grab sweater girl she can stop your shift by hitting q mid shift. Not when you stop shifting, mid shift. You have never witnessed that one huh?
  3. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    you saw that too. agreed make him playable
  4. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Yes, this is great
  5. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Not nearly as frustrating as sweater girl being able to stun Jason mid shift. But we will save that one for another day
  6. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    sounds like they are shooting for Friday July 13th.
  7. humerabi

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Hey bud, how you been man? Its been too long. This is the million dollar question right there. I hope to god that they have fixed the rubber banding issue. Looking forward to weapon swapping though. But if rubber banding is still in the game that will be truly upsetting.
  8. Well one thing is for sure. By the time we find out the answer to that question, we will all be playing Last Year.
  9. if we don't see a trailer by today or tomorrow, than this week is shot. I said over a month ago that they would release the update on May 25th, because the 26th is a Saturday. I will be shocked if they don't release it Friday.
  10. humerabi

    The Most Buggy Jasons

    agreed. when weapon swapping comes to the game, his weapon will be the least used.
  11. reason 1,526 why the medic perk should be taken out of this game. Hey look, there is a trap on the car, oh well looks like I have to use 1 of my 4 sprays. Plus if you get rid of the 4oo sprays, throwing knives might actually be useful again. But that's a whole other argument.
  12. a few things. First, is weapon swapping going to be just cosmetic? I use part 9 mainly, and his axe is shit. Takes 6 hits to break a locked door. However, if I can use part 8s fire axe and break doors open in 3 hits, then I'm excited as shit. But if I get to use part 8s axe and only get the cosmetics and it still takes 6 hits to break a door than i will not give a shit about weapon swapping. Second thing, you have to get rid of the medic perk to make pocket knives and throwing knives mean something. How many times have we all ran medic and found 2 sprays and a pocket knife? Now you have 4 sprays and a knife. When you run to the car and see a trap, the last thing you should be thinking is stepping in the trap. But there you are with 4 sprays and instead of using the knife, there you are stepping on the trap. And your penalty, now you have 3 sprays and a knife instead of 4. WOW. Plus, how many times while your Jason do you smack Chad with 3 knives just to watch him spray to full health. So if you are running the medic perk it and you have 2 sprays and you are running thick skinned, it would take 13 knives to kill them. That is just laughable. I have 694 Jason rounds and can tell you on average that i get on average 8 knives per match. So in the end if you want to bring just a little more balance to the game, just get rid of the medic perk for starters.
  13. i feel you bud. How anybody can say with a straight face that DBD is better than F13 in any way possible is beyond me. hell, I even tried playing with friends in discord to liven DBD up, and we all agreed that DBD just is not fun at all. To hell with the gameplay aspect, there is no argument that a DBD fanboy can bring to the table that can convince me that that game is at all fun to play. 3 or 4 games in and I'm out. Give me this broken, unbalanced FUN game anytime!
  14. pocket knives would actually mean something if there weren't so many med sprays. How many matches do you play as a counselor and you have 4 med sprays and pocket knife? you don't even hesitate to go take a trap and use one of your med sprays, its ridiculous.Not to mention its not very realistic. Do away with the med perk all together, there are enough med sprays as is. Plus it takes away the effectiveness of throwing knives. I cant tell you how many wasted knives I use per round. How many times have you used 3 knives on a Deb and right before you grab her you get shot by another counselor, she crawls through a window and you hear her using one of her sprays lol. GET RID OF THE MED PERK
  15. I couldn't agree more. Just to let you know that i have the credentials to speak on the matter, I have just over 1000hours of gameplay in total, just over 700 Jason rounds played, an average of 7 out of 8 kills per round for just under 5,000 kills. With that out of the way, I can say this. I use part 9 mainly and his mask is supposed to be fairly difficult to pop off.However just the other day I'm in a match and I kill 6 out of 8 with Tommy and Vanessa left, and mind you nobody has touched me to this point. Vanessa gets the sweater so i stalk, sense, shift grab Vanessa, as I'm picking her up tommy hits me one time with the machete gets my mask off, so I morph away from them. Wait for my senses to replenish then i am in the middle of my shift just about to grab Vanessa and she uses the sweater,DURING MY SHIFT MIND YOU, I'm stunned she hits me with the bat and tommy presses e. WTF!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen that before. Iwas so salty that i had to walk away from the game for 5 days. This needs to be fixed asap. I can see why nobody runs Jason preference any more. Most nights that i play with my squad, we will have 3 randoms join us, and I'm Jason 9 out of 10 matches. As far as running counselor, I escape 8 out of 10 matches and if we want to kill Jason the only reason we don't is if the game glitches. The only good thing i can say that they have done for Jason players over the last 3 months, is cutting down the number of pocket knives the counselors can get. Still way to many med sprays though. As far as Jasons weapons, they are totally useless, unless breaking open a door lol. The intent of this game was for Jason to be OP, not the counselors. Only time Jason feels OP is when your playing in quick play matches with teams that don't communicate. If you are playing against a team of Jason killers that know what they are doing, you have no chance at all to live unless you spend the entire match running. Its unfortunate, but it is what it is, in this current form of the game. Is there a way to fix the balance, sure, but we will save that discussion for another day.