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  1. I got my LOP bp back and instead of releveling the nurse and trapper, I did nurse and LF. His perks are great i do not regret.
  2. They wont, the new moris are amazing though you should look them up. Anyway the game isn't really meant to be gory and violent like dbd.
  3. IHB i see your on these forums every time i visit them. What's your steam username? I don't play f13 that much but i'm huge with dbd. Also yeah i agree the sandman won't be licensed. I prefer original ones anyway tbh
  4. If you spawn in a good spot just go in a hiding spot until jason comes and goes.
  5. I won't visit this game until consoles have dedicated and and single player, but good luck guys.
  6. More kids use consoles over PC from my Spencerian (i meant experience but this auto correct it too funny to delete). Sometimes it's annoying but i've met some really helpful ones.
  7. I like the update. Personally I feel like Jason needed a bit of a nerf. (inb4 obligatory git gud)
  8. Lorn


    My cousin showed me the game a few days after the retro jason skin was released and for a while I was obsessed. I play on xbox so if anyone else is still able to stomach the matchmaking there, hit me up. Originally I lurked on the forums but when i tried to make an account it turns out they closed the forums. Just randomly came back today and they're open so might as well make an account.
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