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  1. You are %100 right I feel like the smaller maps are to benefit counselors, the small maps are boring and they suck, instead of giving us new large maps they give us same old version but changed to make counselors easy to play as, and they aren't a challenge at all, I never run out of stamina when I run from house to house on the small maps which makes escape easy not only that but on the PS4 they fucked up the matchmaking, I can only join other lobbies with players through the community that I joined or invite from friends other than that it is impossible to play through a quick match. I love how counselors keep stunning Jason and dance around him until the other guy from across the map comes over with the sweater and kill him. I never teamkilled because I felt like a c*nt, but I miss those assh0les who come over and try to kill me, which I miss even tho it's been like two days.
  2. No they didn't, the only way I can play is through the community
  3. I found out on PS4 on map crystal lake, in the archer area where you stand and shoot (wooden stage) that Jason grabbed me while I was behind the fence, before the patch he couldn't do that.
  4. I thought I was the only one with this problem but I still can't believe the amount of bugs and complaints coming from the lastest patch that is suppose to keep us waiting for the next dlc patch.
  5. I can't join a lobby with people I keep becoming the host ever since the new patch, so I can't connect to European or North American servers now because they want to "reduce" lag by making the game unplayable, I am from the Arabian peninsula, idk if Europeans and Americans have the same issue as mine. Please I need help I can't even play a single match nor join a lobby with atleast 1 guy.
  6. I couldn't even play after the patch not even join a full lobby, I'm in the Arabian peninsula before the patch I could connect to European and North American servers now I can't because they want to "reduce" lag, man fuck the lag I'd rather play with lag and a full server rather than no lag and just two people in the lobby and the game won't start.
  7. So I've updated the game for the August 28 update, and every time I try to match make I become host within the first 20 to 30 seconds before the update in order to be the host I had to wait 2 to 3 min and I can't join a full lobby after the update because I keep becoming the host and I've waited 20 min for people to join and no one joined, and this is getting on my nerves I've been trying to play a single damn game for 4 hours now and I can't, the update fucked my experience up and I don't care about getting 270 ping when I'm connected to someone just let me join a damn lobby with atleast 5 people, I'm in the Arabian gulf btw but I keep joining other Arabs with probably just another guy in the lobby, and I think it's because we don't have very much f13 players here so I can't even join a host whose in North America or Europe ever since the update, please fix this and I need help. And I've restarted the console and closed off my wifi but still the same results. If the new update was intended just to prevent Europeans and North Americans from joining high ping servers you should've told us instead leaving us ( we asians ) to rot. No offense to the f13 Devs but this is getting on my nerves.
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