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  1. Cocky Vanessa players annoy me, they act like they have some skill when using the most OP counselor in the game. The strategy for me is I put just enough pressure on them to keep them from being effective if not completely ignoring them for the most part. I rarely use Vanessa but when I do...I always live/escape and it is a constant reminder of how freakishly OP she is. Nerf Vanessa, Buff Jenny Gunmedia ffs. However with that being said....people who sabotage the car or boat after you've fixed it that also annoys me.
  2. Well Vanessa needs an overall nerf anyways. I can't believe they would let her continue to be so strong when all other counselors aren't. She's fast with stamina and decent repair and decent luck...utterly nonsensical.
  3. Jason too easy to kill?

    Basic players do basic things, skilled players entertain because...well, they can.
  4. Jason too easy to kill?

    Jason should at least be able to put his mask back on if it's knocked off and he finds it. That would give more incentive to get the bastard that knocked it off and stashed it in his inventory. Once Jason's mask is off and being unable to put it back on is kinda silly. Also with the new LEGENDARY PERKS coming out...that is gonna put Jason at an even greater disadvantage unless they give him some kind of new buff too. Jason should be feared bottomline...not toyed with by arrogant overpowered counselors. Nonetheless I still will continue to butcher all in my path despite Developers continually giving counselors advantages. smh
  5. someone should switch their preference back to counselors.
  6. Legendary Perks. Yay or Nay?

    also items aren't shown if counselor dies with them....too me that takes the suspense outta the game.
  7. Op Counselor ?

    Vanessa repair should be 1. She is overall the best counselor with very little flaws. All the top streamers use her when they are playing serious. Jenny should have Repair 3 at least, since she is sexy.
  8. hahaha don't. This game's bugs is out of control...every patch they break new ground on breaking something that was working perfectly. It's like a bunch of monkeys are flinging poo at each other are the bug testers.
  9. This patch crashes everytime...so many problems never getting fixed. Sad man, this game had such potential to be awesome.
  10. Don't worry folks...fixes are "coming soon"
  11. Single player should be just a bonus not the focus. God only knows the bugs single player is gonna have....no thanks i'll pass on that mode.
  12. TL:DR Bottomline, game should be exceptional and the majority of people should be voting 4 or above. I have recently been playing again and I still stomp people as Jason 7/8-8/8 in Quickplay, however I find myself escaping 90% of the time and absolutely have no fear of Jason now since the grab was nerfed and since items appear on the map. Only time I die is when i'm trying to save others going long distances to pick up people and overstay my welcome. I even started using Jenny to make it more challenging since she is one of the slowest counselors in the game with bad repair. Good players are always going to be good no matter how much you nerf Jason, my point is that those of us who are awesome Jason players shouldn't continually be punished because people don't know how to play as a team or play smart alone. If you wanna change peoples mind about your arguments, get better arguments and be more empathetic to the people who are having all their hard work and time spent getting good with Jason flushed down the toilet. Like I said, doesn't matter to me, I'll still give the kids some belt therapy no matter how much they nerf Jason. When you're good...you're good.
  13. "Do me a favor, don't give up without a fight." - Max Walker
  14. Tommy had max stats dude, wtf you talking about? Item locations robbed the experience of people working together and playing smart, now people just wait for you to die and take your supplies. IF you play without a mic, use the emotes. Traps were jason's only defense if he wasn't around either...WORK AS A TEAM. You are wrong on all counts dude.
  15. The game is in a "bad" state right now. Jason's nerf on his grab was just dumb. Counselors being able to see items on the map now takes the horror element right outta the game. If someone dies with the keys in the middle of the woods, tough sh**...that's your problem. Players who suck at the game ultimately ruined this game because they kept complaining it was "too hard"(i.e. window animation)...so the developers appeared to have tried to please the least common denominator of players and basically nerfed Jason into a laughing stock. Tommy with a damn pocket knife is ridiculously overpowered and items appearing where players died completely removed the horror aspect of the game for me. I quit this game after the Jason grab nerf...I couldn't stand seeing the poor bastard suffer any longer. In the end...Jason can't even win at his own game. Thanks Devs.