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  1. I long for the days when it was a big chance to go out of a cabin and go to the next knowing you could get jacked up fast by a good Jason or when standing by the damn bushes by the exit when the cops were called and knowing your Chance of making it even then we're slim. This game is garbage now period.
  2. Anyone that wants Roy over Pamela is not a real fan of the series period. We have a stupid imposter Jason in a bad movie and the momma bear of the greatest killer of all time. And people are over here like but we want Roy! Heck no. Pamela pre uber Jason and if they can get the new jason's go for it but screw Roy. His design sucks anyways just a blue Michael Myers mechanic outfit a generic Jason mask with blue chevrons
  3. And your proof of the cars being slower now is where?
  4. If I'm not mistaken it's a right not a privilege.
  5. Part V Jason

    I Honestly don't care if he's added I don't even want him in tbh. I'd much prefer Pamela and Jason x pre uber. Atleast they look interesting and stand out. Part five is just wearing Grey work outfit and a blue mask wow how exciting
  6. Jason buff

    What makes it more unplayable is the trap stacking shit. A trap goes off in front of the phone and I can't even place a trap there anymore but around it wtf is that about
  7. Seems like the developers are about to abandon ship they just wanted their millions of dollar cut and now are making the game a joke. What are we looking forward to? DLC that no one asked for. I don't give a shit about virtual cabin offline bots this new mystery game mode they are pushing and you know why? Because the game is broken completely. Why would you dump all this content out with no fixing at all that makes no sense I wonder what they are smoking up in the office at this point. You can't be excited about something for a game that doesn't even work. Remember part fours launch? All I remember was excitement we all wanted that because the game was fine now no one is even bringing up new content debates anymore because no one likes the state of the game. Btw Randy is a a cuck.
  8. Idle jasons

    Thats two games already with two idle jason's right now wtf is this some form of protest? Jeeze
  9. Idle jasons

    so they make everyone wait and get out and have a few troll councelers wonder around till the last minutes? While in the shack? Sounds messed up and something that happens way too often
  10. Is there anyway they can implement a way to get rid of idle players at all? I'm sick of playing matches where the Jason is just in idle not doing anything at all. Why are people even playing matches in idle? It seems like a troll thing going on tbh it happens way to often and it's annoying.
  11. Where did you get this information
  12. hmm no day mode ?

    I Want a dusk map to me with the sun going down making the whole map a orange yellow tint to me it would be creepy
  13. I Agree look on the complaints here and the ones on the fb page way different the casuals will complain about connection issues single player content issues Savini still actually lol but not actual in game issues that only the hardcore players experience.