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  1. The devs have proven a long time ago they could give two shits what any of us say. ??
  2. Well said Maggothead! Some of these guys are completely missing the point that Jason is supposed to invoke terror in his victims when he is seen. Against 3-7 well co-ordinated players Jason becomes a laughing stock and an undead pinata. The asian servers have some of the most lethal counselors i've ever faced against whereas I find american servers are usually garbage players. Whenever I start to feel pretty cocky about being a "good Jason" I go on the asian servers and quickly realize....to check my ego. These guys on here who brag about never being killed and say "just block bro" seriously don't know what they are talking about. There are countless videos of some great Jason's who absolutely get demolished by organized counselors...I don't believe the game was meant to be that way. The game was meant for counselors to ALWAYS be under pressure and in fear of being killed...but the developers have literally made it the EXACT OPPOSITE of the original concept!! I would rather have Jason be overpowered by far than have the counselors be so overpowered, vanessa, chad, bugsy...its utterly absurd how they can just stun you over and over and over. If counselors reach max fear, they shouldn't be allowed to not be a stumbling mess and Jason should absolutely be allowed to put his mask back on once it's been knocked off and you kill the counselor who has it. The game was awesome when Jason was overpowered because it actually felt good to escape...now I feel it's embarrassing to NOT escape from a nerfed Jason. ?
  3. Devs don't care guys...they continue to relentlessly nerf jason every damn patch no matter what our complaints are. I totally forgot to mention the nerf on body blocking, thanks @Dolemite, that is absolutely ridiculous...it was one of the few defenses jason had against groups. Of course...devs once again favor the counselors and take it away from Jason. ? The game shouldn't be called "Friday 13th" anymore but more like "Happy Days at Camp Crystal" because nobody fears jason like they used too. All you get now is people dancing on your body, big groups chasing you down as Jason runs in fear of not getting killed, counselors taunting you with no regard of ever dying....the devs have really screwed this game up bad and its no wonder less than 1,000 people play it now. They had such a goldmine with this game despite all of the legal B.S. that recently happened. Let us never forget guys...it wasn't Jason who failed us but the developers who refused to listen to our complaints.
  4. All the devs do is nerf jason every patch...part of the big reason most of the players left(other than all the damn bugs) was jason constantly getting nerfed. Makes you wonder if the devs even play their own game. Most of the guys on here who think because they haven't been killed as jason or say "just block bro" have never played a group of skilled counselors who absolutely just wreck jason. I was in some games with a group of korean players who literally killed jason 8 times in a row. It was embarassing how easy it was to do....jason had no chance due to all his movement nerfs. 1st and 2nd generation jason was the strongest...now he's nothing more than a punching bag for skilled vanessa/chad players(or any counselor who times his predictable grab now). I have over 1300 hours on the game and have only been killed once as Jason and that was by this korean team, it was impossible to kill them no matter how skilled the Jason was. I have been jason over 1,000 times and love this game but after this last patch on jason's grab I just shook my head at another bad decision the devs have made to which nobody was complaining about. ?
  5. Is it over for Friday the 13th....lets let one of our all time favorite hero's answer this...
  6. <----------- Developers after reading all the glitches/bugs this patch.
  7. why do I feel like Lebron after these "patches" get released...
  8. Developers are great at fixing stuff nobody asked to be fixed. Yet we still have basic problems since the release of the game....come on guys, get it together!!
  9. I'd face a team of Jenny's any day, any time, any place over a team of Vanessas. There are a few respectable Jenny players out there don't get me wrong but only a few. When I see a game of japanese/korean players who have selected Vanessa...I know more than likely it's going to be annoying to face them. However if I see them on Jenny I know there is no contest because Jenny just doesn't have the speed despite her amazing composure. Jenny is my favorite counselor without a doubt next to AJ but if I wanna stomp out a Jason player who is decent I pick Vanessa because of her speed/stamina/luck. I respect your opinion but fundamentally disagree with you.
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